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So how was Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle? Well, I could talk about the acting of Cameron Diaz (Natalie), Lucy Liu (Alex), and Drew Barrymore (Dylan), but that would be a little pointless. It’s all about the T&A—or, in the case of some of the males, N&R, nipples and ripples.

I could, I suppose, say that this movie is a gloss on domestic violence, British-Irish relations, growing older (two former Angels show up, one of them played by a fine-looking Demi Moore, and I won’t spoil the other one), sisterhood, the perils of fame, post-feminism, and post-post-feminism.

But who am I fooling? It’s about the boobies, the slope of Diaz’s lower back, the martial arts, the explosions, and the fleeting celebrity appearances, in that order. The movie delivers spectacularly on all counts. If you want anything deeper, go wade in a kiddie pool.

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    And those are all fine things, thanks Dave!

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