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Fox Summer/Fall Preview

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The last of the Big Four networks revealed its new line-up today. Due to its new year-round programming schedule, Fox has the most new programs of any network this upcoming season. Three separate schedules are planned for the next 12 months. The summer schedule will run from June to October, the fall schedule from November to January, and the winter/spring schedule from January to June.

Having previously announced six new shows for the summer, the network is relying almost entirely on new programming to carry it through television’s down season.

June 2004 – October 2004

Leading off Monday night is The North Shore, an ensemble drama set at a Hawaiian hotel. The Casino, a reality program that follows the inner workings at the Golden Nugget, follows.

Tuesday starts with re-runs of The Bernie Mac Show, followed by encores new rappers-in-suburbia sitcom Method & Red.

The core of Fox’s summer line-up its Wednesday night, which starts with repeats of That ’70s Show. Quintuplets, starring Andy Richter comes next, followed by the second edition of reality show hit The Simple Life. Method & Red finishes off the night.

Thursday night is re-runs only, with “encore” presentations of North Shore and Tru Calling.

Friday sees the network’s usual bottom-of-the-barrel reality programming continue with Totally Outrageous Behavior and World’s Craziest Videos. The Jury also repeats this night.

Saturday is all gritty reality with a double-shot of Cops and an hour of America’s Most Wanted.

Fox’s top shows will be in re-runs on Sunday throughout the summer. Repeats of Oliver Beene, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, and Malcolm in the Middle are nonetheless likely to fare better than any of the network’s new shows.

November 2004 – January 2005

The Fall switches things up a bit as Fox pulls out the big guns.

North Shore will continue to air on Monday, but The Casino will be replaced by the second season of The Swan.

Tuesday sees the premiere of The Billionaire, in which Sir Richard Branson takes contestants around the world to relive some of his “adventures.” House, starring Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, and Robert Sean Leonard follows. The “medical mystery” show will follow a team of doctors as they try to solve cases the puzzle normal physicians.

Wednesday is unchanged from the summer with the exception of The Bernie Mac Show taking over The Simple Life 2‘s spot.

The O.C. returns for Thursday and Tru Calling moves from re-runs to originals in the same slot.

Oscar De La Hoya’s boxing reality show The Next Great Champ will be featured on Friday, and new episodes of The Jury also move to this night.

Saturday is unchanged from the summer.

The heavy hitters return with new programming for Fox’s four Sunday night hits and the premiere of The Partner, yet another take-off on The Apprentice in which lawyers compete for a prestigious position at a top firm.

January 2005 – June 2005

A second shuffle comes at the end of winter for Fox this year.

Athens and the fourth season of 24 take over Mondays.

House continues in its Tuesday slot but will likely get a boost in viewers due to its new American Idol lead-in.

That ’70s Show and Bernie Mac are joined on Wednesday by new comedy Related by Family and the American Idol results show.

Thursday is unchanged with The O.C. and Tru Calling both continuing in their regular slots.

Friday sees all new programming with The Inside, a drama that follows a female FBI agent undercover in a high school, and Johnny Zero, a gritty detective show.

Cops and America’s Most Wanted remain for Saturday.

In addition to it’s usual Sunday night comedy line-up, Fox adds Kelsey Grammer’s The Sketch Show and Seth McFarlane’s second animated endeavor, American Dad.

Fox is definitely taking a huge chance with three separate roll-outs of new programming over the next 12 months. If this experiment is successful, the rest of the networks will likely pile on the year-round bandwagon.

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About Nick Danger

  • VERY glad to see Arrested Development has been renewed. Best show on TV, period.


    Dear FOX,
    Please bring back: Wander Falls, Andy Richter, and oh yeah, Millenium, while yer at it. And Family guy. And Futurama. And Strange Luck. And Freaky Links.


  • Andy Richter is the star of this summer’s Quintuplets and reruns of his old show air on HDNet.

    New episodes of Family Guy are in production and will either air on Fox or The Cartoon Network. Seth McFarlane’s new show, American Dad is also on the schedule.

    Good luck at seeing any of the rest brought back…

  • Andy Richter Controls The Universe was wonderful. I could not believe they didn’t give that more of a chance. I’ll check out Quintuplets, given that Andy’s in it, but I have no hopes of it being anything close to a replacement for such a fun, odd little show like . . . Universe.