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Fred Goldman Gets Deep Cut Of O.J.’s Video Game Royalties

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After the wacky trials involving O.J. Simpson in the '90s, the family of Ron Goldman basically owned the former NFL running back, namely after that civil trial. If he finds a shiny penny on the sidewalk, a lawyer comes whirring by the street corner, snaps it from O.J.'s grasp, and — since this is my fantasy — makes the "yoink!" sound as he deposits it in the Goldman family account.

The latest pile of wrongful death cash in the Goldman estate comes via a ruling that Simpson has to forfeit his earnings from a video game featuring his likeness. I missed the story the first time, but, in the aforementioned game, he plays a fictional team called The Assassins, but that's just a minor hilarious detail.

Last week Simpson had to hand over the rights to his defunct book If I Did It — boy, wasn't that a good idea for a book? — and this week he can't even make an honest buck posing as a video game sprite. This guy can't live on his NFL pension forever (I hear NFL union head Gene Upshaw will be trading the league's dental plan for a keg of beer), hence the book and video game endeavors.

Seriously, get this guy some kind of cash flow before the stabby urges resume. Even though he said he'd never honor the decision from the civil suit, it's clear he needs some money. Or maybe he just needs to hide his earnings better from the lawyers. Rather than keep the money in a sack with a dollar sign on it, try stuffing it in a burlap sack with the words "ONION SKINS." Even if they had some net worth in a court of law, I'd certainly not want to have a sack of onion skins in my house. Even lawyers would have to concur.

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  • Sydney needs braces!

  • OJ has a nice pension that can’t be touched. Otherwise, anything he earns is fair game and rightly so.

    I just say keep him away from sharp objects and girls young enough to be his daughter. Maybe he can snag a role in “Frogman 2” or something like “Naked Gun 3 and 2/3” and not look like such a do nothing bum.

  • When I played Activision’s “Pitfall” as a kid, my favorite prize was that sack of money with the dollar sign on it!

    I’m not sure what that means …except that I like to hear myself talk (type).

  • RJ

    Awe, poor OJ. He killed two White people, and just because of that minor infraction he’s forced to live in his mansion, while collecting his NFL pension.

    I’m sure the baby Jesus weeps for this guy regularly.

  • marlepfeifer

    If Fred Goldman can call OJ the “Killer” why can’t people call Goldman the “Gold Digger????

  • Like Kirkland Perkins says, I believe Ron Goldman was gay; and, wanting O.J. for himself, killed Nicole in the jealous rage.

  • If I Extorted Money, Here’s How I’d Do It



    I can’t help but notice the contrast between Michael Jordon’s reaction to his Fathers murder. Jordon went on with his life and never even attende the trial.
    No question, that the gastly murder of his son would be a catastrohic event, but isn’t ime that Goldman should go on with his life. One might suspect, that Goldman is looking for a way to cash in on his son’s deah and seemed to enjoy the national exposure that this gastly crime that has put him in the lime light
    which includes multiple interviews on Lary king. The word Narcissim comes to mind.

  • So what if the goldmans get rich off the killers money. The goldmans should get every cent the killer has!! OJ slaughtered people he should suffer so we all can enjoy it!!

  • bill

    You go Goldmans!! Get everything you can from that killer. The killer should suffer. I hate what he has done to this world.How can his children even stand him ,don’t they know what he has done to people?

  • sydney

    I cant wait until that killer takes his last breath!!

  • laurakhey

    I too have lost a son to a murder and the murderer is parading around my neighborhood. I know how Fred Goldman feels, and I can tell you it is not about money. It is a feeling of wanting true justice and not getting it. I would like to be able to send Fred a book and letter. Is there anyone who knows how I can mail him something???? thanks Laura

  • Ed

    Why is it that Fred Goldman is more maligned than any other victim ??? Exactly what makes him “Super-Victim” ???

    Here’s why … some big black (nig) killed his lily white wife and … got away with it. PERIOD!!!

    Unfortunately Fred’s dumb ass son decided to get laid by Nicole and used the “oh she left her sunglasses” excuse to try to get a little “taste” for the returning the glasses.

    What young guy cares about sunglasses left at his job ? If she’d been some ugly house frau, those glasses would have gone straight in the garbage and he’d still be walking the earth. Instead, “Mr. Helpful” got caught in a love war and paid the price.

    Now Dad, understandably broken hearted over his boy, is balls out to wreck OJ. Maybe he’s just so pissed that he didn’t give his son a little better guidance than to bang a married woman, that he’s taking his lack of parenting out on the world.

    Hey Fred, don’t you have other kids ??? How do they feel with you chasing Ron’s killer and ignoring their lives ??? Sounds like you’re killing your other kids by proxy.

    As for the rest of you bigots … the jury said that OJ was NOT GUILTY. It’s hilarious that white America can’t come to grips that after 500 years of white people killing black people and going free that ONE (1) Black Man actually got away with killing the white prize. You guys have a 99.9999999 winning percentage. We only won ONE and you’re going make every black athlete (Bonds, Vick, Tyson, Pacman, Pacers, Bengals) pay for it.

    Give up … you lost one.

  • Chuck

    Please !!! Someone help this idiot get on with his life, for goodness sake. I,for one, hope this guy finally drys up and goes away.

  • Jabronski

    Yeah, I’m sick of Goldman’s raving and ranting. The justice system says OJ is not guilty and that’s that. As for the wrongful death suit, that law was intended to punish corporations, not individuals. Corporations cannot serve time in jail.

    Get over it Fred.

  • there is justice. oj simpson was found guilty today or robbery and kidnapping. the judge revoked his bail. 15 years to life. what happens in vegas stays in vegas.

  • tim

    Ever hear of Karma? I think this is prime Karma. OJ gets racked up trying to steal stuff that Fred Goldman would of had if OJ would have turned it over in the first place. I hope Karma keeps up and OJ does lots and lots of time. Like forever. Interesting how LA jury got hoodwinked and Vegas jury didn’t by OJ’s dream teams.

  • John Wright

    If the system really worked the real “killer” would not be running around free, but I don’t get paid to tell stories. I do what I am told if the money is right.

  • Greg Hairston

    Well I have had relatives lynched in the south with no justice whatsoever for my Grandparents siblings. So now the OJ situation has got you all so upset. One situation. No it dosen’t make it any better. But now you have taste of why many blacks feel, you have finally tasted injustice. Sad it cost a couple of white lives for you to feel the pain. What kills me is the fact that the whites are so upset but at the same time I hear them say he killed a nigger-loving white woman and a Jew. This whole situation is nothing a but a mess.

  • lucenatraveler

    I’ve read OJ makes 24K USD a month from his NFL pension. That money is untouchable. Hopefully Simpson will be in jail until he dies a natural death.

  • C. D. Carney

    Out of curiosity why doesn’t he have his earnings given to his children and they would give him a debit card or something? Also I originally thought the pension was for 28k a month but then I read it was 28 a year. What’s the truth?