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Foreigners say Kerry best candidate

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It is not unusual to hear those on the Right lament that foreigners hate America. But, they often seem to be confusing distaste for policies of the American government with enmity toward citizens of the United States. A series of international polls, soon to be released, say distrust of American leadership is increasing. Many people in other countries believe presidential candidate John Kerry offers the best hope for repairing our nation’s declining reputation.

News24.com has the details.

World seems to want Kerry

London – America’s reputation around the world is hurting, according to a series of co-ordinated polls published on Friday from 10 countries, including many of the United States’ closest allies.

In seven of the countries where the surveys commissioned by major newspapers were conducted, more people said their view of America had worsened over the past two to three years than improved. That question was asked in nine countries.

. . .And in eight out of 10 nations, those polled said often in landslide proportions that they hoped to see Democrat John Kerry beat US President George W Bush in next month’s election. Bush won backing from a majority of respondents only in Russia and Israel.

The polls were conducted in Canada, France, Britain, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Israel and Russia, with results to be published in the participating newspapers on Friday. Not all questions were asked in every country.

In all but two of the countries where people were surveyed, respondents said their opinion of the U.S. has worsened over the last two years. Israelis and South Koreans disagreed. Much of the rancor can be traced to the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq. Only 35 percent of those polled believe the invasion and occupation of Iraq will result in a decline in terrorism.

But, as I suspected, the disdain for America’s current leadership does not necessarily extend to Americans themselves. Sixty-eight percent of those responding view citizens of the U.S. positively. Perhaps they perceive us as captives to inept leadership we don’t deserve.

President Bush is fond of painting himself as indifferent about international approval. Indeed, he sounded scornful of the world opinion in the last debate with Kerry. The results of these polls remind us that his message has not gone unheard.

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  • andy marsh

    I’d say the polls you sited may be a little skewed, at least when it comes to Australia. The current prime minister was re-elected in a land slide and the opposition party’s biggest selling point was not following US and getting out of Iraq. They lost BIG TIME!

    And I’ll also say this, I have been around the world. I did 20 years in the USN and for the most part, people have ALWAYS hated the USA, until it comes time for us to bail them out!

    And lastly, who really gives a flying fuck on a rolling donut what people like the surrender monkey french think about us? If it wasn’t for this country they’d be speaking german, as would most of Europe!
    Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  • Surrender monkeys.

    Hee! Hee! Hee!

    Do click on the link at ‘details’ and read the entire article, Andy. I can hardly wait for your critique. Your language is so. . . colorful.

  • andy marsh

    Thanks for the compliment, but surrender monkey isn’t mine, I heard it somewhere else, unfortunately, I can’t give credit where it’s due because I don’t remember where I heard it or read it first.

    I joined the navy in 1977, a bright eyed 17 year old at the time. I made my first 7 month cruise in September of that year, I was 18 by then and I remember my first port visit. Lisbon, Portugal, great place. Good wine, great women and me, with a pocket full of money!
    As I was exploring Lisbon one afternoon, I remember seeing some graffitti spray painted on a wall(yes, it’s not an american art from) that said, american yankee pig go home!
    Around that same time frame, sometime in the late 70’s, when the peanut farmer was president, I remember reading a times magazine article that said that the chinese premiere had called America a paper tiger! Paper tiger, can you imagine it? The most powerful country on the planet, and we were considered a paper tiger!

    Back in those days, there was still some residual fall out from the Vietnam war, and wearing a uniform off base in this country wasn’t always the brightest thing to do. Believe it or not, back then, I got called a baby killer in my own country and we weren’t even in a war at the time.

    I think it’s kinda like back when I was in school. I wasn’t the biggest, I wasn’t the brightest I wasn’t the most popular and I think I resented those that were bigger, brighter and smarter than I was. The havenots always resent the haves.

    Should we really let how other countries feel about us dictate who we vote for? I mean, the spanish changed political parties because they were bombed right before the election. In other words, the terrorists won in Spain!

    Lastly, do you think, just maybe, that the MSM in those countries has anything to do with how their citizens view us as a country?

  • If it wasn’t for this country they’d be speaking german, as would most of Europe!

    Why is it that whenever I see that phrase, or some equivalent, it always seems to come from some idiotic frothing freepoid.

    “Old Europe” was saved by the America of FDR and the New Deal, an America that no longer exists, and is loathed by the New Right.

    If the America of Sean Hanratty, Ann Coulter and Free Republic had intervened in the European theatre of WW2 at all, it’s just as likely they would have sided with the Germans against the Soviet Union.

  • “World seems to want Kerry”

    They can have him.

  • andy marsh

    freepoid??? WTF is a freepoid???

  • andy marsh

    I’m dieing here…someone please tell me what a freepoid is???please??? I hate being called something if I don’t know what it is…I mean…who knows…amybe I am one???

  • The spray cans aren’t filled with paint anymore, and they want to bring them here.

    Great job by W.

  • andy marsh

    That’s it…I’m going drinking! I must drown my sorrows…as I am now an idiotic frothing freepoid…whatever that is!!!

  • Oh dear, I seem to have driven a man to drink. Go have a Kronenbourg 🙂

  • dick

    Tell me again why I should give anything to worry about these countries. They are so quick to tell us we are OTL but they can’t even run their own countries right. They damned sure couldn’t defend them. When the old people die by the thousands during the vacation time, why didn’t the families come home to help. Instead they finished their vacations and then held commissions to find out what went wrong. When the French sent a small group to Afghanistan to help train, they had to get someone else transport them because the French couldn’t find a way. Their nuclear sub leaks so badly they won’t even take it down. Their economies are growing at about 1/4 of the rate of ours, their unemployment is twice what ours is, they bitch because the US cut off their main source of foreign funds when we took out Saddam and when we did invade and the new countries in the EU supported us the French president told them to shut up. I should care what these people think?

  • The problem is the Amercians only must choose between Bush and Kerry. But NONE of them is good enough to be a President!

  • Baz

    dick: The UK has lower unemployemnt than the USA, and we all hate Bush and the American Right too. Don’t you think its arrogant dismissing the view-point of entire nations? At least Europe only hates the ruling elite of the USA, not the whole country.

  • Andy, maybe the reason you saw graffitti in Lisbon in the 70s was because the US was propping up Fascist (as in fascist party, jackboots, etc) military dictatorships in both Portugal and Spain at the time.

    And the “french surrender monkeys” line comes from The Simpsons, it was meant to be ironic, but has been co-opted by brain-dead political zombies.

    The main reason France was invaded in WWII was because almost all of their young men 20 to 30 didn’t exist because their fathers were exterminated in WWI.

    However, if your original point is to illustrate to the world how ignorant, arrogant and just plain piss on the floor stupid the people of the USA are, congrats, you succeeded.

  • andy marsh

    Thank you, that’s exactly what I intended…and really…I don’t care what you think..Same reason I don’t listen to peter jennings…you ain’t from here, you need to mind your own damn business…

  • andy marsh

    And you say france invaded once…they’ve had their ASSES kicked around 10 times!!! Why were their fathers exterminated 30 years earlier??? Because they got their asses kicked then too!!!
    The only war they ever won without any help was against themselves!!!

    Give me a break! Why does there have to be excuses? And why does America get denied it’s proper due???

    We are one of the youngest countries on the planet and we’re the strongest…We give more to the rest of the world in aid than most other countries combined and all you fuckers want is more!!!

    Then we get to this!! You don’t like my argument and that makes me a brain dead political zombie…I keep hearing people tell me that’s what liberals do when they can’t come up with a good argument, they start name calling…

  • Anon

    Andy…come on man, if nothing else, you’d assume 9/11 would wake you up to the fact that it DOES matter how we are viewed in the world. I agree with you that the French government is a hypocritical socialist pile of poo-poo, but do we have to start calling the rest of the world “fuckers?”

    As far as WW2, yes they were invaded because they had been badly hurt by WW1, although as a Jew I resent the ease with which they just handed over the entire Jewish population (even knowing that fighting would only result in more deaths). The reason they were so hurt by WW1 was because they were actually the home front, and were smaller to begin with, etc.

    Really, you seem blind to the fact that we HAVE propped up cruel puppet dictatorships, staged assasinations, even massacred people all around the world during the Cold War. Of course we needed to beat the Soviets, but you can’t deny that our tactics left a bitter taste in the mouths of more than a few countries, and discontent spreads. With the war in Iraq, people in Europe and around the world began to see us as an imperialistic country in that we defied the wishes of more than a few, and they viewed it as a war for oil, etc…Now of course the French government had under the counter deals with Saddam! We know that. But it doesn’t change the way much of the world will feel when the only world power (well, China’s economically getting frighteningly powerful, but..) invades a country for some less than clear reasons.

    Perhaps you’ve always lived in this country and don’t understand the mindset of someone who doesn’t live in the world power of the moment…and you’re right that people have always blamed things to a certain extent on that world power (and not considered that a welfare state social democratic government might be the source of their troubles!), but the level of discontent we’re seeing right now goes beyond that and can be directly traced to our actions. Now, you can disagree with these people on these actions, but to deny these sentiments hold any value or validity is exactly how we get this picture painted in the minds of the world.

    Although I suppose you don’t care what these “fuckers” think anyway, so I don’t see why I’m trying to explain this concept to you.

    Nevertheless, I respect and appreciate your service to the country, and I can see how undeserved negative experiences can produce such a, erm, strong opinion…

  • ahah, well this was certainly freaking entertaining!!!

    I like Andy.

  • A freepoid is a wannabee freeper.

  • In a way, it’s a good thing that the rest of the world is interested in American politics. I have a friend — an active member of the Labour Party in Britain (he’s even run for office at least once, but I never got around to asking him how it all came out, if you can believe it) — and he writes often about the presidential race. Interestingly enough, though, he writes even more frequently about the Illinois senate race. He knows his stuff too. He was, however, dismayed to learn that the Americans he worked with on a recent project didn’t realize Tony Blair was the leader of the Labour Party. I told him I’d have been surprised if the larger proportion of Americans even knew there was a Labour Party! He said that was awful sad, but he guessed I should know better than he.

    My point in this long ramble is that I think it is good that other countries take an interest in our politics. Should we let that sway our vote? Not really. People in other countries don’t have to live as intimately with the results of our elections as we do; however, we need to realize that as the Superpower, our leaders have tremendous influence over their lives as well. I remember when Boris Yeltsin defeated Mikhail Gorbachev. I was a little afraid that the new inroads we’d made with Russia might be compromised (of course, I didn’t know anything about Yeltsin). Does anyone remember Bill Clinton publicly expressed his worries when Benyamin Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister of Israel (I think Clinton was wrong, by the way)? Just pointing out that we sometimes have a healthy interest in leaders of other countries — we want things to go our way, and that probably goes for others, too.

  • Shark

    Andy, thanks for providing the perfect example of the Ugly American so many Europeans have come to despise.

    You’re quite the charmer.

    I bet you ordered a Bud in Germany — and visited the Notre Dame Cathedral in order to take a piss in a free bathroom…

    Anyway, it’s good to know the answer to the post-9/11 question, “Why do they hate us?”

  • Shark

    Forgot to mention:

    Bin Laden has endorsed Bush.

    …so there ya go.

  • Shark
  • I agree with the nutjobs on this one, to an extent. I don’t really care which populations prefer Kerry, nor do I think it matters. They’re not voting and I don’t think any American would really vote based on an article like this.

    I DO care which foreign leaders prefer Kerry and would be more willing to work with him — one would presume this is no small amount, either. Most significantly, Germany’s talk of reconsidering support for Iraq after the January elections given the right climate seems promising for the Kerry case for his ability to build better coalitions. I mean, you could say that foreign populations liking Kerry makes it more likely that their leaders could reach out to Kerry’s coalitions, but I’ve been out too late to process that level of analysis.

    The article clearly does say that our image has slipped over the last three years, so the argument that “it’s Us vs. Them … they’ve always hated us cuz we’re hot” just isn’t true.

    Andy Marsh: I honestly thought you were a young man from your comments on other topics. You should know better. That resentment you speak of clearly hasn’t gone away.

    The Chinese government has always used sabre-rattling rhetoric toward the United States to advance diplomacy — Bush’s talk about Taiwan a few years ago wasn’t all that different. Anyone who takes that seriously and gets their nationalist, foreigner-hating panties in a bunch over it doesn’t know anything about foreign relations. No one really takes those statements seriously on either side.

    Wouldn’t traveling the world expand your horizons and make you MORE tolerant of other cultures? Surely you weren’t so insecure as to think that one political statement scribbled on a wall spoke for all people in those nations.

    That “peanut farmer” you ridicule achieved a higher rank than you ever did in the USN, served on a nuclear sub, and won a Nobel Peace Prize. I’m sure you’ve saved choice words for John Kerry too, who also outperformed your service in far less time.

    Your Peter Jennings comment is just priceless and tell us all we really need to know about you.

    That is all.

  • andy marsh

    ok…where do I start…alright..what’sa freeper?

    maybe fuckers was the wrong choice of word…but…I had had about 8 beers by then…

    I don’t like bud…and I didn’t know I was supposedto be “charming” I’m not trying to get laid…I’m trying to make my point!

    When did bin laden come out of the cave he’s hidingin long enough to endorse anyone??? I missed that headline…must’ve been on al jazeera

    kerry was advanced 2 times in his short navy career…and if shooting naked vietcong with an unloaded rpg “outperforming”…oh well…I’ll suffer through that one…you know absolutely nothing about my navy career and how far I advanced…you know..I’ve never seen a spray painted message in this country telling some other group to go home!!!

    and what does tolerance have to do with any of this??

  • One thing I’ll note is that the Canadian portion of this poll was done by La Presse, which makes me wonder about the results, but then polls are 99 and 44 One hundreds per cent bullshit.

    But Quebeckers have a stranger relationship with the USA, what with their communities in Florida, and the historic relations with New England (oh, yah, one-third of the continental USA was owned by France).

    So, I suspect Andy is just a fraud to show the world how ignorant and rude ‘murricans seem to be to the rest of the world. Unless, of course, he is just an honest example of how worthless USAians really are. But then, somebody would have to prove otherwise.

  • ok…where do I start…alright..what’sa freeper?

    I’ll take Ignorant Pig Fuckers for $200 Alex:

    What is a spamming troll from a partisan bbs to pollute the web and just basically make the world a polluted stink hole? And prove the international poll which indicates the USA isn’t regarded anywhere in the world?

  • andy marsh

    I am just an honest example!!!

  • andy marsh

    You know, I’ve travelled all over the world and I’ve always tried to be as polite as possible to my guests in any country I ever visited. The one thing I never did, was try to tell them how to run their governments… I didn’t figure it was any of my business, just like I don’t figure it’s anybody’s but ours, how we run ours.

    So, if that’s the picture of the ugly american, than so be it. I’m an ugly american!