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Four Ways to Make More Money From Your Ebooks

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So you've written an ebook. Now what?

Ebook writing, like book writing, can be a lucrative way to sell your products and services, as well as vary the offerings on your website.

The advantage of selling ebooks is that you can automate the process from start to finish. Once you've written your ebook, all you have to do is create a sales page, set up your payment processing, and you're in business.

You probably know already that you should write a press release, as well as articles, and submit them to the appropriate directories. These two techniques will help you get the word out about your new ebook.

However, have you considered these techniques?

1. Submit To Ebook Directories

There are at least 20 different ebook directories on the Internet. This doesn't include the directories you can submit your ebook to if you are selling your ebook.

You can create a sample chapter or a sample of your ebook and submit it to the free directories. This will help you build backlinks to your website, as well as give your ebook better exposure.

2. Sell On Lulu

If you want to use the real power of leverage, you can sell your product on Lulu. Lulu allows you to upload unlimited manuscripts for free and set them up to sell them. You can also offer a print version of your ebook, as well as audios or videos. This allows you to expand your product line very easily.

Lulu handles the sales process from start to finish for you and sends you a check each month. Lulu takes a 20 percent commission on each sale and you get the rest.

For a small fee, you can use global distribution and get your ebook in all of the major online bookstores.

3. Start An Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is another powerful form of leverage you can use to sell your ebook. By using an affiliate program, you can build your own sales force to sell for you. Although you will need to pay commissions, this is a passive form of sales for you, and you make money from the efforts of others.

When you use the right affiliate program management software, you can build valuable backlinks to your website. This will raise your rankings in the search engines and maybe give you some extra traffic and sales.

4. Get Reviews

This is actually a combination of affiliate programs and joint ventures. Depending on who you ask to review your new ebook, you could walk away with all of the profits.

Some sites are looking for new material to talk about, not join your affiliate program or joint venture. By finding reviewers for your new ebook, you can build backlinks, create a buzz about your new ebook, and further increase your network of passive traffic.

When looking for sites to review your ebook, use a site like Alexa to help you find high traffic sites on your topic. Search the sites for reviews and contact site owners.

You can also use the following sites to get you started:

Bella Online

How you promote your ebook is up to you. The harder you promote, the more sales you are likely to make.

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  • I’ve been considering LULU for a while. Do you have any experience with them? From what I’ve read, they seem to be ok.