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Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

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If you’re always complaining that your kids do nothing but sit around and watch the tube all day long, look in the mirror. Are you exacerbating the situation by doing the same thing? The solution to this problem might very well lie with you. By participating with your kids in some fun outdoor activities, you can all get some much needed exercise and enjoy yourselves at the same time. Here are some fun outdoor activities for families of every size.

Grab the mitts and go play a game of catch. It’s a great workout for your upper body. Plus, your kids get some aerobic action when they go running after missed balls.

Hold a “mini-Olympics” in your back yard. If you have several kids, or the rapt attention of the neighborhood kids, organize races and simple feats that everybody can try. If you have a “jungle gym” in your back yard, create some easy contests that will get the kids climbing around and working out without knowing it.

If you have a backboard, a hoop, and a basketball, that’s all you need for hours of afternoon fun. Challenge the kids to a game of Horse or any animal that comes to mind.

Do you have a pool? Are you using it to its full fitness effect? It’s one thing to jump around in the water. It’s quite another thing to organize races for the kids that can swim.

If your kids have bikes and you don’t, it may be time to head down to the bike shop and pick one up. Kids love taking trips on their bikes, especially when that bike ride leads to something fun. Plan a family bike ride to a local park or family event, such as a church carnival, a local sporting event, or anywhere that you can fuel up with some water for the ride home.

If you have a park or a nature preserve near your house, sometimes it’s fun just to take a walk with your kids and let them discover the world around them while you watch. Plan some healthy meals; and take them as a picnic!

Most of these activities can be done with little or no money actually being spent. The point is to get your kids outside and get them some exercise. Never tell them they’re going to get some exercise, of course. Just introduce the activity, be excited about it, and your kids will most certainly follow.

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