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Freddy Fresh Presents the Rap Records

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Freddie Fresh Presents The Rap Records is the Hip Hop deejay and record collector ‘must have’ item of the year.

The book lists indy and major label rap singles released between 1979 and 1989 on vinyl. About 1400 records are included, many with cover art. A convenient star system hips you to the value and rarity of choice cuts. A few ’90s singles, non-rap singles and some albums are included, as Freddy Fresh gives entire label discographies for historically important imprints like 4th and Broadway, Cold Chillin, Sleeping Bag records and others. The book also includes extras like lists of early rap singles by year, and lists of specialty rap records. Beyond that just reading over the names of some of the lesser known records like Blowfly’s 1984 ditty “Too Fat To F*ck” is intensely enjoyable.

Freddy Fresh is a record collector and internationally known DJ and producer. Early in his career he repped labels from Def Jam to the now defunct B-Boy Records. Much of the information in the book is from his record database compiled over his twenty year career, with additional research from the collections of over eighty deejays and producers from around the world. This book was released in 2004, but is a work in progress and will be updated whenever there is enough new material to warrant a re-print.

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    And very informative, it sounds like…