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Foreigner to tour

Foreigner has launched their new line-up with Kelly Hansen (Hurricane) on lead vocals and Jason Bonham on drums. To prove that Kelly has the chops Mick Jones has posted six classic Foreigner songs recorded by the new line-up. Kelly’s voice has always been rather similar to Lou Gramm’s so he is a rather obvious choice. Like Styx with Lawrence Gowan and Journey with Steve Augeri; it will be interesting to see if Foreigner can pull it off with their fans. For what its worth; if they tour the UK I will make sure I go see them.

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  • Triniman

    It’s time these guys just packed it in. The glory days are long over and few things are sadder than watching a bloodless corporate rock band try to hang on well past their due date.

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    As a very of the live scene for both “old” and “new” bands I can tell you that does not always hold true. Styx on Saturday night were far better than a hell of a lot of new bands I have seen of late.

    Why should a musician have to stop his profession if he can still do it? If they are horrid people won’t go see them simple as that. Music is something one can play until one’s last breath and long may it remain so.

  • DJRadiohead

    Why can’t Jason Bonham get a better gig than this? Ringo’s kid gets to drum for Oasis and The Who. John Bonham’s kid gets to play for the Foreigner all-star tribute band? WHere is the justice in THAT?

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    Maybe he likes the tunes? I suspect the gig probably plays damn well too.

  • Lono

    Sorry, I come down pretty firm in the original lead singer camp. Unless they are dead.

    there are exceptions, like Sammy with Van Halen.

    this, however, is not one of thos exceptions.

  • Lori

    I saw Foreigner last night and was pretty miffed when Lou wasn’t there.
    When you buy concert tickets they should let you know if the original lead singer is there or not. I spent half the concert pouting. They were good however and I spent the other half enjoying myself as did everyone else.

  • Frank Heaper

    I just saw Foreigner tonight and if my friend hadn’t told me that Lou was replaced, I never would have known it. Art Park in Lewiston, NY. The crowd was estimated to be a record for the venue. That’s why they continue to perform. Rock and Roll never dies. There’s always a demand for it.

  • mladyria

    Just saw the Foreigner show here, August 17th, in Grants Pass, Oregon.
    I am very pleased that I went! I was really amazed that they were good enough to come to our Josephine County Fair/ground event but they went all the way to put on a great show for all.
    Thanks guys!
    Jason ~you ARE Bonzo’s son and you have captured the legendary talent your Father left to you. I hope you keep rock’n & roll’n!
    I would not hesitate to see them if they come your way~Ria

  • TommyGunn

    Foreigner Definately Pulls it off with the latest All-Star line up Proving Kelly Hansen has just what the doctor ordered…Raging lead vocals! When you add in the amazing talent of Jeff Pilson(Dokken) Singing backups and Pounding the Bass along to Jason Bonham’s Almighty Thunder You Just Can’t Loose!

    Even Lou would have to agree… Mick, you should be Proud! Rock-n-Roll Lives!

    All the Best from the legendary Rocky mountain Rockers GoldSmith and Co!

    Rock-On Legends, Rock-On!

  • Richard O

    I dissagree also about bands packing it in when they are older. Theyve been doing it all their lives have a passion for it and know nothing else.
    If they can still rock go for it !! If not well this cruel world will surely let them know they suck soon enough. Obviously Foreigner have still got something so I look forward to the Australian shows !!