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Frogs DVD Review

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The 70’s movie era was filled with two major movie genres: The disaster film and nature run amok. Certainly there were some classics to come out of these two including Airport, Earthquake, a couple of great killer bee films. Then there is absolute junk like Frogs.

A millionaire (Ray Milland) living on his own private island invites his entire family over for his birthday bash. Also brought into the mix, ironically enough, is an ecologist (Sam Elliot). Seems this greedy old man has ticked off every living thing on his island by countless poisonings and hunting sprees. Now it’s nature’s turn. The frogs command such critters as spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and other frogs in their quest for revenge.

The main problem here, beyond the useless sub-plots revolving around the human players, is that the spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and frogs are hardly scary. Anyone with a brain knows that a 6-inch anole is a hardly a threat. The ways in which the family is slowly picked off are absolutely ludicrous (tarantulas shoot and cover a guy in moss….seriously) and hardly effective as horror movie deaths should be. Even stupider, only one guy is actually killed by the frogs and I’m still lost as to how they pulled it off. They just walk all over him and he dies. This is awful film making at its lowest and hard to watch for even fans of bad movies. (* out of *****)

Surprisingly, the picture quality here is mostly excellent. Presented in 1.85:1 on one side of the disc and pan & scam on the other, this is a nice transfer. All the spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and frogs can be viewed in outstanding detail. Some of the darker scenes (especially the finale) look just plain awful, but most of the film takes place during the day. Given the age, the minor scratches and spots on the film are acceptable and those daytime scenes are just amazing for a film from 1972. They did a great job on a movie that didn’t deserve it. (****)

The only sound options are English and Spanish mono. Most of the film is clear and easy to understand. Listening to the sounds of the spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and frogs is no problem. Dialogue is only a little scratchy at times and never hard to understand. Serviceable and it does what it’s supposed to, that’s exactly what should be expected. (***)

The only extra is the original trailer, shown in full screen. There are a few alternate scenes in the trailer giving fans extra looks at the spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and frogs. Note that the French subtitles defaulted on my player, though I’m still not sure why. (*)

If cheesy, non-horror movies are your thing, then you might find some enjoyment here. There are some nice shots of spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and lost of frogs so animal buffs may find the photography interesting. Unfortunately, wrapped around all the spiders, snakes, crabs, gators, geckos, monitors, anoles, birds, and frogs is a terrible, useless script. Mix that with horrible acting, and all you’ve got is a clunker with a nice transfer.

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  • oh man, i gotta see this. Is it as good as Hell Comes To Frog Town starring Roddy Piper I wonder?

  • Chris Kent

    Speaking of great acid movies, Frogs ranks as one of the finest ever. The death scenes are so surreal as to be mindblowing.

    I happen to think the Death-By-Tarantula-Spinning-A-Big-Web scene to be one of the finest death scenes in motion picture history.

    And those frogs. Those horrible, horrible frogs hopping and croaking, eyes darting here and there. They are evil I tell you! EVIL!! I couldn’t sleep for days after watching them slowly track down their lone victim.

    This is easily the greatest performance by Sam Elliott in a film that has a death by frogs.

    One of the five most awful films in the entire history of mankind (which means of course, a must-buy).

  • You know what I love? I write an editorial calling every parent in American stupid and that gets one comment. I write another about a movie called Frogs and get 2 within 24 hours. =:) Go figure!

    Anyway, I have to agree that this is a must see just to laugh at and to this day I’m STILL trying to figure out the “death by frog” sequence at the end. If anyone has an explanation, please for the love of all things froggy, post it here.

  • I need to see this someday — it was made in my hometown of Panama City, Florida when I was in 8th grade. The mayor even announced a “Frogs Day.” But I’ve missed it every time it arrived on the tube.