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Science and technology enrollments are declining in the U.S. This is a serious issue. (SeriousIssue.com and ReallySeriousIssue.com are available for registration).

A recent report by an industry and academic group implied that Americans would rather eat pizza, drink beer and major in English then study science and math. You are probably as alarmed by this as I am. (ReallyAlarmed.com and VeryAlarmed.com are both available.)

The report was prepared by the Task Force on the Future of American Innovation and released Feb. 16.

But you don’t need to study science or math to start a business based on advanced technologies. (ThinkingHard.com is available.). All you need is a domain name, a Web site, and a really good scientific idea. (ScienceMoney.com, BrainlessScience.com, ScienceForDollars, BigMoneyScience.com — are all available for registration.)

What about:

Why not cut grass and improve the environment with: NuclearLawnMowers.com?

Or do something useful in the life sciences area and register: ProteinFoldingLaundry.com

What about a high-tech repair business: LeakingPlasmaTVrepair.com All you need is Scotch Tape.

But liberal arts majors shouldn’t fret. You can make a huge amount of money using your word skills to create and sell domain names.

Take FreeFoodandSex.com. (It’s available) It embodies two of the key words desperately sought by domain name cybersquatters: “free” and “sex.” Those two words alone will drive millions of hits to your Web site and thousands of dollars into your pockets. We threw in “food” as a bonus to make it even more attractive. (FreeSexandBeer.com is also available — tip of the hat to Erika for that suggestion.) These names are free to Liberal Arts grads if you act now!

Clearly, we are in a science crisis. (ScienceCrisis.com is available) Kids who play online games instead of studying will be tomorrow’s beer drinking, sports watching adults. (JustTerrible.com is available)

And during TV commercials, please take time read: Jared Diamond’s Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

All these domains were available at time of posting, but KOB can’t make guarantees.

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