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FOX News and the London Attacks

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John Gibson of the FOX News, the epitome of fair and balanced news, had this to say regarding the London terrorist bombings.

Another Fox News host, John Gibson, said before the blasts that the International Olympic Committee “missed a golden opportunity” by not awarding the 2012 games to France. “If they had picked France instead of London to hold the Olympics, it would have been the one time we could look forward to where we didn’t worry about terrorism. They’d blow up Paris, and who cares?” He added: “This is why I thought the Brits should let the French have the Olympics – let somebody else be worried about guys with backpack bombs for a while.”

Source: The Guardian

Other anchors of the FOX News channel also shared their views on the bombings.

Speaking about the reaction of the financial markets, Brit Hume, the channel’s Washington managing editor, said: “Just on a personal basis … I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought ‘hmm, time to buy’.”

The host of a Fox News programme, Brian Kilmeade, said the attacks had the effect of putting terrorism back on the top of the G8’s agenda, in place of global warming and African aid. “I think that works to our advantage, in the western world’s advantage, for people to experience something like this together, just 500 miles from where the attacks have happened.

Source: The Guardian

FOX News’ “sensitive” reaction to the bombings is truly commendable.

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  • In Britain we have a word for people like that: cunts.

  • Justene

    Judging by today’s nonreaction to Birmingham — it does sadly take death for people to take terrorism seriously and work to prevent death tolls in the thousands.
    Hume’s comment was meant to reflect that his reaction to the market dip was not fear that the d/

  • The casual reaction and media coverage does make the true heartfelt American reaction suspect in the rest of the world

    ..”we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming “

  • Curious. Can’t quite figure out what you mean there Aaman. Can you clarify?

  • Temple,

    People I’ve spoken to feel there is a disconnect between the media coverage and the public concern and sympathy everyday Americans are showing all the time-maybe it’s desensitization

  • Temple, that sounded like quite barbed sarcasm to me…and rightly so

    i’ve had the news on in the background for hours, and i only heard about Birmingham here on BC

    good for BC…bad for US news, don’t ya think?

    Aaman, the hideous Truth is that most american outlets are NOT interested in reporting, investigating, or analyzing real news

    it’s about ratings and advertising dollars

    more’s the pity, eh?


  • RJ

    “Just on a personal basis … I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought ‘hmm, time to buy’.”

    Sounds like a reasonable reaction to me.

  • Thanks Aaman. Nope, not sarcasm.

  • Justene

    gonzo, Fox had Birmingham right away. Ironic.

  • So Gibson expressed a note of frustration with the French. That doesn’t seem completely unreasonable. What’s your beef?

    And Brit Hume was perfectly reasonable. A lot of people thought that way. I’m pleased to know that the Dow moved up 30 odd points the day of the attacks.

    Sounds like you were just determined to find fault with the evil Fox.

  • C’mon Al – what aload. Wishing the French would get bombed instead is just “frustration” ??? The uglier part is what the post author did not bold.

    And who !@#$5 cares whether Gibson is frustrated.

    He’s on a supposed news channel. Him saying it is a lot different than you saying it.

    And I bet I could easily find you getting exercised and POed over politicians you don’t agree with just venting “frustration.”

    The comment was foul. That’s the standard. Whoever says it is foul. Worthy of penalty no? Guess not. But it’s also not making something up to be upset about.

  • RJ


    “Fox News host, John Gibson, said before the blasts”

    [emphasis mine]

  • Ah OK. Thanks RJ. Missed that. The portion before the bolded section is still loathesome.

  • RJ

    Yeah, I agree that this part:

    “They’d blow up Paris, and who cares?”

    …is disgusting. But Mr. Gibson is not taken too seriously, even by hard-core FOXNews fans…

  • KC

    “They’d blow up Paris, and who cares?”

    Hate filled vitriol from FOX? Wow, what a surprise. Oh, rats my sarcasm meter is broken now. Shouldn’t over use it like that.

  • All the more reason for Bloggers to unite. All the more reason to show journalists why they are losing ground. All the more reason for bloggers to report so we CAN decide. All the more reason to consider boycotting cable and satellite television broadcasts in favor of using the Internet as the exclusive source of news, information and entertainment. Power comes in numbers, my friends.

  • A sarcasm meter? That’s a useful invention. (Joke shamelessly stolen — er, I mean, borrowed — from The Simpsons.)

  • Chadzilla

    Point of clarification – I’m no Gibson fan, but his comments were made during the part of his show that’s dedicated to his personal comments. He makes it clear he’s speaking his own thoughts, not those of Fox Snooze. He does have a right to say these things (even though they are tasteless), but I think Fox should take this part of his show away and give him a blog or something. Nobody reads those…

  • The Duke

    I’m being serious here.

    Who REALLY pays attention to the media?

    Who REALLY cares about the media’s opinions?

    Everyone seems to put a lot of stock in the media, from both sides of the debate.

    But the media doesn’t pass the stench test in my book. Therefore it’s not worth my time.

    We’re going to hear news anyway; why bother with the blather? It’s a time suck. My time in more valuable than any news media (all media).

  • Nancy

    Someone in the W. Post (a Big Name media person) was decrying the loss of public confidence & credibility in the media. And they wonder why? Media types these days have lost their guts, edge, drive, & integrity; they’ve cosied up to those they’re supposed to be keeping an eye on, & done their best to become part of the very establishments they’re supposed to be reporting on. They’ve upscaled their standards of living (that’s fine), and while they’re at it, upscaled their tolerance for political foibles & downscaled their sense of responsibility – except regarding their own ratings. I can’t see a Woodward-Bernstein Watergate style investigation being done these days; the sense of goal & outrage just isn’t there, having been replaced by fear of the Rovian dirty tricks & smear tactics employed by Smirk & Co. to suppress media investigations. Additionally, I wonder how much ownership of the majority of media venues by conservatives & buddies of BushCo REALLY influences reporting & investigations. I would suspect a helluva lot more than the owners & venues themselves protest. They doth protest too much.

  • KC

    Nancy–“Additionally, I wonder how much ownership of the majority of media venues by conservatives & buddies of BushCo REALLY influences reporting & investigations.”

    Yep, gets harder and harder to find an honest, non-biased (or politically bought off) clear channel to get the news from doesn’t it?

  • Oh, am I the only one who laughed after reading this post? I guess that means I am desensitized. That probably accounts for the reason why, after I nearly cut my thumb off last night my first thought was, “I’ve gotta get to my camera!”

  • BB

    Just as “fair and balanced” as Dan Rathergate.

  • Jen

    These heartless neo-cons need to think to themselves, hmmm, maybe someone in America has a tie to these people in London or Paris. As a dual UK/US citizen who’s just moved back to the US after 10 years I AM APPAULED. They only think in terms of power and money. Humanity never enters into it. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and I’ve had nothing but lovely, positive experiences when visiting there. Can you imagine the outcry if a major French network said no one would care if they nuked LA?
    And as far as their caullous remarks go on power plays and how it worked well for the US administration to have it happen so near to the G8. YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT MY FRIENDS, SOME OF WHOM WERE NEARLY CAUGHT UP IN IT, SOME OF WHOM HAVE LOST LIMBS.
    These hateful Fox anchors should be ashamed, but I know they won’t be as they have no consciense, let alone a soul. Fox news is a truly evil force in our society, and makes us (Americans) look like IDIOTS to the rest of the world.

  • I pay attention to the media. What I’ve noticed in the last few days is that whenever I hear a news report from Iraq they say that insurgents killed X number of people, followed by a comment suggesting that this is hurting the US military effort. What they don’t point out is that none of the people killed were Americans, much less US Soldiers. If I didn’t go online to find out exactly who was actually killed I might think we were back in Vietnam with scores of US soldiers killed in any given day, when that’s absolutely not the case here.