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Football Threats Said To Be Hoax

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In one of the quickest terror-related responses since September 11, and in what was clearly a scramble after reports of threats against National Football League stadiums made international news, federal agents have arrested 20-year-old Jake Brahm, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Brahm was said to be involved in a contest to see who could write the scariest threat on a pseudo-underground Internet portal, according to a Sports Illustrated report.

Apparently, Brahm and a Texas man had a bit of a rivalry going on a site called "The Friend Society." The two had a "writing duel" according to SI.

Brahm won.

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI immediately released a statement calling upon NFL fans to "be reassured of their security as they continue to attend sporting events this weekend." Reports indicate Brahm was interrogated and authorities determined the threat was nothing more than a hoax and the creative workings of a young person who may now face federal charges.

The threat claimed that radiological "dirty bombs" would be set off by trucks parked near several football stadiums including; Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, Oakland, California, and New Jersey at Giants Stadium. It was originally dated October 12, but the story made national news Wednesday and authorities responded immediately to counter what could have been a public relations nightmare for the NFL.

But now, just two days later, the federal authorities said they got their man.

Brahm is scheduled to appear in court later today and is not considered a terrorist according to a CBS News report. He surrendered to authorities without incident.

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