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Playing your instrument while driving might get you in trouble.

    A concert violinist in Canada has struck the wrong chord with police after putting in some extra practice while zooming down a six-lane highway.

    Officers pulled over the 54-year-old maestro after observing his car moving from side-to-side on the busy Highway-400 into Toronto.

    As they pulled up for a closer look, they noticed he was “violently” stroking his violin.

    The man told police he was practising for a performance he was to give that afternoon.

    He was charged with careless driving.

    Police later admitted it was lucky he did not play the cello.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Hilarious Casper, always great stuff, thanks!

  • Nathanael

    I like the violin a lot and im pretty good at it too. well um where should i start… well first of all i love Itzhak’s music and hes awesome at the violin. I had a rehearsal for my orchestra and it made me miss my language class ( a class i never miss ) and my teacher was upset and she said ” You should stop music and get your priorities straight ” and that meade me really upset and angry! so what should i do?????? please help me. 🙂

  • Nick Jones

    If this is something that doesn’t happen often, your teacher’s getting bent out of shape for nothing; you can always make up classwork, and tests. If it does, she should be talking to your orchestra leader about it, and not giving you grief. Or maybe it’s just her problem.

    The world isn’t all about academic subjects; there’s more to life than that. You have to have a balance, of course, but doing something you love for the sheer pleasure of it and becoming better and better at it is a reward in itself. You can’t starve your soul while you’re feeding your mind (or vice versa, for that matter). Keep up with your academic studies, but don’t deprive yourself of the finer things in life.

    Besides, if you’re ever broke and homeless, more people will throw money into your hat if you can play a nice tune than if you can recite Homer in the original Greek. ;-D