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“Frozen Desire: The Meaning of Money”

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The best book I have ever read on money – and I have read hundreds. A great, great book. The author (son of the late, great English novelist John Buchan) explores the power of money, and how it rules our lives, creating, for most of us, the very fabric and texture of our lives. And yet, what is money? An invention, like the wheel or the control of fire. For example, after reading this book, it occurred to me, for the very first time, how money is basically more obscene than sex in our society: most, if not all, people, would much sooner relate the details of their sex lives than let you see their finances up close and personal: debts, savings, salary and other income, what have you. True for you? Thought so. Read the book. Improve your life instantly. Knowledge is power.

And while you’re at it, improve the lives of those around you: stop buying gift certificates because you think giving money is crude. Here’s some news for you: a gift certificate IS money; it’s just that you can only spend it in one store. How stupid is that? A Benjamin is good ANYWHERE, anytime, no questions asked. Wake up and smell the coffee. Why should Barnes & Noble earn interest on the money while the gift card sits in someone’s drawer, only to be lost eventually or, even worse, expire?

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  • Eric Olsen

    good point about the certificates Joe, but I think there is some appeal in having the gift targeted – people LIKE to have their options limited sometimes, especially when they are likely to spend the cash on some stupid necessity rather than on some great frivolous luxury