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Four Exercises for a Great Butt

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Unfortunately, gravity takes its toll on our body as a whole, but nowhere is as noticeable as our bottoms. If like most women, you have a love/hate relationship with your derriere, your desire is to return your bum to its teenage glory. Of course, easier said than done. More than most areas, the bottom takes hard work and effort to restore its pertness and firmness, but positive results do wonders for self-esteem and image.

Below are four exercises which when done properly and consistently, in sets of 10-15, work your glutes, resulting in a smaller, toned bum! Yippee!!!!!!

1. The Quadruped Hip Extension
Get on your hands and knees, tightening abdominal muscles to stabilize spine and torso. Lift one leg, keeping knee bent at 90 degrees, until the sole of your foot is parallel with the ceiling, and your upper leg is in line with the rest of your body. DO NOT arch your back. Lower your leg to the starting position. Repeat 8-12 times before changing sides.
According to the American Counsel On Exercise, this more than any other movement, targeted the gluteal muscles. Add ankle weights or increase repetitions to make this exercise more difficult.

2. Lunges
Ah yes, there is no escaping lunges when it comes to toning the glutes. Much as most of us loathe lunging, its very effective for building a great butt. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and pointed straight ahead. Step forward with toes pointed straight ahead and knee directly over the toes, lowering the knee of your back leg down to the ground. Be careful not to allow your front knee go forward beyond your toes. Tense your butt muscles and push yourself back up to starting position. Repeat on opposite side. Hold dumbbells to increase difficulty.

3. Standing Abduction
Strap an ankle weight around your ankle. Stand with your feet together and hold onto a stationary object with one hand for balance (for example, a ballet bar, or towel rail). Bring your right leg out to the side, as far as is comfortably possible, all the time contracting your glutes. Lower this leg slowly back to its starting position. It is very important to do this slowly, as this will prevent gravity and momentum from taking over, which makes the exercise less effective. After you complete your repetitions on the right-hand side, change over and repeat on the left.

4. Squats
Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward and your knees over your second and third toes. Slowly bend knees and flex hips, keeping feet straight as if you are about to sit on a chair. Keep knees in line with toes, and your spine neutral. Lower down as far as you can, but do not go lower than 90 degrees. Contract glutes, and place pressure through your heels and begin the rise upwards, until you are standing straight again. If you want to increase the intensity of this exercise, hold dumbbells while you are performing it, but be careful not to allow the extra weight to arch or curve your spine.

Workout and wave goodbye to your Spanx!!!!

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  • I thought this was a rated PG mag? LOL

    On a more serious note, I agree with most of this article, however, keep in mind “you can NOT spot reduce fat”! Also be careful with those adductors and abductor exercises…they build muscle not reduce body fat in that area.