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While they’re just mad for it in the States for drugs control, what they really want is the bloody photo ops. Why, you ask do I go off on this tangent? It’s because I just bought a french press coffee maker. I had a roomie who had one, years ago, but never paid no mind, since I liked the autofilter maker which made a pot of coffee while I took a shower.

But the power went off this morning, and to shore up civilization, I fired up the emergency gas stove, boiled water and then made coffee by pouring hot water over ground up, for what I knew could be, fragrant monkey shit.

Calling my landlord, and four hours of boredom, I was cranked to a fare-thee-well, since when you have no electrics, no computers, but access to coffee making equipment, well, you are looking at somebody who is looking for a monkey poo-fight.

That and reading “The Confusion” with pirates, and coffee, and money, etc.

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  • Shark

    James, just an FYI: In Uhmerica, the coffee-making device you describe is known as a “Freedom Press”.

    Yer welcome, si vous plait.

  • Actually, the Freedom Press was first used in Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century, where, to fight terror, they piled large stones on your chest until you said what they wanted to hear. Or expired.