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Freedom, Dictators and Kings

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Is freedom on the march? We here at Craigorian Chant (plus Fareed Zakaria)have been rather hard on the Iraq Freedom March:

Unless there is a major change in course, Iraq is on track to become another corrupt, oil-rich quasi-democracy, like Russia and Nigeria.

What about the rest of the world? Well, U.S. Ally Egypt just arrested a pro-democracy dissident. Read Tapped for the thunderous non-response from the Bush administration.

Also, the King of Nepal is making a grab for power, dismissing his Prime Minister and ruling directly. A freaking King? Kings are a particularly worthless form of dictator. They don’t even have the ruthless competence of your average despot, after all most dictators have to sieze power. All a King has to do is pick the right family to be born into. I say we take him out. What’s that you say? Too hard? No exit strategy? You want to the poor people of Nepal to be ruled by a King? I guess you want to bring back King George III in Amerca, don’t you? Anti-American scum!

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