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Fringe‘s Executive Producers on the Success of Their Show: Part I

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Fox has really been great in the last two years, about giving members of the press the opportunity to talk to cast and crew of many of its shows. Then again, seeing the enthuasism of some and the relative ease with which one can organize conference calls, it doesn’t come as that big a surprise.

Joel Howard Wyman & Jeff Pinkner, the executive producers of Fringe, are always enthusiastic and bubbly when we have talked to them in conference calls, and this time was no exception. The interview actually started up with some good laughs as Wyman warned us that: “everything is being recorded so WikiLeaks is getting this too so don’t say anything that you don’t expect to go out on all diplomatic channels”.

What with the move to Friday’s death slot, questions were bound to arise. Wyman and Pinkner don’t seem worried at all about said move. The latter tells us that the team is quite excited, as they “think it’s open territory that can be conquered. We really do believe our fans are loyal, and I believe they’re going to follow.  It’s a chance for us to get away from that statement that Friday night is not an opportune night though, and that we can actually deliver like The X-Files did”.

Wyman explained that: “when Fox informed us of the move, what was most important to us is that we understood that our audience watches the show not like a standalone audience watches the show, but they are actually watching it as an investment over time. The long arching story we have planned for our characters is going to get told.  It’s funny; there are more Fringe fans at Fox than any show we’ve ever worked on before.  I think they and we all feel that if we can build a fan base on and sort of like carve out some territory on Friday night we can be there for years.” That is certainly very good news for fans who have, as Pinkner mentioned, invested a lot of time in the show the last three years.

One of the reasons, perhaps, that Pinkner and Wyman don’t seem particularly worried about their show’s move from Thursday to the Friday night death slot is that although it’s sci-fi and that, on network TV at least, sci-fi seems to be a naughty word, they just might have figured out why most of the biggest movies of all time are sci-fi (as Inception right now, Avatar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, ET).

Pinkner thinks that “these movies work because they’re movies that are not about hard science fiction ideas.  They’re about people. And our show is about people.  The science fiction of our show isn’t: “Hey guess what, time travel!”  But rather, it’s: “What would you do if you had an opportunity to save your wife?  To go back into the past and save your wife who died in a car crash?  But in doing so you would affect the lives of all these other people that you didn’t know.  What kind of choice would you make?”  We always try to boil our storytelling down to human stories.

Wyman further explains that the Fringe production team: “always start with the dramatic equation like Jeff was referencing ‘White Tulip’, which was born from trying to be an essay on law and regret.  We start with very human things and situations that people can really relate to.  I can’t speak to anybody else’s program because I wasn’t the writer’s room or I wasn’t writing any of them, but our style—my style and Jeff’s style—is that.  We think that people want to see that.” 

On top of that, there are some fascinating stories that are “almost impossible to tell without science fiction”, according to Wyman. “The more science fiction the stories become, the more about the human condition it is. We’re both sort of schooled in the science fiction. We really understand collectively why they work for us. When we came to that conclusion, we found that we got a lot of response from that and others agree with us.  It’s so interesting to build a story and so many people have different ways of doing it.  That gets down to process and all these other boring things, but it’s where you’re starting from and what you’re saying that count. We just try on a weekly basis try and tell stories that people can relate to through the lens of science fiction.”

The human factor is so central to Fringe that Pinkner admits that “if someone were to ask us to describe the show, science fiction would not be in the sentence because to us, science fiction is as a genre at best and we love it.  We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t love it.  In the vein of the Twilight Zone, it’s just an opportunity to be a little bit rarified and a little bit larger than life and tell stories about the human condition from a point of view where it’s a little bit of a fresh take. It’s not the straight dramatic versions of the stories you’ve seen before. There’s an element that’s new and fresh and different that sort of like allows you a different perspective. So much of our show is just about perspective and perception.”

So is Fringe a social commentary of sorts, sometimes bordering on satire, what with Peter’s biting humour and Walter’s amusing mad scientist persona? Pinkner certainly doesn’t think so, since: “we’re a show that comments on our world but not in a way like The Simpsons. They are coming at their storytelling from such a different context and a different point of view while ours is trying to reflect on the human condition. Certainly, we’ve referenced Fox before and we’ve referenced The Simpsons in an episode and we do things that sort of like have fun with popular culture but not in a satirical kind of way.”

As always, an interview with Pinkner and Wyman went on and on and contains many goodies; so stay tuned for Parts II and III!

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  • Leslie

    I DVR Fringe, I DVR EVERYTHING I watch! I love this show and would HATE to see it go, every time I get interested in a TV drama series it get’s cancelled, but rediculous “reality” TV goes on and on for years… (IE the Kardashians)UGH! My question is; does DVR really not “count” for ratings. I have Dish Network and it has to be on that channel to record it.

  • _Nevidimka_

    I don´t live in USA, so I can only watch Fringe on the Internet, or download it with Torrent. But I love it! And there are lots of its fans here in Russia and Ukraine! And it´s unfair to not to count us, when you´re counting viewers, because I myself am one of the most dedicated fans and I watch it every week, even if I have to wake up on five in the morning on SATURDAY MORNING!!! But I don´t care! Because Fringe is the best show in the WORLD (or maybe in both worlds, who knows), and I hope FOX´ll understand it soon enough (at least before deciding to close it). And I am very upset about moving FOX to Fridays, because this means not only low ratings (but thank God they are still okay), but also having to choose between Fringe and Supernatural which is my second most favorite show. I can download them simultaneously and then watch in whatever order I like… But what about American viewers??? Because they are the ones you´re counting!!! I just hope I am one of the few people in this universe who watch both these shows…

  • Amy

    I really love this show so keep up the awesome work! Fringe keeps surprising me :)!

  • René Moriel

    I buy all the products that appear in commercials during Fringe. I drive a ford. Can we please keep the only show I watch religiously? Pleeeeeeeeease FOX?????

  • Hilldahl

    We record fringe on DVR. Love the show, it’s great in many ways. Reminds me of star trek and dr who.

    Even tho we record fringe, if a good commercial comes on, we watch it. We watch so little tv (fringe, doc martin, mi-5 and dr who), we’re usually not bothered by commercials, as they’re a novelty to us. that’s good for advertisers, IMHO.

  • Friday night need not be a ‘death slot.’ See The X-Files and Smallville for two counterexamples. And NBC has a hit currently with Blue Bloods.

    Yes, I agree, Fringe is wonderful. But I am mystified by commenters advising Fox to “drop” American Idol, still the highest rated show on TV and a huge cash cow for the network. Duh. Easy enough not to watch if it’s not your cuppa. There’s a lot of slimy trash on TV, a great deal of it much worse than Idol.

  • chris

    Big Fringe fan. I am saddened by the move to Fridays. This show is too good to throw it in a junk time spot that will leave Fringe grasping in vain for new viewers. The faithful will follow.

  • Mike


  • Ray

    Death. Of. American idol please it sucks.

    everybody lets join forces and demand that American idol gets layed to rest.

    24 & fringe 4 ever

  • Ray



  • Dewie604

    wow my 1st post really did show up on here. see ps3 really does suck for internet. lol

  • Dewie604

    This is sad. The only way i see this being good from my end is that the pittsburgh pens rarely play on friday nights this year. Sorry but I’m not going to change the channel when my hometome boys are taking our team to OT or shootout. Most of the time the game is on Fox Sports Pittsburgh so they are getting my ratings just on a sister station and still makeing money off me. (plus the commentators seem to be less bias on FSP.) That being said, 90% of the time i wait to see fringe from beginning to end so i don’t spoil the plot for myself and a normal game cuts into fringe. I don’t have a DVR and i catch up on my shows useing my PS3 browser. I don’t have a working computer right now and haven’t had one for a while now. PS3 says that it supports flash and divx streaming videos but the more and more time goes by, this is just plain untrue. i cannot watch on fox.com and i know neither Fox nor Sony will fix this problem….hint hint Fox…so I need to find 3rd or 4th party sites to watch my shows. The comments on DVRs is kinda untrue. Think of DVRs as being the VCR of the 21 century. You still need to be programed to the correct channel at the correct timeslot to record your show. If set up right, your show will have the rating just like as if you were sitting there watching it as it came on. In this aspect DVRs help the rating rather than hurt them unlike HULU, Fancast, or other 3rd party sites that do not contribute to the tv ratings.
    There are maybe 5 or so shows on network
    tv that I still watch. Fringe being on of them and the rest are on sunday on fox. Guess which ones. (R.I.P America dad, you’ll be missed.) As of last year I am boycotting ABC because of shows in the past that they cancelled. Flash Forward was the last straw for me and if there are sporting events that i want to watch on it i find the rss feed that I can use my ps3 or wii to use.(when the birds and fish died over the past holiday weekend did anyone blackout? if so what did you see? LOL. Sorry couldn’t help myself.) ABC is dead to me otherwise. Now im not saying that anyone should do this to any station, but this is just what I’m willing to put myself through in silent protest. Furthermore, I rarely watch my local news on the networks. I mostly get my news from the Daily Show/ C. Report or yahoo/google news. It’s really more entertaining and i can get both sides of a story that way. I really can’t stand the bussiness practices of the networks these days and really for the last 10-15 years. weither it be the cancelling of shows or the couple month breaks in the middle of the season just to see if you’ll stay watching. I’m 29 and i can remember when shows went from sept to april/may with maybe a week break for holidays or special events. Really, what was so wrong with that.
    There are 52 weeks in a year. Take out 10-12 for events and you got enough time to put 3-9 shows in a timeslot with a period of time that you can show reruns. Hey Fox. You remember reruns. You used to show Married with Children 3 times in a row, atleast one would be a rerun for the new episode you just played that day. It’s shady business practices that make me want to stop watching network tv in the 1st place. Not to mention that it is those same practices that might be causeing Univision to become the no.1 network in America. When i was in high school, my friends and i would watch El Goro e Flaca and El Blabazo (sorry for spelling)all the time after we got home AND none of us spoke spanish. It is getting to the point that internet tv is getting better than tv tv. I’m not talking about reality shows and clips on the web. im talking about well thought out stories and cartoons that go the extera mile to tell a complete story. the last show that i got into on tv that ad a real ending was Lost. Hell, Heroes didn’t make it. That shocked the crap out of me. Anyone remember Malcom Warren from the Cosby show? He makes internet tv shows, and he’s successful at it. I don’t watch them, but atleast he has vision and i commend him for it. It’s people like him that are going to kill tv and make the internet the ultimate entertainment source if it hasn’t already done so.
    My take on the whole move is really to kill Fringe. They have been saying from the beginning that it was on the chopping block only to drum up ratings for shot sperts. the best way to show the fans that Fox cares is to sit down after season 3 ends and figure out how much time it would take to wrap up the story without it seeming rushed. Myself would like to see about 3-4 more seasons. They can wrap it up next year but the 2nd universe would suffer in the long run. 2 seasons would be better but you would have to rush it and it really wouldn’t seem as good of a show as it really needs to be. 3 seasons would be perfect and 4 seasons would be a great way to show fans of Fringe and Fox that you care about your fanbase. Plus, it would really be a gift to us for all the rollercoaster ride, chopping block treats that fox and other networks seem to think is the norm of the day. A better gift would be to make Friday “SciFriday” and buy the rights to flash forward or another scifi show that the other networks deemed inferior and cut. Look at what TGIF did in the 90’s. That was a great block of shows. Do a spinoff of Quantum Leap, Life on Mars, or Sliders, or do something like Tripping the Rift (cartoon). But just moveing the Show to friday just shows how much you want to undermind your network fanbase, and it’s really frustrating. Even some of your own shows, family guy being the most reasent one that i can remember, made fun of the network by listing ramdom shows that were cut by Fox. It’s getting to the piont that maybe the network shoudn’t have taken off the ground in the late 80’s to early 90’s and cut it’s losses then. Thats a little bit of a low blow but concitering all the great show that were cast to the wayside since then, am i really so wrong. All your really need to do is have a better track reacord of finshing what you started to the very end. You can end American Idol already. I’ll spend $20-40 on a cd or concert ticket to see aerosmith, but there is no way in hell i’m flickin to your channel to watch him give out a record deal to someone that I won’t know or care about in a year or two.

    Thanks to all for reading.
    Take er easy.

  • Dewie604

    This is sad. The only way this a good move for me is that the pittsburgh penguins hardly ever play on fridays, even though they mostly air on FOX SPORTS PITTSBURGH so they still get a tick on the ratings charts from my end. But it’s still the wrong channel to get the rating in that time slot. I’m sorry, i’m not gonna flip the channel when our hometown boys are taking the game to overtime. Most of the time the games run into Fringe if it’s on thursdays. I don’t have a DVR, so i don’t get to watch the show from very beginning to end at that time slot in said situation and turning to Fringe in the middle of the show ruins the plot. Oh and by the way, if you do record on a DVR, you still have to have it tuned into that timeslot on that channel so they still get the veiwer rating on tv. So DVR is a positive aspect as to HULU being a negitive in this way. I also don’t have a computer. I watch on the broswer on my PS3 which suxx when it comes to what format or codex works for me. They say that it supports divx and flash but more and more I see this is untrue. I can’t watch on fox.com because of this. And I’m not going to kid myself into thinking that SONY or FOX is going to fix this…..hint, hint fox………so i have to scour the net to find a vid that works from a 3rd or 4th party. Flash Forward was cancelled be cause of this too. (If you watched that show, did you blackout when the fish and birds died? If so what did you see? lol) Also posting a comment is pain in the butt on a ps3. This is taking a really long time to post this. I am boycotting abc right now because of all the great shows they cancelled. If there is a sporting event on abc that i want to watch, I’ll find an RSS feed that works with PS3 or Wii to watch it. Other than that, abc is dead to me. I’m not saying that anyone else should do this. I’m just saying that this is extent I am willing to go to to silently protest 1 network for not conforming to the 21st century viewer. Fringe is one of maybe 5 shows that are on network tv that I still watch. The other 4 are Fox shows too. Can you guess what they are? They are on sundays and are not American Idol. It’s business practices like this that is making it possible for Univision to be number 1. It’s sad that by the time the networks figure this out, it will be too late to dig out from the hole that they dug. Another example is i get my news from The Daily Show/ Colebert Report and my yahoo homepage, so they don’t even get my ratings there either.

    My theory on why networks do this is because they never want to finish a story. I’m just glad I got to see one show finish what they started. Thanks JJ for finishing Lost. I got the complete BRay box set and would rather go that route than to get a DVR just to become invested in a show that they never wanted to complete from the beginning. If fox is really listening to the fans, do us all a big favor. After season 3 completes, sit down, figure out how long it will take to complete the show, and tell us when your plan to end it is. After Lost told us that they were gonna end it, they got a huge ratings boost. By the way things are going, I can see the end in no less than 2 seasons but i’d rather see 3-4. Yes you could end it next year, but you really need to go more indepth with the 2nd demention to truely make a great box set. So 3 would be perfect, 4 as a gift to fans. But showing that you are truely committed to your fanbase and to ending a complete show would greatly increase the ratings rather than chopping block threats that only bolster ratings for a short while.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Elisângela

    I like fringe, is a serie with mistery, terror, drama, science fiction.I like too much relationchip between father and son , walter and peter,very good , really.there is quimic each other, the conflit and afection is real.I like peter charater (joshua jackson), charming, inteligent, brave, honest, a lot misteries around him on two dimensions. The olívia could be better , but she get work. Only think in third season I miss peter and walter in the other dimension . Besides the arrived peter in the other dimension didn’t have care ,special care: What Peter thought about the other dimension, what were his feelings ? The mistery about the new word paralel , what is fact cause in his mind ? The father the other dimension, don’t clear if there is real love of own son Peter, and Peter about his other father. It was not explain . besides the other dimension, was not explain and was not showed the real diference between the two dimensions,the characters were not impacted for the other dimension, didn’t convinced. The other hand the other dimension simply wake up in open and close eyes. Nothing extraordinary in the other dimension.and sadly Peter and Walter was not there : Peter and Walter one this forces this show tv. This fact torn more weak this season three. I hope Peter, don’t miss never more in the remain season and season next. I love interact between Peter and Walter, father and son make believe me to be real . and the observador could not miss in the episodes,bring mistery, interesting ad metafora for the show.Movin the audience to like this show tv. and the romance between and Olivia miss drama, conflict, and sacrifice, conquest , the Altolivia shom me more real feeling for Peter than Olive one. the Olivia needs see Peter, worry for him, pain for him, and to be feel the hate and love him, and acept him, see him charming, brave heart, him dificulities, ethic, moral feelings, real action and charism.
    Elisângela , fan Brazil.

  • deedee

    i watch other shows on friday night/i do not fell this is fair. because i just have regular cabel, thank you.

  • Samantha

    I love fringe – I also don’t live in the states and I can assure you its very popular here in South Africa. Please don’t cut the show – its AWESOME!!

  • Nicole

    I really hope FOX doesn’t give this show the axe. Fringe has had me hooked since the first episode. It will be a failure on their part if they can’t see that their audience is evolving away from standard time-slotted TV viewing. We watch this show on Hulu or Fox.com. Unfortunate to see one of the best TV series to come along since Lost, be thrown by the wayside, due to the shortsightedness of FOX.

  • I really hope that all of you guy are going to keep voicing your support of Fringe online! What with the number of fans and their dedication, as well as the quality of the team that has been put together, it would be quite the ridiculous thing for Fox to cancel Fringe, that’s for sure…

  • pam

    We have been watching fringe since the beginning and will continue to watch whatever night it is on.Fridays are great since there isnt anything to watch.It keeps your interest and we never skip the commericals afraid we might miss something. The actors are just great. We hope it never gets canceled only gets better.

  • Mary

    Fringe is my all time favorite show!! Im 39 and have seen plenty of shows over the years. I hurry home to watch Fringe and have not missed 1 episode. My family knows to leave me alone when Fringe is on!!! Bring on Walter and asterik!!! = ) I am not happy about the move to Friday when other shows that are terrible should be the first to go BUT will continue to watch and love every minute of it! Here is to hoping our fellow Fringe fans (FFF) will follow us. That was cheesy but I love me some Fringe and tapioca…

  • Ted Turner

    I normally enjoy reading and have been watching very little tv. This is a show I watch every week. It would be ashame to loose my weekly dose of marketing brainwashing because the show is cancelled.

  • Ted Turner

    Most TV shows are written by pot heads who think they are witty, funny, intelligent but are not those. Fringe is a show about an mad scientist (ok, he smokes pot) that is as funny and refreshing as they come. It is engrossing to watch a show like Fringe. The actors are brilliant (John Noble should win an emmy) The writing is cogent and makes you think without being predictable, or transparent. Even the characters are multidimensional and question themselves and their own place in this world. Quite an array of subtle undertones and hinted accompaniements to the main score (story) exist throughout.


    LOVE THE SHOW!! Will watch it any night, any time! Best show on TV, hands down. The characters, drama and story line mixed with science fiction have never been done so cleverly IMHO. Hooked since episode 1.

  • StotheA

    Hey- come on Fox: You’d better not be canceling this show- there isn’t any other show like this on television- amazing stories-characters that suck you in- but you already know this…so Friday night’s here we come! I am crossin’ the fingers for at least 5 seasons- or if I may go out on a limb- 7?

  • Cathy

    Love,love,love this show! Will watch it no matter what night it’s on.

  • Felipe Fonseca

    Although i don’t live in the USA, i definitely find FRINGE the greatest and more entertainment TV show that has ever been created….i wish Fox really understand the huge amount of fans that fringe has in the entire world and keep the show going for a lot of seasons!

  • One thing perhaps that FOX hasn’t taken into consideration is the dedicated fans Fringe has – hopefully it’ll be enough to either have Fringe moved back to Thursday, or to totally redefine Friday evenings à la X-Files 😉

  • Sally

    This is one of the best shows (besides Bones) that I watch and record regularly. Don’t care what night it is on, but don’t understand why it is being moved from a perfectly great day and time slot. But no matter, I am a dedicated fan and so is my family, so I’ll still be watching. Please don’t let anything happen to this program – just keep the great episodes coming!!.

  • Fringe Commercial Watcher

    Great, here we go…. It’s decisions like this, that make me understand why nothing good is on FOX ever. When the hell is FOX going to finally drop American Idol?! Geez, FOX is CLINGING to American Idol with a Death Grip. And it’s those kinds of mistakes that will kill FOX, once again.

    Fringe is the ONLY reason why I watch FOX. (And I only watch Family Guy Online. …those are the only shows I watch from FOX, and thats saying something cuz I used to watch the Simpsons for over 15 yrs. but haven’t seen a single Simpsons episode in 5 yrs.)

    FOX needs really get with it. American Idol is dead, Cleveland show is dumb, American Dad is dumb.

    Oh and by the way, I am the type of T.V. watcher who HATES commercials. Every time a commercial comes on I change the channel…I in effect watch two shows at the exact same time…But when I watch Fringe I NEVER change the Channel. I watch ALL commercials that are shown during Fringe’s Air Time.

    Big BIG BIG Mistake for FOX to move Fringe to Fridays. You know what, I just gonna stop watchin Fringe now so that way when Fringe gets cancelled by FOX (because of FOX’s Death Grip Hold on American Money Maker Idol) I won’t have to worry.

    PEACE OUT FOX. You have lost a T.V. Viewer and you can Explain that to Fringe’s Product Sponsors.

    [gratuitous vulgarity deleted by comments editor]

  • FoxFrustrated

    FOX will sorely loose another price point if HULU and other outlets are not taken into consideration. Digital signals are not great for some of us not in major metrapolitan areas, Hulu is about all I have at this point. Losing Fringe would be a huge lapse in judgement. Then again FOX has made a few questionable decisions. Ratings Rule; “We can keep trying to find our target. We have all the time in the world, or should we rename ourselves SciFi erm… Syfy… erm Foxy…. erm ….. Hey!
    Reality TV” … people don’t have enough reality on a daily basis! or perhaps a CSI clone… naw been done, again and again… Lets shoot for… something different… then slap it into the doomsday slot and call it a day.

    FOX defied all broacast odds with a very small product offering, and may be forgetting where they came from. Times have changed, Fox’s metric may not have.

    Love ya Fox but you really make me wonder! Those first few years were ground breaking. 21 Jump Street, The X-Files, The Simpsons….

  • James Connor

    I get Fringe on iTunes. It’s worth the cost and then some. You guys are right about how the studio execs are way behind the audience on the internet, because they haven’t figured out where the big money is on the internet. Maybe they should ask Google. Book publishers have the same problem.

  • mike

    Outstanding absolutely THE best show on the air now! I will follow faithfully to friday night.


    I AGREE!!
    This show is the only show I faithfully watch, and I follow it on hulu, ‘cose I have no cable…

  • Emy

    Fringe is a great show to say the least. I too hope Fox keeps this show on and also I’ll watch this show no matter what day it comes on.

  • Greg – and the problem is that corporations tend to get greedier and greedier… Although it can be assumed that JJ Abrams has some pull with the network, what with the success of Lost 😉

  • shellie

    I have to tell you how much I love this show. I’ve got the first season on DVD and am watching in between the current episode. If you move it again, could you please let those of us watching on television know where it’s going??

  • Greg

    I love this show and would hate to see Fox kill another great show. But it doesn’t come down to just the number of viewers even if they do count DVR and Hulu. It’s about how much revenue is generated from the show in total. Hopefully ad market and sales prices for ads on Hulu are keeping up with the number of viewers.

  • Scooter

    The comments on Hulu and DVRing are spot on. Market has evolved, but the measurements and data collection have not. AWEsome show and I will follow it no matter what time slot it’s on. Keep this show on.

  • Carrie – I totally agree, they should keep’em coming 🙂

    hilz – Me too. There aren’t that many shows out there – if any – that I’d consider spending so much time on!

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  • hilz

    One of the ONLY shows worth watching right now. Hooked from Season One. LOVE this show.

  • Carrie

    Love, love, love this show! Keep them coming guys. You have a loyal and faithful audience!

  • John – I agree. We watch them on DVR or Hulu because we want to enjoy the show, not just watch it because it’s airing or because it’s part of our routine!

    Karen – I agree with you, too – I will watch it whatever night they air, then rewatch each episode many, many time. And thank you for the encouragement – I love the lovely long comment you made on my review of Amber!

  • Karen

    I will follow this show which ever night they decide to show it on. I simply tape it and watch it at my own convenience. I am so hooked on fringe, it’s not funny. This show is the only show I faithfully watch. Keep up the good work.

  • john b

    I think most companies don’t understand how many people watch these shows on Hulu, or on DVR.

    In fact, the people who are watching this on DVR or on Hulu are much more dedicated fans.

  • Excellent point, Scrapyard. There are way too many amazing shows that were scrapped in the last couple of years that were just brilliant, but that had fanbases mostly on the internet. I wonder when studios are finally going to realise what they are missing out on!

  • Scrapyard

    As long as executives take into consideration the ever-growing number of viewers who use DVRs and the internet (i.e. Hulu.com) to watch shows, time is relative.

    Sadly, when it comes to ratings, advertisers don’t see it the same way.

    In the end, successful shows, which have developed a strong fan-base, are doomed because audiences are evolving, but the market remains static.

    I will continue to watch shows like Fringe through my preferred method (Hulu.com) until executives do what they inevitably must, but it is my firm hope they take people like me into consideration when a show goes to the chopping block.