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From Fan to Fandom: My Road to Comic-Con

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So you’re granted press credentials for San Diego Comic-Con. Now What?

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That’s the question I found myself asking after I got the confirmation email. I mean, San Diego Comic-Con is a huge deal. It’s the fandom equivalent of the Academy Awards, the place to see the latest news of beloved characters first-hand, the place where press releases and printed production articles are manifested into the real thing! Teasers! Posters! Favorite celebrities! It’s just awesome! It’s still hard to believe that I’m going.

This whole thing started with ABC’s Once Upon A Time. For the uninitiated, it’s a show where the Evil Queen of Snow White fame casts a curse on the Enchanted Forest, a world populated by fairy tale characters, and brings them to our world with memory-erasing and time-freezing results. Only Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter can break the curse. The idea of a show that blended my favorite fairy tales was very appealing, so I watched the first few episodes and was immediately hooked on the characters and the plot. (Seriously, it’s awesome. Watch it.)

I wanted to connect with other fans, and found Once Upon A Fan, the #1 fansite for Once Upon A Time. I sent in a few theories on future storylines, became involved with the site, and after a few months, found myself on the way to Comic-Con. This is a dream come true.

I’ve loved film and television since I was a little kid. They’ve helped shape my personality and my ideas of what I could do and be, gave me some dreams and hopes for the future. The entertainment industry is part of the core of my being, the essence of who I am. I love watching stories unfold before my eyes, listening to the music swell and feeling the emotion of the art form.

These magical moving pictures of color and light have brought me countless hours of fun, excitement, and joy, and it’s those feelings of happiness that made me want to write for BlogCritics: to share my thoughts on the latest films and TV shows and discuss them with other fans. The opportunity to experience Comic-Con in-person feels like a tremendous gift and one which I can’t wait to share with everyone.

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