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For the sporty Islamic woman

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There is still time to purchase the new Burqu-ini!

“Nowadays when we slowly feel the warmth of the sun, Hasema has already started to lead the summer fashion with its new collection…HASEMA TEKSTİL LTD.STİ. was founded in 1989 in order to produce appropriate swim suits through islamic rules…”

Maybe there are some on clearance now that summer is almost over.

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  • Scandalous! Shocking! Women showing their ankles and wrists are certainly not acceptable in public. One of them lasciviously exposes her knees and elbows! This is a clear effort to corrupt the morals of young men! Just look at her inviting smile! The exposed curve of her neck! And I hope to be mistaken in this but she appears to be wearing make-up as well! How can any man look upon this and remain pure in his heart? It is too much to bear. It is… It is… I cannot go on. I must leave the computer now and go to a private place where I might contend with the demons of lust.

  • Marcia L. Neil

    Are we talking about an interlocutor or actual EurAsian women of the Islam faith? Most foreign language rendi-tions benefit from long swims before and afterwards, especially near the desert, so as not to be tongue-tied. A thorough hydration is so symbiotic.