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Foursquare is a mobile, geolocation enabled social network, that allows users to locate their friends, as well as check-in to nearby locations, in order to earn points and badges. Frequent check-ins at the same venue can award the “Mayor” status, sometimes tied to additional discounts or promotions.

Shortly after launch, Foursquare was embraced both by the general public, and by various businesses, due to strong marketing potential. It now has over 6 million users. Foursquare received many awards in recognition of the system philosophy, blurring the boundaries between the social network and the real world, including the Webby Award, a SXSW Award nomination, as well as 2011′s Technology Pioneer title from World Economic Forum.

On October 2010, Douglas Wheelock became the first Foursquare user to check-in from space. By doing so, he unlocked the special NASA Explorer badge.

The official Foursquare blog is located here. You can also find a popular fan blog at

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