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Found Art: McMercy Family Band Poster

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So, I was in Amy's Ice Cream during SXSW in Austin and my eye was caught by a poster that stood out in the crowd of yoga class, aromatherapy massage, and peace rally posters on the wall. The poster was bright orange and xeroxed, but what really drew me to it was the bizarre combination of Cthulhian, tentacular maelstrom imagery, and the retro look and feel of a 1960s era psychedelic poster, with some neat custom lettering.

I have no idea who the McMercy Family Band are, and I'm planning to check out the barbeque at Lambert's as soon as I get a chance, but I have to give them credit for promoting their show with a striking bit of poster art.

A few emails got me in touch with the creator of the poster, a local artist and entrepreneur named Adam Kobetich. Not all of his work is as much to my taste as the poster is, but he does have some interesting ventures like his line of ornate and somewhat gothy latex jewelry. I have to think they go over big in the Austin club scene.

He also has a site for his pictorial and comic art, plus he's in a folk-bluegrass band called The Electric Mountain Rotten Apple Gang whose logo he designed with a result that looks a little too much like Pumpkinhead for comfort. That explains how he got the poster design gig, since they were the opening band.

He's kind of a trendy, modern renaissance man, so check out his work if you get a chance.

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