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Forums are online discussion groups and message boards where people can log in to discuss topics ranging from complicated financial transactions like forex trading to more entertaining subjects like playing video games.

Internet forums have evolved from the simple dial up bulletin boards to the current much more complex web applications. Forums can grow into very large virtual communities where trust is developed forming online relationships and bonds between users seeking to learn from one another.

Forums are also a common place for bloggers focused on a particular niche to spend time building their audience to increase web site traffic back to their blog using their signature at the end of their posts.

It’s advisable to be discerning about who you take seriously when you join forums as you are likely to run into spammers, sock puppets, and trolls creating an almost role playing game experience where the moderator oversees the action holding the ultimate power to ban users that step out of line. If you are looking for forums to join but need help finding them you can head over to Big Boards where you’ll find the largest list of active message boards and forums on the web.

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