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Free Artwork From Gilbert and George

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Gilbert and George, two of the most renowned and notorious international conceptual and visual artists, have created a piece of work that is available for download for a very limited period. The beautiful and quirky nine-paneled, computer-generated image was created during the course of filming a documentary for the BBC series Imagine on the subject of the gloriously eccentric pair, to coincide with the end of their recent major retrospective at the Tate Modern Gallery at Bankside in London.

Gilbert and George are renowned for making their lives, and by extension the lives of all ordinary people, the subject and fabric of their work, living and working closely together as a “living sculpture,” the artistic embodiment of pathologically inseparable twins. Charming and polite by choice and by nature, they periodically confront gallery-visitors with the baser and darker sides of human nature, from the sexual to the politically deviant, transformed into beautiful and compelling artworks. The import of their latest offering lies less in its economic implications and more in the realisation of the artists’ long-held aim to create “art for all.”

planed complete

Your printer and paper of choice will give your particular copy of Planed its own look. I’m looking forward to seeing what different people end up with when they have printed out their copies. I have plans, for example, to have my version printed on a roller printer with each panel blown up from A4 to A3 size on glossy photographic paper and mounted between perspex sheets. My artist friend is going to print his using a regular computer printer, on photocopy paper, with masking tape and Blu Tack to fix the picture to the wall of his room “like everything else up there.” With free-ness comes freedom, it seems. Thank you, Gilbert and George!

You can download the free artwork in high- or low-resolution and see the work being created until Friday 11th May at 11.35 GMT.

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