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Fun 100/The Hand “s/t” split EP

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Ambulance Recordings split CD featuring Fun 100 and The Hand is an example of what can happen when music goes terribly wrong.

Fun 100, the first band on the CD, is a techno-punk rock-new wave band that at first listen sounds to be original and even somewhat catchy. Then the first lines of the first song, “Computer”, fade away and the listener begins to realize that those first few notes played on the keyboard are the only notes that the band plays. Over and over and over again with no vocal variations, and no change ups in the drums or guitars this band takes three notes and creates a 20 minute song out of them (OK so it was more like 3 minutes, but Geez it felt longer). The next two songs by this band, “Nintendo Golf” and “Kimmy Gibler is my Girlfriend”, are also miserable attempts at music, sounding more like a keyboard throwing up than actual songs. In fact, the only cool thing about this band is their song titles.

Next up is the pseudo-hardcore band, The Hand. These guys are fairly close in nature to the first band on the split, Fun 100. The only difference is the addition of screaming vocals, which doesn’t make the songs any better, just harder to understand. If these guys could have just played their instruments in time with each other, instead of embarking on some sort of “who can get to the end of the song the fastest” marathon, this half of the split CD would have almost made an entertaining listen.

The CD itself is cool. It’s a fandisc, which means it’s the size of a normal CD but only about two inches of the interior of the CD is playable the rest is clear plastic and speckled with designs. Too bad the bands on the disc couldn’t have been as creative with their music as with the CD.

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About Jeff Petermann

  • Yeah, The Split was a bit dissappointing, no lies. The Hand, I cannot stand. Fun100 are cool, but not on this disc. If you really want to hear them, listen to their album Hit It & Quit.

  • Nate

    You’re right Jeff. Fun 100 sucks.

  • You my friend…are an amateur

  • samandsarah

    WHAT THE HELL!?!?! fun 100 rocks they’re hilarious guys, with great MUSIC!