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Founded in 1903 by Mr. Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest automotive manufacturers in the world and has become one of the best known name brands in the world. In addition the car manufacturer, which also incorporates the Mercury and Lincoln brands. Ford also owns Volvo of Sweden and has small stakes in Mazda of Japan, and the high class car manufacturer Aston Martin of England. In 2008 it was confirmed that the total number of people employed in the US by Ford was 87,700. The total number employed world wide was 213,000. Also in 2008 the global revenue of Ford was listed at $146.3 billion.

Automotive.com provides good blog information about Ford, its latest endeavors and insight into all the latest news about the Ford motor company. This site is well used for all types of cars and so it is well maintained and easy to use.

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