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Four Disabled Adults Found Imprisoned In Philadelphia Basement

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The news which greeted me as I started the day is that four bruised, malnourished, disabled adults with the mental capacity of 10-year-olds had been found chained in a basement in Philadelphia.

I can honestly say this doesn’t surprise me. Every day the stories I hear get worse and worse. Honestly, it is just sickening when it is thrown in my face on a daily basis how inhumane this world truly is.

Three people are being charged with this crime, two men and one woman. The woman served 8 years in prison in 1981 for the death of a man who would not support her sister’s unborn child. He was starved to death. Last time I checked, there is a place called the Department of Child Support Services that takes care of these issues. I guess she didn’t get the memo.

The police don’t exactly know what the motivation was for this crime, but there is speculation that it had to do with collecting Social Security checks from the disabled victims. Shocking. Another scheme. No matter what the motivation was, there is no excuse for doing something like this to anyone.

What has our society turned into over the years? At every turn it’s like we live in a horror movie day in and day out. People think they can pick and choose who is worthless enough to kill, kidnap, rape, torture and steal from. Knowing our justice system, they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison.

I personally think their punishment should be exactly what they dished out. Chain them up, put them under the prison in a basement and let them starve to death. Why waste tax dollars on keeping scum like this alive? They obviously think that life isn’t precious enough to cherish. So let’s just return the favor. Maybe then, people would think twice before committing such inexcusable behavior.

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  • Suuuuny_1

    Precious, great article;eventually people do reap what they soe. Broken children grow into broken adults, who age into broken old men and women.
    It takes a village to raise a child; maybe if every one took responsibility in nurturing these broken children we would not be exposed to so much bad news!

  • WOW! TKO! You slammed Precious’s opinion. I agree with her subjective stance on this matter. I understood what she meant. When I heard this story on the radio, I was appalled. What’s wrong with humanity these days when we can hurt our innocents and not care. I have too much heart and I am starting to believe that this world is dwindling closer to demise DAILY!. Sad commentary on society and the notion we are to “love our neighbor.”

  • Gregory

    I think it’s a great article, Precious stated the facts in reference to how sadistic this world is and she’s entitled to her opinion TKO. Furthermore, I don’t think people pick and choose who is worthless enough to kill, etc. These people just enjoy being cruel; they simply find pleasure and enjoyment doing these horrid things. I do agree with Precious that these people deserve the same kind of punishment. Example as Precious stated, “a woman kills a man who’s not supporting there child and takes matters into her on hands and kill this man; the “Law of the Land” arrested her and she is let go 8 yrs later and she’s back to her old ways. Hmm??? Where is the logic and “Law of the Land” behind that? Our legal systems is so corrupt for one and it really doesn’t protect the innocent like it should IMO. So yes, give them the same fate they’ve dished out like they do in third world countries. People there don’t commit the same crime twice because hmmm let me guess; they don’t live to see it or commit any crimes again!!!!

  • I say read your own article:

    “People think they can pick and choose who is worthless enough to kill, kidnap, rape, torture and steal from.”

    Well aren’t you doing just that by talking about what their punishment should be?

    Hence why we have the “Law of the Land.” Which they will be held against.

    Good article.