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Foreman’s Inspiration

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George Foreman – he of the many sons named George, various food preparation devices, big-ass clothing line, and storied boxing career – is also a preacher. Moving into spiritual mode, Foreman has a new 2-CD “audio package” out called Inspirations, described thusly:

    George combined his love of music with some of his favorite sermons as a preacher to create eleven original tracks…in collaboration with accomplished composer/conductor Roland Baumgartner. Musical performances include contributions by the Vienna Festival Symphony, the Vienna Boys Choir, Ramon Vargas (tenor), Sathya Bartko (soprano) and Domino Blue (mezz soprano). The original music and lyrics are complimented by original spoken word messages of faith and inspiration…delivered by the champ himself. A stellar bonus disc contains eleven great songs of faith and inspiration, performed by favorite artists including ARETHA FRANKLIN, EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS, YOLANDA ADAMS, SANDI PATTY, JOSE CARRERAS, JIM NABORS, MICHAEL CRAWFORD, LEE GREENWOOD, B.J. THOMAS, SYMPHONETTE SOCIETY and NEW YORK RESTORATION CHOIR / DONNIE MCCLURKIN.

Here’s Foreman’s bio:

    Born January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas, GEORGE FOREMAN was the fifth of seven children born to Nancy and J.D. Foreman. George was predominantly raised by his mother in a notoriously tough neighborhood outside of Houston, Texas. A rebellious teen, Foreman dropped out of junior high school and reverted to a life of petty theft, before joining the U.S. Job Corps in 1965. While stationed in Oregon, Foreman became infamous for his belligerent attitude, often picking fights with his fellow trainees. On the verge of expulsion, he met Job Corps supervisor Charles “Doc” Broadus, who saw promise in Foreman’s physical strength. Under the direction of Broadus, Foreman trained to be a boxer.

    With a devastating punch, Foreman fought in the amateur boxing circuit, amassing a remarkable record of 16 victories in 18 fights; by the age of 19, he qualified for the U.S. Olympic boxing team. In the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico City, Foreman won the gold medal in the heavyweight class. The following year, he turned professional.

    During a 1973 historic bout, Foreman captured his first heavyweight championship title by knocking out Joe Frazier in the second round. Later that year, he continued his wave of success by defending his title against Joe Roman and Ken Norton. The following year, Foreman signed an unprecedented $5 million contract to fight Muhammad Ali in Zaire, Africa. Famously billed as the “Rumble in the Jungle,” Ali knocked out Foreman in the eighth round, causing one of the greatest upsets in boxing history. (More than two decades later, filmmaker Leon Gast brought the story of the Foreman-Ali bout to the screen in the 1997 Oscar-winning documentary When We Were Kings.)

    In 1977, after losing a 12-round decision to Jimmy Young, Foreman experienced a self-proclaimed religious awakening. He immediately retired from boxing, and was ordained a minister by the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Directed by his newfound faith in Christianity, Foreman established his own church, counseled prisoners, and bought time on the radio to deliver his message. In 1984, he started the George Foreman Youth and Community Center.

    In 1987, Foreman ended a 10-year absence from the ring by winning the first of what would be 24 straight comeback fights. As a contender for the championship title against Evander Holyfield in 1991, the 40-year-old Foreman lost the bout by decision, but gained a wealth of respect from the boxing industry for his remarkable comeback. In 1994, Foreman recaptured the title in a dramatic victory over the reigning heavyweight champion, 26-year-old Michael Moorer. To date, Foreman holds the notable distinction of being the oldest heavyweight-boxing champion in history.

    Foreman has ten children (five daughters and five sons). With the birth of his first son, Foreman started the unusual tradition of naming each of his sons George (George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI). His daughters’ names are: Michi, Freeda, Georgetta, Natalie, and Leola.

    Currently, Foreman is a boxing commentator for HBO, a bestselling autobiographer, an advice columnist on health issues, and a pitchman for the famous George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, which has sold nearly 50 million units worldwide. George is also the spokesman for Casual Male Clothing line (Makers of Big & Tall), and in addition to his best selling autobiography George has released yet another critically acclaimed book called, George Foreman’s Guide To Life, along with three other cookbooks.

George’s big old head sure gets around.

Check out George’s musings and some very fine gospel from the album here:

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  • Chris Kent

    This man had a punch that could knock down a barn. Even during his retirement, he would stay in shape at the local gym. Locals would get into the ring to spar, trying to take on the former heavyweight champion. He would hit them one time, and they would immediately get out of the ring saying…..”Well thank you George for the honor, but I’ve got an appointment with the IRS….”

    All boxing trainers will tell you, the punch is the last thing to go. I used to cover boxing until I saw a kid killed at the Golden Gloves in San Antonio……but I will say this, Foreman’s power was so intimdiating, even Evander Holyfield steered clear of it, and even he was hurt briefly in the third or fourth round.

    Moorer tried to go toe-to-toe with the old but loveable truck, but Foreman eventually saw what was happening in the ring, saw his chance, and after throwing the horse-kick right after about the 50th time, knocked Moorer out cold…….

    I hope he doesn’t come back, though they are trying to match him with Mike Tyson…..He’s such a great story…..who can blame him for making as much money as he can?…He fought A LOT of good fighters in his prime, which enabled him to dominate a lot of guys in the 1990s……A true American character……

  • Eric Olsen

    You are a man of much and varied knowledge, Chris. Thanks!

  • Kathy Dirickson

    I am trying to get in touch with the Pastor Foreman and have not been able to locate an email address. So I hoped by posting this that someone would reply. My husband is a evangelist, not a well know one, at least not in this realm. Anyway he is such a fan of Mr. Foreman and what he is doing to carry the Gospel. And his birthday is in August and I want to supprise him with us being able to hear Mr. Foreman preach. We live in Bryan-College Station, Tx., so it is not far to Houston. We would like to find out when Mr. Foreman will be ministering and where the Church is located. This would be such a blessing. We have been working in Mexico with trying to help get some new works started in Beaustamante, and other parts of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. So we are not well known, but we love the Lord Jesus and we do try to do what we can. At least what the Holy Spirit leads us to do.
    So if anyone can help us, I would sure be glad to hear from someone.

    Thank you,

    Your Fellow Servant in Christ

    Kathy J. Dirickson