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Freefaller or Freefalling?

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Do This! Do That!

(Velocity Records)

A two-song single from the next band up in the play-own-instruments/ write-own-songs boy-band stakes. Considering the uncertainty in the Busted! camp, timing could be a great deal worse. This lot produce a similar sort of bouncy punky rock (Blink-82 etc) but unlike so many wannabe’s have some amusing songs as well. This, their first single, is an ode to teenage rebellion and is catchy as stink. Yes it’s brainless, but not infuriatingly so. The B-side is an acoustic ode to alienation called “Why Me.” Neither song is that original, although it probably will sound like it to their target audience. Would that all pop music be this fun.

Rating: 4/5

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  • This was done last week or longer. what is it doing here again today?

    It even had some comments back then, I believe.

    You know why I remember? Because I had to break up the long hyphenated phrase in the post.

  • Yes, I posted the review a bit early…and they put back the date of release on me :p

  • man, what do you expexct from a boy band 🙂

  • Danielle

    freefaller are a great new band and are gna rock 2005!!

  • fishy

    Freefaller are a great band really dedicated and I think you will be more than surprised at the releases that are to come, which will appeal more to the slightly older age group than Do this Do that, which I still find rather appealing anyway. My Grandson and Grandaughter are both big fans and yes they have me hooked as well !!! and I don’t mind one little bit.

  • Hi i think Freefaller are cool i wanna get the single do this do htat it’s great!

  • jewlz

    yo dudes
    i went to see freefaller at hmv
    they were amazing
    i got a hug of rik
    and a was the first1 tu get me shirt signed
    it was propa mint like freefaller are klass
    i got ther single do this do that signed anal

  • jewlz

    i love freefaller and really want to see them some time agen
    does anyone no riks second names plz i really need it i got all the other guys in me buk but hey i lost rik
    so i had to quikly ryt bak and ask u freefaller fans
    thanx ifanyone gets bak in tuch i need it
    bye for now

  • kelly

    i fink freefaller is wel betta den busted buted r sooo crap apart from matt

  • Freefaller r brill ! i was in lakeside da ova day n dey wer doin a signin n they said 2 all der fans we r meant 2 b outta here 2 da fotoshoot in n hour but cos ther is soo many of u we ll stay here 4a while n they stayed in lakeside from half two to six o clock ! i even went up wiv mi sis. theyre soo nice. They are way more dedicated to their fans then busted n they agreed wiv mi mcfly suck cap !

  • Maria

    Freefaller are a wonderful band and have been together for about 2 years now…..the new single is wicked and should have done better than 8 which is still awesome!!
    Met them back in October and saw them perform (front row..mwahaha!), they rocked out and were glad to meet some new fans.

    Good luck to the guys!

  • Too bad Freefaller’s web-site is absolute rubbish.

  • Hi,
    ive met freefaller 3 times and seen them play 4 times they r the nicest guys eva, hes not called rik btw hes called richard joy
    luv gem x

  • Ben

    Saw the boys at the barfly liverpool, and i don’t care what anyone says they were amazing. At last 4 down to earth guys that can play live and up for a laugh on stage!!
    Well done lads!
    Ben 28 liverpool.

  • SpiKe

    Freefaller rock! They’ll never replace Busted but it’s a start! They’re amazing!

  • SpiKe

    Their names are Rich Joy, Dean Roberts, David Oliver and Gary Mahon btw!

  • *Rich’s*Bitch*

    I love Freefaller soooooooooooooo much it hurts! they absolutly rock my socks!!! lmao, Rich is sooooooooooooo sexy nd gorgeous
    Rich’s Bitch 🙂

  • Catherine

    Freefaller r da best! even though I’ve neva seenthem perform, their website is NOT rubbish, Marty Dodge ur the one that’s rubbish!Even though their debut was a cover, it was cool and that’s all that mattas.I’m gonna go to their next gig in Brighton(whenever it is) and Marty Dodge: get a life!

  • I gave the single 4 out of 5 you fool. And when I looked at the site…ie when I first got this single many months ago it didn’t work very well. It would help if you could read the review before get so nasty.