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Free Mike Hawash

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This item has been circulating in several major news outlets, but for those who’ve missed it, a chance to read the troubling story of Mike Hawash.

In brief, Mike Hawash is a naturalized American citizen of Palestinian descent, imprisoned about two weeks ago under federal material witness statutes. The FBI has refused to disclose whether or not they intend to charge Mike with a crime, or even if they ever intend to question him. It has yet to be established that Mike is actually a “material witness” to anything. Based on his life as an American and his ties to his community, Mike is not a danger to anyone and does not pose a flight risk. Mike is presently held in solitary confinement in a federal prison facility without bail.

This is not America.

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  • Is it a sign of Bush’s/Rove’s political genius that the natural protesters of this kind of government abuse of the Constitution have been intimidated into silence?

    Detention without charges? Secret trials? Isn’t this the kind of government over-reaching that the right-wing has been WARNING US about?

    Is Constitutional over-stepping only wrong when the ATF does it? Is it only wrong when white cabin-dwellers are the victims?

    Isn’t there SOMETHING WRONG with a police state?

    Answer: Not when Bush is in charge of it.

  • san

    Sometime in the future, this era may be known as The Great Flip-Flop: Conservatives want MORE government delving into EVERY aspect of our lives. I think I missed part of the right-wing message aimed at the Clinton administration. The right said, “Big government is bad only when we’re not running it like a police state,” but all I heard was “Big government is bad.”

  • Mike Hawash

    Mike pleaded guilty and ratted out his fellow terrorists and received a 7 year sentence. Guess the government had the right guy. Rot in hell Mike Hawash.