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The term "free traffic" is used in an online context to refer to any means of driving visitors to a web site that doesn't have an up-front cost. That last part is important – if there's a cost associated with generating the traffic, even when the profits gained far compensate for it, it's not considered "free".

There is a cost, however, just not a monetary one. Building a system that brings real visitors to your site takes time, if you mean it to have any longevity. Read this list of ways to increase your web traffic, or other website promotion techniques, and you'll have an idea of what the pursuit of free traffic will get you into.

There's also the expenditure of energy – yours or someone else's. Whether it's through getting other bloggers to write about you, or having a reporter write about you in an online magazine, that leg work simply cannot be automated. Yet if you're willing to bear these hidden costs, free traffic is among the best you can get.

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