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Fun at “The Office”

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Shh! Don’t tell anyone but the Brits I believe are setting us up again. That little island nation across the pond who gave us painful gobs of reality television, has a new trend coming: The fake reality television show.

The Office is a comedic look at the daily goings on of a…well…office. The hand held camera and quick movements, as well as the workers speaking and looking directly at the camera, give the feel of a reality show. Yet, the credits feature writers, actors and the lot. Hmmm…the easily amused may become easily confused.

Airing Sunday and Thursdays on BBC America, I wasn’t sure if the fictional office and it’s characters were funny or if it was the tongue in cheek presentation. As a person who despises the corporate world and it’s culture of “community,” both sides of the show worked me up into a laughing lather.

Favorite line last night (from David Brent, Regional Manager of Wernham Hogg’s Slough Branch): “Invented this one…’Wank, you very much.'”

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  • jadester

    oh man, you yanks are in for a treat! The Office is a fecking cool comedy series. I agree that it has two sides, but they are both meant to be comical.
    At least you can be there to correct those who think it’s actually a reality tv show…