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From “Line Drive Base Hit” To “Line Drove Oh S#&%”

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Let's forget about the 162 regular season games before tonight. Some were good, some were bad, and any number of them could have prevented this game from ever occurring. Funny how baseball works. I was praying for two wins over the White Sox last weekend so a tiebreaker would not occur between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers.

And seconds after watching that epic 12-inning showdown, I thought to myself, "It was the best gift I could have received this summer." This, after the Detroit Tigers pissed away the game, the lead, and the division to the Twins, 6-5.

Everything you would want to see happen in a game occurred. There was the Miguel Cabrera redemption, starting the game with a double and a two-run home run. There were other clutch hits, defensive plays, and third strikes. There were blunders in the batters' boxes, on the basepaths, in the outfield, and in the broadcasting booth. It was baseball.

I ask anyone who cannot understand the zealotry and magic of sports to look at this baseball game. It mimics life. Think of an event in your past, one which was initially perceived as a curse but looked back upon as a blessing. Think of the greatest movie you've ever seen in which you entered the theater with terrible expectations. Maybe you wedded the love of your life, someone who, when you first met, was more repulsive than mayonnaise in the sun. Maybe you've actually invited Fernando Rodney into your house, and he would NEVER FREAKING LEAVE, and ended up burning it down.

The Tigers' season is over, and it had no business ending until at least the first round of the playoffs. Yeah, that kinda sucked. Watching nearly all 162 games makes the investment feel squandered. But what's that maxim about life being the journey? It was a season shared with my girlfriend of one-plus year, who watched every game with me while countless Buffalo wings and Diet Pepsis were consumed. It was three hours a night to forget that I don't have a job. And all those emotions came to a head during this game, like a fireworks finale. I shant bother you with the rest of them.

As is life, it doesn't end with me and the Tigers; it continues. And the baseball season still has eight more teams playing one another for a shiny World Series trophy. That's eight more fanbases, each with their own individual sob stories and joyous tales. One of those fanbases is the Twins. And they are probably going to either get swept by the Yankees or win the whole darn thing.

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  • Hmm… yes. Very well said.

    And about that Fernando Rodney thing: 48 pitches?! I really hadn’t watched the Tigers much this year, but that… that seemed like maybe a few pitches too many.

  • I should duck and cover, but I rooted for the Twinkies… You’re right though, the Tigers were heroic this year.

  • I’m pretty sure soon-to-be free agent Fernando Rodney will probably not return with the team and therefore Leyland was trying to get every last drop of fastball juice out of that arm.

    And Joanne, that’s the kind of stuff we all keep to ourselves. I would probably not mind the Twins if everything they stood for went in direct contrast to the Tigers. That damn Hefty Bag will never die.