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Fox Network Cancels Lone Star After Two Episodes

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After just two outings Fox Network has cancelled Lone Star, bringing Lie to Me back on the air beginning next Monday night (following House, M.D.) to premiere its third season.

Twitter is abuzz with the news, and it’s an interesting development since of all the networks, Fox (ironically somehow) has been the network to let good, but underperforming, shows build an audience. 

True, the show didn’t do well, even with the power-House lead in. But Monday night is a pretty tough night on which to compete for viewers. Was the decision simply number-crunching or was a show featuring a bigamist hero (and a conman at that) too “out there” for the network? 

I have only one question for Fox: why not flip-flop Lie to Me and House? House would play much better (and make much more sense) in the network’s 9:00 ET slot, especially now that House is involved in a very adult relationship with boss Lisa Cuddy. So waddya say, Fox Execs? Who here agrees with me?

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  • Thanks Jerome. Just saw this and I had to scratch my head. Connection with House is obvious, since House led into Lone Star. I really thought Lone Star had potential until the last few minutes of the pilot. When the hero decided to be married to both women–and that was the way he decided to redeem himself from a life of conning people, it completely lost me. There were many other ways to go with the premise, but that deception, fundamental to the story just turned me off.

    Never quite got into Lie To Me, though I do like Tim Roth; he’s a wonderful actor. As personally inconvenient for me as the House time slot stands, I would rather have it where it is than pairing with American Idol, wreaked havoc with the show’s scheduling for the first several years.

  • I don’t understand. Who was promoting a book in this article? I see nothing of the sort. If you’re referring to the product links below the article, which are required by this site, Lone Star wouldn’t have one, as it doesn’t have a DVD or book yet. It had barely gotten started. House and Lie to Me were legitmately touched on in the article, hence they get the product links.
    And even if House was not needed, authors work very hard on their books, and it’s not exactly easy to make a lot of money in the current market, so I say, promote away! Showing her book in a link helps prove the author’s credentials.
    Anyway, back to the topic, Lone Star was a show with a lot of potential. It’s sad that it got pulled so quickly. I agree, House would be better at 9pm. I don’t much care for Lie to Me, so they can stick that anywhere there’s room, as far as I’m concerned.

  • doug m.

    Like handy, I was curious to read about Lone Star, but then how could the author promote her book? I’ll be wary next time

  • I notice all the comments are from BC’s many House groupies, not about the main topic.

    Lone Star was an intriguing series with a great new star, James Wolk. Too bad it is gone already. But I suspect we will hear more from Mr. Wolk, sooner rather than later.

  • FOX also put Human Target back on Wednesday nights starting in Nov. Hallelujah! I don’t have to watch online due to Smallville being on at the same time.
    Agree on House at 9pm. The subject matter has ALWAYS been a bit more adult hour.

  • KJ

    From a European viewer perspective I disagree 😉 – instead of having to stay up till 2 am to watch it live I would have to wait till 3 and watch till 4. Oh no…

  • Olga

    Definitely!! House is a 9pm show. I still don’t get why it was placed at 8pm three seasons ago

  • I agree that Glee makes sense to pair with AI and I know that scheduling is a lot more complicated than it appears to us.

    House can get very dark, and very adult, which I think it would be better placed at 9. But everyone seemed to hate Tuesdays because of the American Idol conflict midseason. I don’t mind Mondays (it took some getting used to). Friday is a death knell for a series, so even at 9, it would be a bad sign to move a successful show to a Friday night slot on Fox.

  • CaliCat29

    Yes, 9pm would be MUCH better for House. It would give the writers a bit more wiggle room with the House/Cuddy relationship and the snarky dialogue.

  • marykir

    I would love to see “House” at 9pm, but “Lie to Me” has been getting darker and darker so it may not be an 8pm show either. The summer episodes seemed to me to have quite a lot of violence.

    The main problem for Fox (assuming for the moment there aren’t other new series to launch at some point) is they have at least 3 “9pm shows” in “House,” “Lie to Me” and “Fringe,” but only 2 good season-long 9pm slots – both on competitive nights (Mon, Thu). Fox is doing well with their Sat & Sun formats. While Fri scripted series on other nets did OK last week, does anyone really want to be on Fri at 9pm? Any 9pm show on Tue or Wed really needs a mid-season hiatus to avoid being scheduled around AI (or to run just Sep-Dec or Mar-May). And while “Glee” looks like it can stand on its own, it’s a more obvious choice to pair with AI on one of those nights.

  • Christina

    i DO!!!! house needs to be back at 9pm ASAP! This year definitely requires it, with all the Huddyness that awaits. They better think this through seriously this time…

  • Brenda

    Please put House back in the 9pm slot! I’d love for it to be back on Tuesdays at 9 but that’s asking a bit much.
    I agree though, the 9pm slot is more appropriate for the content in House.

  • DrDiagnostic

    House is definitely a 9PM adult show. Ridiculous to put it on at a fmaily hour against DWTS. If Fox really wanted to be competitive, put Glee on at 8PM on Mondays. Then, maybe put House on after or move House back to the old coveted Tuesday at 9PM slot. I don’t know how NCIS: Los Angeles is doing right now there. But House might fare better against that then DWTS.

  • Bea

    I agree. House is a 9pm show.

  • angelcat2865

    I agree the later time is much more appropriate to the content of House.