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Four Bleep Scientists And A Kabbalist

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Quantum Physics and Theology Meet Kabbalah

Join in on a lively evening of outrageous synthesis of knowledge with four Bleep scientists, Miceal Ledwith, Ph.D, Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D, William Tiller, Ph.D, and Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., in a panel discussion with leading Kabbalist Michael Laitman, Ph.D. March 22, 2005 at JCC of San Francisco.

The upcoming event in San Francisco with foremost Kabbalist Michael Laitman is featured on the What The Bleep homepage!

It will be interesting to see if Americans are ready to hear about the only source of genuine filling in this world. I can only hope that this is just the beginning of a really huge step for all of mankind.

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About Josia

  • The Theory

    I am suspicious of anything coming from the “What the Bleep Do We Know” people.

    That said, if I was in SanFran at the time, I’d totally show up.

  • Always be suspicious of everything – don’t believe anything you haven’t checked out for yourself – hopefully you’ll have plenty of more opportunities – you can start at http://www.kabbalah.info

  • alienboy

    better plan: ALWAYS be suspicious of dogma; it’s a limited set of data by definition.

    obviously, subsets can often be useful tools for analytical purposes but spinning them out of their original setting can be deceptive or misleading…

  • Touche Alienboy – you have no idea how profound your words are in this case -lucky for us the wisdom of Kabbalah is an extremely precise science with tangible results.

  • As one might say, put up or shut up. Using the principles of ‘kaballah’ only, prove or disprove any of the following axioms

    1. Money’s exchange value is derived from its utility value. Consequently, money is created through the market process, not by government or a social contract.

    2. Enterprise applications are prone to scope creep, driven by unclear requirements and changing business processes

    3. For any x and any y, x + y = y + x

    My point is, I am sure kaballah is educational and fulfilling, and if it reduces the level of world tension, great. But merely shilling for a film, and a website/teacher is tiresome. And claiming that something is the ‘only source’ makes people instantly tune out.

    Please take these comments in a positive spirit

    Thank you

  • alienboy

    Josia – i know exactly how profound, or not, my words are. i wish the same were true for yours…