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Fraud, Stolen Elections, And Politics As Usual

An in-depth analysis of the "anomalies" that occurred during the 2004 presidential election by Rolling Stone magazine offers a chilling account of wide-scale fraud.

According to the author, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (whose four-page article includes more than 200 citations), the problems were widespread: millions of Americans overseas did not receive their ballots in time, voting machines failed in New Mexico, and Democratic voter registrations were shredded in six states! In Ohio, every shenanigan you can imagine (and some you couldn't) took place: voters were removed from lists, registrations were not processed, reports of impossibly high voter turnouts in Republican counties (98%, anyone?) were turned in while there were unbelievably low ones in Democratic strongholds (7%). The list goes on and on.

So basically, what this means is to hell with democracy. Why not just get together with your friends, decide who should be president, and do everything conceivable to make that happen? Is this really what those oft-quoted Founding Fathers meant, or is it every man for himself as long as he has the money to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the top? What really scares me is that as angry as this makes me, I still don't see any way to fix it or prevent it from happening again. If our ballots, supposedly our most powerful tool, are worthless, what can we do?

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  • Andy Marsh

    You know what bothered me the most about the 2000 election?

    That’s when I found out that ALL those absentee ballots I filled out all those years were never even counted unless they really needed to count them. I honestly thought they counted EVERY vote…but they don’t even open the envelopes of absentee voters unless the race is close!

  • Nancy

    Yeah, somehow that stuck me as being, shall we say, somehow unconstitutional? I, too, thought They were required to count all – ALL – votes, regardless, & not just when it was close. Comments, constitutional/legal pundits out there?

  • gonzo marx

    as far as i understand, they are obligated to count them all…

    but you get into sticky waters with the jurisdiction of local boards who say “well, this guy has a 10,000 vote lead…and there are 83 absentee ballots…fuck ‘em”

    the Federal Election Commission is the responsible body, and they are failing the U.S. miserably

    nuff said


  • Andy Marsh

    You want to talk about being disillusioned! I voted absentee for 20 years! And for what? So my envelope could be thrown in the shreader…and then people back here won’t even take the time to walk down the street and press a lever…pathetic I tell ya!

  • Nancy

    If I were POTUS – or SCOTUS – I’d pass a law that anyone who missed 2 federal elections in a row without just cause (i.e. death or coma, must be medically documented) is automatically disenfranchised & loses their vote; and if they want it back they have to take a minimum of 100 hours of civics classes & get a passing grade of 75%.

    Aren’t you glad I’m not in charge?

  • gonzo marx

    heh…Nancy..that is unConstitutional, and will not fly…but you get a pass on the knuckle busting gavel hit…the Judiciary does not make the Law, just rules on it

    now, Congress could put Civics back into the curriculum of required HS courses…

    but i digress


  • troll

    as soon as you vote you legitimize the den of corruption that is our fed government

    until ‘none of the above’ is on the ballot not voting is the only way to express a vote of no confidence