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Friday Flash: Flash Element TD, Catch 33, Arrow Tag, and The Game

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Friday Flash is here again, like Christmas extended long past the usual twelve days. It's the nineteenth day of Christmas, and your true love can send you whatever you want. Me, I'm sending you some Flash games.

Every Friday, I provide links to three or more online games, all of which require Adobe Flash Player. I test each game on both Mac and Windows, and I'll warn you about the sound or music content of each game, in case you're trying to play in a quiet environment. Or on the sly, like at work or school.

Hey, I write these articles on Fridays, so you can play them on the weekend. It's not my fault if you try to get a head start on things!

Flash Element TDSpeaking of getting a head start, on December 22 I linked to Tower Defence by Roman Sanine, a great Flash implementation of Warcraft Tower Defence from Warcraft III. This week, David Scott released his own implementation of the same game, Flash Element TD. I was three weeks too early to include them both!

It's amazing to see how the same concept, with the same inspiration, can be implemented in two very different ways. This new game has better graphics, better sound, and is more complex overall, but lacks the time pressure of the previous game. It certainly is more polished, and yet I think there will be people who prefer the first game for its simplicity.

There is sound — great sound — but there's also a mute button in the upper-left.

Catch 33If you miss the element of speed, try Catch 33. Your score is simply how many seconds it takes you to "catch" all of the numbers up to 33 in order. You catch them by simply touching them with your mouse. Easy, right?

Of course, the numbers are constantly moving, and sometimes they hide behind other numbers. At least that's what I'm blaming for my score of 34 seconds!

There is a sound effect every time you catch a number, with no mute option in sight.

This is one of the most simple — and yet challenging — games I've ever linked.

Arrow TagIf your system runs smoothly enough, Arrow Tag wil challenge your dexterity. The idea, again, is simple — touch each green dot before the time runs out.

There are additional complications, actually: "clocks" you can touch for extra time, "bombs" that take time away, "skulls" you have to click to destroy, and more. Every level is a new layout, and more complicated than the last.

There is both music and sound, and I actually launched a new browser to play the game because both my Mac and my Windows system "paused" whenever GMail refreshed.

That's the usual three, but just because I love each and every one of you, here's a bonus that will last a long time.

The GameThe GameCalled simply The Game, this week's bonus is a series of puzzles which cannot be solved in an hour, or a day. You start at level one, and keep going until you run out of levels. I am on level six (pictured at left), and I have no idea how many levels there are.

In the original French version, apparently there are 92 levels. How many in English? Someday I may find out!

The Game Rules page on the site covers things quite well, so I will only add that by the time I got to level six, I had already mucked with URLs, looked up album track listings, listened to an audio clue, and more. Fun!

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