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Could it be that our forefathers were from another world? I am talking about 505 to 590 million years ago. Are there future time travelers who could be visiting our vastly outlying past? Does all of time, if time exists, subsist simultaneously? Here is some mind-boggling proof that there are many more questions to ask. Also, it proves how little we know of our past and our corporeal world.

The following are excerpts from a fascinating book Forbidden Archeology, by Michael A. Cremo, of staggering archeological finds.

As an anomalist (and I know you are), I’m sure you will love the findings listed below.

1) On June 22, 1844, this report appeared in the London Times; A few days ago, as some workmen were employed in quarrying a rock close to the Tweed about a quarter of a mile below Rutherford-mill, a gold thread was discovered embedded in the stone at a depth of eight feet; Dr. A.W. Medd of the British Geological Survey wrote in 1985 that this stone is of Early Carboniferous age between 320 and 360 million years old…

2) In 1913 Professor Hans Reck, of Berlin University, conducted investigations at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, then German East Africa. During his stay at Olduvai Gorge, Reck found a modern human skeleton that remains a source of mystery and controversy to this day. This modern skull is from a fully-human skeleton found that year. The human skeletal remains, including this complete skull, were cemented in the rock and had to be chipped with hammers and chisels. It was found in the upper end of a rock bed dated at more than 1,000,000 years old…

3) On October 8, 1922, the American Weekly section of the New York Sunday American ran a prominent feature titled “Mystery of the Petrified ‘Shoe Sole'” by Dr. W.H. Ballou. Ballou wrote: “Some time ago, while he was prospecting for fossils in Nevada, John T. Reid, a distinguished mining engineer and geologist, stopped suddenly and looked down in utter bewilderment and amazement at a rock near his feet. For there, a part of the rock itself was what seemed to be a human footprint! Closer inspection showed that it was not a mark of a naked foot, but was, apparently, a shoe sole which had been turned into stone… Reid brought the specimen to New York, and claimed that “at least two geologists have admitted that the shoe sole is valid, a genuine fossilization in Triassic rocks.”

4) In 1968, William J. Meister, a draftsman and amateur trilobite collector, reported finding a shoe print in the Wheeler Shale near Antelope Spring, Utah. This shoe-like indentation and its cast were revealed when Meister split open a block of shale. Clearly visible within the imprint were the remains of trilobites, extinct marine arthropods. The shale holding the print and the trilobite fossils is from the Cambrian, and would thus be 505 to 590 million years old…

5) Y. Druet and H. Salfati announced in 1968 the discovery of semi-ovoid metallic tubes of identical shape but varying size in Cretaceous chalk. The chalk bed, exposed in a quarry at Saint-Jean de Livet, France, is estimated to be at least 65 million years old. Having considered and eliminated several hypotheses, Druet and Salfati concluded that intelligent beings had lived 65 million years ago…

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  • “Could it be that our forefathers were from another world?”

    Well, sure, I guess… but you don’t spend too much time agonizing about it unless you’ve got too much time to agonize.

  • Frankly, it sounds a lot more like the legacy of careless time travellers than aliens.


  • Possibly – but they were almost certainly single-celled bacteria. Unlikely to be leaving many artefacts around.

  • Nancy

    Maybe this is why so many of us are such space cadets?

    Sorry – couldn’t resist.

  • This is all just fun stuff. A break from our reality…We will never know what goes on unseen in this world so we might as well have fun speculating.

    D L

  • Nancy

    It’s also a sort of stress break from horrible stuff we can’t cope with or get away from like the hurricane damage. It’s a lark, it’s for laffs, yet I remember several bloggers getting really bent out of shape during the Sasquatch blogs because people actually seemed to discuss it. Well, why not?

  • Try this site for a photo of the “shoe print” cited in # 3. I loved this: “oday’s people on the earth are not yet able to make this kind of shoe.

    Keep in mind that Romans thought all fossils, even the ones we’ve identified, were “hero’s bones” — they were only trying to fit what they found into a rigid conceptual structure.

    As is Mr. Cremo…

  • “…I remember several bloggers getting really bent out of shape during the Sasquatch blogs because people actually seemed to discuss it. Well, why not?”

    Nancy, you would think that anyone was going to get bent out of shape over what is posted here, they would get bent over all of the bloggers who post on the same things that have already been on every TV channel, radio station, in every newspaper, and all over the internet. They are all like CNN; they run everything into the ground!


    D L

  • Indeed Dr Pat, as I wrote in one of my first posts on Blogcritics. Funny isn’t it, that Romans got at least a bit closer to the truth than do some “moderns”.

  • Duane

    Natalie, your knowledge of ancient paleontology would have been useful on some of the ID posts here at BC. Someone was professing a belief in the contemporaneous existence of dinosaurs and humans based on dragon tales. In other words, dinosaurs were supposedly mistakenly referred to as dragons.

  • You mean they WEREN’T!?!?!


  • Thanks Duane – whereas as the book reviewed in the post that I pointed to above notes how the idea of “dragons” could have developed from the finding of fossil dinosaur bones. Of course people sought stories to explain them.

  • Jesus Christ

    I found corn in my poop this morning. But I haven’t had corn for at least a month. Am I dying?

  • George Ramsdell

    My wife has this stone shoe or at least it is form like a shoe that her father had found 30 years ago here in south texas. I would say it is shaped and formed like a shoe, although it could also have been a tool of some sort like a hammer. Would you have any idea what it could be?