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Friday Flash: Super Smash, Ikaruga, and Sonic the Hedgehog

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Every Friday, three games for you to spend the weekend mastering. Or maybe the following week. Or possibly never.

This week, a few old favorites come to life via the magic of Flash. No longer need you carry around a bulky game system and a controller or two. No, now you can play old favorites on nearly any computer, using the Adobe Flash Player.

Truly, it is amazing what folks have managed to recreate in Flash. It almost makes you wonder why we were so impressed with those old systems when they first came out!

Super Smash Flash, Sonic v. LinkFor example, Nintendo probably sold quite a few units based almost entirely on the strength of Super Smash Bros. Now, you can play Super Smash Flash right there on your computer, the one you're using to read this. Amazing, eh?

There's a strategy guide, even, in case the options that come from being able to play as any one of 28 different characters are overwhelming. Twenty-eight! It even handles two players, so long as both players' hands fit on the same keyboard. There is sound, and this one tends to strain slower computers.

Shown here is Sonic the Hedgehog battling Link on level three or so.

IkarugaIkaruga has its own Wikipedia page, so I'm not sure what else I need to say. Get a fast computer and get to it!

There is sound and music, but you'll have a chance to switch them off. You can also adjust the graphics quality within the game, speeding it up considerably. In addition to using the arrow keys to move, you'll need 'Z' to shoot, 'X' to switch polarity, and 'C' to fire those wonderfully powerful homing weapons once you're really charged up.

Remember, enemy fire that matches your polarity doesn't kill you but, following the old adage, makes you stronger. Once you're fully charged, that 'C' weapon is impressive.

Ultimate Flash SonicI mentioned Sonic the Hedgehog earlier, but he wasn't always elbowing 27 other characters for screen-time. No, he once featured in his very own series of games for Sega, and an enterprising flash programmer has managed to recreate that first outing in Flash. He calls it Ultimate Flash Sonic.

You can even play the game as alternate characters Tails, Knuckles, and Cream, because this isn't just Sonic, it's Ultimate Flash Sonic!

There is sound and music, which you an adjust after the game is started.

Whether each of these games brings back fond memories or you're just discovering one or more of them for the first time, each promises hours of entertainment and wonder for the nimble-fingered.

Next week we'll talk about Rock-Paper-Scissors, I promise!

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