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Friends Final Show

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Ok, just so I can make sure I cover this in the blogosphere. You are welcome.

Final friends,
monica, chandler
the one about the ending
ross, rachel
the monkey and the duck
smelly cat, coffee shop
phoebe, joey
lack of minorities
New York City
“How you doin?”
55 Emmy nominations
rachel’s hair
syndication dvd’s
ross loves rachel
rachel has illegitimate kid
not Seinfeld
dancing to Glory Days
friends in real life
huge contracts
brad pitt, david arquette
bruce willis, the whole 9 yards
Scream 3, good girl
I’ll Be There For You
Umbrellas in the fountain
Chick from talk soup
2 million dollar commercials
Did I mention Frasier?
Ross Gellar was in Breast Men
Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts
Lisa Kudrow, emmy winner
10 seasons
blah blah blah blah blah

Can we all just shut up now? I realize the show has been popular and it has been on a long time. That is no reason why we need to hear insipid interviews from a group of people who haven’t been able to carry any vehicle by themselves in any portion of entertainment in their entire careers. So, enjoy your moment and stop telling me how sad you are, and how much you will miss it and how close you are to your “Friends” castmates who are now your really good friends in real life.

Goodbye, good luck, now go away.

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