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Food Review: My Not-So-Great NutriSystem Experiment

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I’m absolutely riveted by weight-loss infomercials. The testimonials, the amazing before and after pictures, the enthused exhortations of “If I can do it, anyone can!” It’s hard not to get caught up in it. The promise of someone finally making it “easy” to lose all that weight is hard to resist, cost be damned.

I had been watching NutriSystem infomercials obsessively for some time when I finally decided to give it a shot. I’ll cut right to the chase: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And that advice definitely applies here.

In a nutshell, NutriSystem supplies you with three entrees (breakfast, lunch and dinner) along with snacks and desserts for a reasonable $10 per day. The entree portion is extremely controlled, smaller than what you get with a Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine frozen meal. Depending on the meal, you supplement the entree with a variety of fruits, vegetable, and dairy items you purchase separately from the food furnished by NutriSystem.

In theory, NutriSystem makes perfect and obvious sense: a small entree supplemented with healthy sides and snacks, assuming that the entrees are as delicious as is claimed in the infomercials. I was actually impressed with the plan when I first received it because I thought it addressed healthy, well-rounded meals.

Unfortunately, I found very few of the entrees as tasty as advertised. I had about three I actually liked, but quickly tired of them. Needless to say, most of the meals don’t look like they do in the ads, but that wasn’t a surprise as they never do. I could live without the aesthetics if the food was at least appealing, but it wasn’t.

Some of the meals were downright nasty. The Green Pepper Steak with Rice was especially appalling. A boatload of gravy with a few tiny chunks of what I assumed was some sort of beef and about a tablespoon full of gray, pasty matter standing in for rice. It was hideous. I mopped up the bowl-o-gravy with a roll and tossed the rest. I wasn’t about to put the “rice” in my mouth. It was a total waste.

The three (count ’em, three) entrees I actually liked were the chicken breast (which I usually ate on a burger bun), the hamburger, and hotdogs. Doesn’t really sound like a healthy, well rounded diet, does it? I didn’t think so. The pancakes were generous and good, but there was no guidance as far as how much syrup I could use. The illustration on the mix packet showed a minimal –more decorative than anything — amount of syrup as part of the meal, but pancakes alone are pretty dry and I’m sure the amount of syrup I used probably negated the weight-loss aspect of the meal.

The vaunted chocolates were a huge disappointment. Nothing to rave about like they do in the ads, and this is coming from someone who considers chocolate to be one of the major food groups. I opened up one packet of chocolates meant to be a single snack/dessert and it lasted for days. Not a good sign. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the cookies. Although it’s only one small, individually wrapped cookie per snack/dessert, they are dense, filling, and most importantly, really good. I loved them.

Another issue is the fact that none of the food items require refrigeration. I eat a lot of crap, obviously, that’s why I was trying out a weight loss plan, but even I couldn’t help wondering and worrying what kind of preservatives and God knows what else the food had to be loaded with to keep it unrefrigerated. This issue quickly became part of why I found so many of the entrees unappealing. For example, the burger was completely dried out and felt like plastic. It was prepared by re-hydrating it in a shallow bowl of hot water. Although it tasted decent, I had a hard time getting past the artificial nature of it.

As well designed as this plan is for weight loss, the food that is so played up on the infomercials just isn’t anywhere near as good as advertised. Major fail. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but I can’t help but wonder if they don’t provide different food for their celebrity endorsers. I just can’t see these privileged people (who can afford personal chefs and the best food money can buy) eating this crap for any length of time, much less enthusiastically going to bat for it.

Another thing to be aware of if you decide to try this plan: The ads — both in print and on television — push a month’s food order as if it’s the only option. That’s one of the reasons I hesitated to try it for so long. The fact is you only need to order a whole month’s worth of food (about $300 worth) if you want to get the free shipping and free extra week or two of meals. They don’t really advertise the fact that you can go to their site and order items a la carte if you want to try out the food before committing to a larger order. Plus, a month’s worth of food is a lot of food to store. I ended up with a big box of meals sitting in my dining room for most of the month.

Another unexpected issue that came up is when I discovered the extra free meals are “Member Favorites.” You don’t choose them yourself like you choose your other items, which is not good for a picky eater like me. I don’t care how well done it is, I don’t eat Macaroni and Cheese under any circumstances. When I’m at work, if someone has heated up Mac and Cheese in the microwave, I can’t even go into the kitchen; the smell repulses me so much. And yet, they sent me Mac and Cheese.

You can return and exchange items, but you pay postage, and it’s a pain to box all that stuff up for shipment. I ended up returning a bunch of stuff at my own expense and dumping some more because it didn’t fit in the sizable box I was sending back to NutriSystem. There was a significant waste of food as a result.

So my take on this plan is that it works in theory, but not in reality. If the food was decent, I’d be their biggest cheerleader, but it’s crap, so I’m not. I don’t understand all these people on NutriSystem ads going on and on about how great the food is, because it’s not. I know, I’ve eaten it – and if I could force myself to live on NutriSystem’s food for any length of time, I would already have better restraint over what I eat and wouldn’t need to pay for a diet plan in the first place.

The main thing I learned from my NutriSystem experience is that there’s still no magic pill for or easy way to weight loss, regardless of the persuasive testimonials. I’m not sure how many people are actually losing weight on NutriSystem and more power to them if they are, but I do know this: the diet industry is a lucrative one, and NutriSystem apparently isn’t losing money on their flawed plan or their infomercials. So buyer beware.

Feel free to learn from my experience and save yourself $300 in the process. There’s no magic bullet. We just have to get off our fat, lazy asses and get some damn exercise and stop eating so much fattening and processed crap – and that includes NutriSystem’s processed crap.

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  • I figured as much, especially when Don Shula was the celebrity of the moment. I mean really… the guy makes a living selling the most obnoxiously huge (yet delicious) steaks you could ever imagine. I couldn’t see him eating NutriSystem for a year.

    If it’s on an infomercial, it’s probably not a good thing.

  • That’s funny, I didn’t know that about Shula. Turns out he even has a steakhouse here in L.A., although I’d never heard of it.

    Infomercials are such big business. A good one can really suck you in, the way Nutrisystem did to me.

  • Condor

    Shula the steak king, Ditka the pork chop maestro.

    Thanks for the article. Years ago a friend of mine took a good 30 pounds off using the Nutrisystems…. I don’t think he dug the taste either, although he did state that the chili was his favorite.

    It was painful, but he did loose the lbs.

  • Thanks for the comment Condor. I admire your friend for sticking with this plan and getting results, nice to know someone got their money’s worth. Wish I’d had the same result.

  • PFG

    Thought I would throw my ‘two cents’ worth in here. I have never tried NutriSystem, and never will. However, I came up with my own “NutriSystem” -like meals and they ARE working!

    I am almost 63 years old – I have learned never to pay attention to weight loss product commericals if they mainly show success stories among those who are pre-menopausal. Both women and men’s bodies change as they get older because most of them have less calorie demands. I have lost almost 60 pounds in two years and I am close to my ideal weight. I have tried everything in the past decade, but finally found something that worked for me. No pills, but sadly, those who wish to lose weight must be absolutely capable of feeling hunger pains. Forget the commercials – “you won’t be hungry on this diet!” or, “you are doing something wrong if you are hungry”. This simply is not true, even if you are adding enough fiber! But if you get a food scale (I purchased a digital one – under $30) and you are willing to measure and/or weigh every morsel that goes into your mouth, you WILL lose.

    Exercise is important too – but not enough if you don’t cut calories. I walk about an hour a day, or go to a place like WalMart or a mall when the weather is bad. I try to get in 10,000 steps daily, although I can’t reach that goal all the time. No alcohol either! Not only does it add calories, even if you incorporate the calories into your daily total, it still gives most people an added appetite – I don’t need that! Worse of all, alcohol slows down your metabolism. If you are trying to lose, when your body recieves a drink, it uses energy from it instead of going into your body fat. Not good! I very slowly started to lose weight three years ago on a healthy, 1400 calorie diet. However, it was entirely too slow. I was still somewhat hungry but got so impatient. My physician told me to drop to 1300. I did, but not much happened.

    At my age, I found out that my body cannot consume more than 1200 calories a day, with less than 45 grams of fat if I am wanting to lose. Yes, you MUST count fat grams too – I keep a journal and sometimtes I mess up. Even if calories are low, there have been times that at the end of the day I have consumed more than 50 grams of fat. Thirty is better. You MUST invest in one of those books that gives the calorie intake on all foods including fast foods, and the fat grams. I love those 100 calorie snack products and eat at least one a day, but I also have a couple servings of fruit, which has no fat grams. Just be careful with the 100 calorie snacks as they do have fat grams and sodium. One BIG important thing IF you are serious about losing and keeping it off. No more eating at restaurants! And I am not even talking about fast food – the only exceptions are those places who have a menu for low calorie – low fat entrees. Then go ONLY if you know you have the control not to order something else.

    This all may sound rigid, but unless people (especially in my age group) are willing to follow the above rules, you won’t lose weight. Or if you do, and then go back to your old life style, you will gain it all back. Hopefully, I will soon be able to increase my calorie intake to around 1300 calories. I am an active woman, but that isn’t very many calories. I am thoroughly convinced that America’s biggest problem with obesity is that nearly everyone eats entirely too much food – from childhood on up. They have no clue as to what portion control really is.

  • tatey

    I totally understand where Melinda is coming from because me and my husband tried it for 2 months. She nailed just about every aspect of the “Nurisystem” experience. What really angered me is that I’d get a shipment with the most popular “replacement” foods. Just the very items I abhor. I just can’t believe they have THAT MANY “Shortages”…..right.

    My husband and I have cancelled our “membership”. I’m sure our tummies will feel a little better, too.

  • susie troxlar

    everybodys taste is different. The food is good and tasty even especially the italian dishes. Why get on here and bash a diet program that may not suit you and might be right for someone else. Let people find out for themselves. The key to this program too is convience and peple that are working heavy schedules love it. You can loose on it if you follow the diet and add the the additional foods you are suppose to. All those pepole on the adds can’t be wrong and being they are celebrities are not going to lie expecially Marie Osmond. So be positive and let people decide for themselves and you keep eating your high sodium lean cuisines Melinda and see how much you loose. NS is 8 to 10 pounds a month!

  • Chasity

    Funny, I am getting ready to mail back the super huge box of food that has just sat on my counter for a week now. After 3 meals I am done. The funny thing I noticed right off of the bat is, you don’t need their actual food to lose the weight, just implement your own versions of what they have and add in the fruits and salads and proteins when they tell you to in their “diary” book and I am sure you would get the same results if you did the same portions with let’s say a lean cuisine or regualr oatmeal. I actually laughed out loud on day 1 when I cooked their “pizza” I kept loking at the pic on the box and looking at my plate and would have paid BIG bucks for a camera at that moment to post on this blog. It was about as comparable as Porky Pig and Jennifer Aniston saying they are identical twins.

    The turning point for me was when I opened the “scrambled eggs” yesterday morning, It was a orange powder and after microwaving it, I was surprised at how much it actually did look like eggs until I bit into a bite and got a rubbery hard rock substance that made me dry-heave for the next 5 minutes. I too could not get past how none of it has to be cold and how could that be healthy? it just honestly grossed me out, I guess I should have looked into it, because I guess I thought it was going to all show up frozen…

    All in all, you are right, the celebrities are getting something different, and I don’t know where they are getting their advertising pics but they are downright deceitful and LYING!

    My box is going back on Monday and I am just wondering what it is going to cost me to mail that big heavy thing back…



  • Chasity

    In response to Susy I would just like to say that is true-it is to each their own, but what I think we are trying to say is it is false advertisement when they show you pics of paradise hotel and then when you get to your room it is a roach motel!

    It is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT with their pictures!!

  • Susie, if this food agrees with you and you lose weight with it, great. I found it to be terrible, especially compared to how it’s advertised. On the other hand, I’ve heated up WW and LC meals at work for lunch and countless times someone who wasn’t on a diet would comment on how good my food smelled and looked. They thought it was a regular non-diet meal.

    It’s common knowledge that frozen meals are high in sodium, it’s what preserves them. Something was preserving all that NS food so that it didn’t even need to be refrigerated, much less frozen. So those two things negate each other in my opinion. The only real difference is that I can find a lot more WW and LC meals that are edible.

    Another thing that really irked me was they sent me a bunch of food I didn’t order and had to return. I don’t understand the logic behind that: I’m free to return something and exchange it for an item of my choice, but why go through all that in the first place? Not good customer service.

    PFG’s comment hits the nail on the head: there is no absolute magic pill or plan that makes weight loss easy for everyone. The best “plan” for weight loss and maintenance requires sensible eating, attention to portion size, exercise and in many instances sacrificing what you’d like to have for what you should have. In other words it takes work.

    Also from Susie’s comment: “Why get on here and bash a diet program that may not suit you and might be right for someone else. Let people find out for themselves…So be positive and let people decide for themselves…” First, this is an opinion/review piece (noted as such at the top of the page) and not a direct order to the rest of mankind to do as I command. Second, my experience with this plan was not positive, hence the negative review, like any other type of review. If it had been positive I’d have written something in support of it, hell I’d be volunteering to be in their ads. It’s a food plan and in my opinion the food was lousy, so that’s what I wrote. People are free to do whatever they want with this information, including disregarding it.

  • Sue

    I have used Nutrisystem and found it a very good way to lose weight especially for a busy person. The food is not as good as home cooked food but it is good and there are some entrees that are very good. It is highly convenient and well balanced. Also, if you get the “weekends off” plan ( and I bought mine from QVC so it only cost about $200.00 a month) on the weekends the food diary guides you as to how to replicate the balanced menu of Nutri. Can you create you own meals of low fat proteins, low glycemic carbs and fresh fruits and vegetables ? Of course, you can. And we should all learn how. But if you have weight to lose and need to re-educate your mind and body, this is a good way. It is a healthy way to eat and I feel better when I am on it than when I backslide. Ms. Lomis says she eats junk food and considers chocolate one of the food groups. Clever. But you can’t lose weight with that attitude. That’s like saying exercise isn’t as good as sex. No kidding. But a more mature attitude is : I got myself fat. I want/need to lose weight. It won’t all taste like Haagen Daz and Dove chocolates but that’s life. In time I will feel better and look better and be healthier.

  • Niki

    I understand that a lot of people don’t like NutriSystem, and I’m not here to speak poorly of those who don’t like it because no diet is one size fits all. That said, I’d like to share some of my experience.

    My husband and I were given a box of NS meals by a friend who tried it and didn’t like it (much like some of you), and I was instantly hooked. I actually like the food (call me strange) and I get full on what I eat.

    See, most of my problem, even with the WW frozen meals, is that I was never truly full even when supplementing with veggies, etc. I always felt like I wasn’t satisfied.
    With the NS meals, I am FULL after I eat. It almost doesn’t matter to me that some of the selections might not taste great. I eat on a schedule because of my blood sugar, and I can’t afford to be craving food between every single meal and/or snack.

    That’s what won me on this program. I eat, I get full, and I’m done until my next meal/snack.
    I really am sorry that so many people hate the food. Maybe I’m deprived or something, but I have liked all but one meal so far, and even the one I didn’t like was tolerable.

    But I’m seeing results, and that means everything to me right now, because the next step in this parade is surgery, and I really don’t want that.

    Continued success to everyone on the road to weight loss, no matter which program you’re on!

  • Cindy

    Thank You Melinda for your right to the point comment. I appreciate it when people are up front and tell it like it is.

    I too…am one of those who is hooked on the before and after of most any weight loss program. However…I can’t bring myself to watch The Biggest Loser for anything.

    I have to agree…get off our duffs, stop the processed garbage and move and eat healthy foods. Healthy foods I guess would be to most who understand that…like you do…is to not eat processed anything…eat whole natural foods…the way nature made them…whole grains like wheat and rice and oats…not mixed in cookies and cakes and crackers…eat fruits and veggies…lots of them…eat lots of cruciferous veggies and lots of greens! I think that is the answer in a nutshell!

    You saved me a ton of money! Thanks!

  • Moonpiegirl

    I have been on the Nutrisystem program for 5 months and have lost 55 pounds. While it is true the meals are not exactly gourmet, I find them filling and satisfying. As a binge eater, I must say that the first week on this diet stopped my binging cold. This is the first time I feel like a “normal” eater. I eat a meal, feel full and manage not to eat everything in my path, and think about food all day. Yes the portions are small, but hey, this IS a diet after all. There are a bunch of veggies that are unlimited, and I eat a huge salad at lunch and dinner that fills me up. As for the cost? I was spending a heck of a lot more per day when I was binging. Like everything, it’s not for everyone, but it has been a very positive thing in my life.

  • davebagel

    I cannot believe the commentary regarding Nutrisystem..I have been trying dietr fads since the beginning of time. I agree some of the entrees are foreign, but if you wnat to lose weight you have to re-learn how to eat, hold on, gulping some black bean soup…I guess if you dont keep an open mind it wont matter what type of diet you try, it will always fail. Would I normally eat black bean soup for lunch, no!, but if you prepare it properly it is really good. So sorry if you grew up on hamburgers and hot dogs, you must re-learn how to eat healthy.

  • SPKatz

    I’m not a huge fan of “space food” meals, but I found the nutrisystem program to be surprisingly tasty. Yes, some meals were duds, but if you order a wide variety to begin with, you’ll have a better chance of finding out which ones you like. The big plus for me with nutrisystem was the convenience. Very little cooking, no measuring, no calorie counting — and very easy to take to work (or anywhere) and prepare.

    I followed the plan pretty faithfully (Birthday cake was an exception) but didn’t lose as much weight as expected, though I did lose some. Honestly, I think it may have been a little more food than a person of my age and height requires.

    Whenever you’re trying a new eating plan, you must keep an open mind. I’d say at least for a few weeks. And even if one of those nutrisystem meals seems “unnatural”, it CAN’T be any worse than the fast food we’ve cheerfully eaten.

  • Hillary

    I tried Nutrisystem for one month and lost about seven pounds. I do eat mostly healthy food, but I think my problem is the portions. So it helped me see what a “serving” really was. I even kept one of their trays to serve as a visual aid when I was serving myself a portion. Or if a recipe says “serves 6” I will now divide it up into six equal portions and eat no more than 1/6 of the dish. Where before I would eat however much I could.

    I still get on their message boards from time to time. I do like the support you can get from members. Many of them no longer get the meals, but have learned how to control portions and the right types of foods to eat now.

    At first I enjoyed most of the food, especially the pasta dinners. The food has the same taste to it that any canned or packaged meal would. The pasta for example has the “beefaroni” taste to it. I also was uneasy with the idea that the food was loaded with preservatives. How can that be healthy? At the end of the month, I cancelled. I couldn’t take eating it anymore, and I wanted to just continue eating smaller portions of what I felt was home-cooked healthy meals.

    Maybe $11 a day is cheap for some people, but since I usually make everything from scratch, that’s expensive to me. My husband and I usually both eat for around $400 or less a month in groceries. Spending $300 for one person, plus you still have to buy extra side items, such as salads, diary, salad dressing, etc. is almost double our food costs. Because I still had to purchase food for my husband on top of that. Not a good buy. What it comes down to is Nutrisystem is a calorie-restricted, portion-controlled weight-loss program. If you restrict your own calories and limit your portions, you’ll get the same results with food you actually like, for much less than what you will pay on the program. Buy yourself a good healthy cookbook and enjoy.

  • Joyce Smiley

    I tried Nutrisystem for 1 month.I lost 9 lbs. I got tired of the food fast. It was too expensive for a girl who is on disability. I do believe it works if you stick with it but my favorites would either be discontinued or out and they would supplement something I would not eat. I finally wound up donating the remaining food to a Manna House. By the way, I gained the weight back.

  • Aerin Sizelove

    I tried this diet last year. It was so gross and one tiny meal had my sodium intake for the day. I now eat lean cuisines and other frozen meals and try to generally eat fresh and healthy items. the amount of chmicals in this food is so gross. And nothing tastes like it should I don’t like salty foods and that’s all I received. I ended up donating my couple month supply to the food shelter becuase it was making me sick and my cravings for food were worse. I know just go to the gym before to avoid the excuse later in the day of talking myself out of it and I eat lots of food high in fiber and protein and I feel much healthier now

  • Lydia

    I totally disagree with your comment that the Nutrisystem entrees are smaller than WW and LC. In fact, just the opposite. And since I sit at the “dieter’s table” in the lunchroom at work we often compare our lunches. Nutrisystem is almost always bigger.

    On the Nutrisystem message board someone always starts a thred about which foods they hate and everyone comes to the conclusion that for every one they hate, it’s someone else’s favorite and vice versa.

    Yes, I’ve benn on Nutrisystem for 2 months now and I’ve lost 42.5 lbs. 3 of the people in my office have signed up because they have seen my results and tasted my food.

    I figure after 3 months on the system I’ll have the program down pat. I’ll do my own breakfasts and I’ll keep some of their dinners on hand to make life easy but I’ll stick with their lunchs because it’s hard to get healthy food at the office. And that’s the good part about the program if you actively participate in all aspects of it, especially the wonderful support system. You learn.

    I’ve never been happier or more successful on any other diet. Nutrisystem rocks.

  • Ken

    I have been on the Nutrisystem diet for two months and already have my third shipment in house. After two months I agree that the food is no where near what you see on TV. But, when supplemented with salads, fruit and by following what you should eat when dining out I have lost 30 lbs. I will finish the third shipment and then go to weight watchers with my wife. She has lost 17 so far.

  • dakota gal

    I guess my position is more neutral. I loved the breakfasts, lunches and snacks. The dinners, however, gagged me. Even though I couldn’t eat a lot of it, I did not send it back–I feel ‘a deal’s a deal’. I gave the dinners away to a friend (she can tolerate them) and I ate the other foods. The foods do fight hunder the program gave me the jumpstart I needed to lose weight. Have lost 20 lbs. PS The company is great to work with too.

  • jo blow

    to lose you have to use. less is more

  • jack kinley

    after reading all comments, it seems that the NS will probably help you lose weight but its likely that you wont like the taste and probably will be frustrated by substitutions. for me, the only way i could lose was to take a couple months long vacation so i could devote my entire concentration on shedding pounds. i would be careful what i ate and take several walks each day.
    of course, most people cant take off time like that,so i am fortunate to be able to. i always end up losing the pounds i want to. i am 180 now, down from 230.

  • Jill

    I ordered the month long Nutrisystem plan in August, thinking that the food would at least be palatable. Most wasn’t. The mashed potatoes that came with the meatloaf were gray. The rice in the pepper steak and rice was a gray blob, and the pepper steak did not exist, it was just a bunch of gravy with some small chucks that could have been meat and/or pepper. The rehydrated eggs were disgusting, even with lots of ketchup that probably negated the carb/calorie content of the eggs. The minestrone was your worst dehydrated cup of soup ever. The only thing that was fair were the sour cream and onion soy chips.
    I couldn’t go in trying to eat this stuff so I stopped. I called customer service and advised them that the food was disgusting and that I wanted to stop the program. Rather than be concerned, they first tried to talk me into continuing to order anything that I had found edible and just eating that. I had to re-use the word disgusting to convince them that my business was gone. Then, she says that they will charge me for the discount I had received when I placed my order. I had to invoke the 30 day money back guarantee, at which time she transferred me to someone else.
    The new person whose name I didn’t catch was even less sympathetic. Then I was told that I could send the uneaten food back at my expense and she gave me an RMA number. All anyone had to do was be a little more concerned that it was a really bad experience and offer to take the food back, not make me bring it up and not try to sell me more awful food. It would have been really nice to be able to ship the stuff back at their expense, but oh well. So I’m off to the post office to spend probably another $15 to $20 or more because there is so much food I couldn’t bring myself to eat.
    While I was disappointed by the food, I was even more disappointed by customer service. If this system works for you, that’s great and I’m very happy for you and wish you the very best. But this was soooo not for me.

  • Kitty

    okay,I’ve been reading comments.I’m 5ft. and 1 inch tall.I weigh 175 pounds.will this work for me?I haven’t tried it,but I was thinking about it.I need to lose the weight by November 25,2008.there is a wedding.I don’t want to be ugly in the pictures.(I’m not the bride,if that is what you are thinking.)someone talk to me!

  • Jill

    Well, Kitty, here’s the thing. You will probably lose weight with Nutrisystem. How you lose it is the issue. I had my appetite completely turned off for a week (see my post above about gray mashed potatoes), so I lost weight because I wasn’t eating anything. I also felt like a beaten dog most of the time. If it turns out you like the food, then you may be able to follow the program and lose weight (many have been quite successful). Since you are looking at losing weight in a very short and specific time period, I will tell you that you would probably be much better off spending the $300+ on a nutritionist who can tailor something for you that will not only taste a lot better, but teach you long lasting skills to keep the weight off. That is what I am going to do.

  • kitty

    Jill,you’re comment is the one that made me think I shouldn’t do it.BUT,there is a tea called wu-yi or something like that.I was thinking about trying that.

  • Jim

    After using Nutri-system for 3 months here is what I experienced:

    Pro) Easy to use and store, most items were tasty and I lost weight.
    Con) Expensive, some items were horrible and I couldn’t eat it and I regained most of the weight only after a few months of being off the program.

    Would I recommend it: Probably not.

  • Tony’s top fan

    TONY HORTON’S 10 MINUTE trainer!TRY IT!my brother is dropping pounds and he isn’t dieting!it’s only been 5 days for him also!!!I’m going to start it tommorrow!LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET!It’ll change your LIVE!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    Wow, I’m shocked at so many unhappy people. I went from a size 14 to a size 4, kept it off for over a year and couldn’t be happier.

    I tried every plan out there and this is the only one that worked for me and I feel great. I only bought the food for about three months and stretched it out by addin my own food.

    Just like the commercial said, it’s easy and I lost 45 lbs like nothing.

    Everyone needs to find what works for them. Best of luck everyone with your dieting endeavors.

  • jeff

    the thing i notice about a lot of folks who want to lose weight is that they can not stay with it for more than a week in general. and much of that is because they do not choose a nutritional lifestyle. instead, they rely on some kind of spartan diet that does not satisfy their hunger, which consists of a very limited kinds of foods. so they just get weaker and hungrier as time goes by until finally they just cant stand it anymore and POOF! so much for that. they dont realize that is not they way to go and its small wonder most that go that route fail. or they try pills, which usually contain a lot of caffiene and are not very effective. the key to weight loss is patience! if you dont get a lot of exercise you can not expect to lose very rapidly.People have expectations that are totally unreasonable. they want to lose a lot and fast. it just does not work that way.for inactive people trying to lose you should expect 3 to 5 pounds per month. thats not a lot when you are extremely overweight and thats why a lot of folks just give up. it will happen but you have to give your body a chance. if you were perfectly lean do you think you could get to being fat in just a few weeks? ok then. you should know what you can eat. knock out the pop, sweets, fried stuff. most diet books can tell you what you should eat. try wheat bread. keep your portions down to one serving. try to get in a walk or some type of exercise. eat good nutritional foods of the right kind and watch your portions. dont starve yourself, just dont over indulge. the key is patience. if you break down and eat a sundae, dont just give up. its not the end of the world.dont worry about the scale or the mirror every day. check your weight twice a month and expect it to take 4 to 5 months to lose 20 to 25 pounds. the more exercise the quicker you will lose.

  • mike

    I have been on the program almost 8 weeks and have dropped 30 pounds…I have been very disciplined with both the program and the addition of exercise. the key is that you don’t have to think your way around the diet…you learn portion control and that multiple meals actually speeds up your metabolism. as far as the taste goes…the foods are good….not great…but you can find the ones you prefer and stick with those…also, don’t forget this is a diet…we all pigged out to get here…is a diet supposed to be great??…it’s not fun…more reason to try and keep the weight off once I hit my goals.

  • Louise

    Hi, Try the vegetarian entrees: Pasta Fagioli, Vegetarian Lasagna, and Cheese Ravioli with Basil Tomatoe Sauce are delish! Eat a huge, fresh salad with it, or sliced cucumber. Not impressed with the vegetarian lunches, except the Fudge Graham bar, which will be morning snack with coffee – unbelievealbe! Rich, chewy chocolaty – a surprise! For breakfasts, I’m sticking with Scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs with veggie sausage crumble, pancakes, and blueberry pancakes. You add your own egg or 1/2 cup egg substitute, so it makes it alot of breakfast – my favorite meal! I’m with you, Melinda, the cookies are outstanding. Did you try the white chocolate chunk? I’m going to order 12 on my next order.


  • Randy

    I can’t agree more. These foods are a scam and just nasty. Plus all the other fruit and veg’s you have to buy with it. I saved $127.15 just by buying the LC and other like stouffer’s and got the results I needed. Oh lets not forget if you do the Auto delivery plan and cancel, they bill you for the difference of the one time delivery and the auto delivery. About $52 buck’s. Overall this was the worst diet ever.


  • Brandy

    A food bank might be a good place to give extras or leftovers if anyone else has this predicament.

    It always strikes me that weight loss pills and programs say “with a good exercise program and proper diet.” Seems like one could skip the pill or special meals and just go for the proper diet and exercise, if that’s the case. Of course weight loss is often more complicated than that. Unhealthy packaged meals filled with chemicals and preservatives do not address possible underlying health issues or metabolic issues, etc.

    As small as those meals are, it would also lower the metabolism I’d think, which can be counter productive. The Zone personal meal plan sounds good but it is very expensive, beyond most people’s means. Also, for a picky eater, most of any of these meal plans’ menus does not sound good. I’m picky but I do love mac and cheese. Lol =) Sometimes, anyway. As a former vegetarian I almost lived off the stuff at times! And, it’s cheap.

  • lynn washburn

    I like most of the food. the white chocolate chip cookies i received were like cardboard, i love this cookies i make it myself with applesauce to lower the fat and calories  the black bean and tortilla soup was awful, when i called the customer service they were telling me to add water to the cookie and microwave it,and were nasty when i asked about not sending things out that i do not eat. this type of customer service is not helping people loose weight. when you get discouraged you give up, they should be concerned with the goal of helping the customer and customer satisfaction rather than their free week is what they choose, free is not free if you have to pay to send it back.in reality it cost them and the client more, just give the client what they need to achieve the goal that they set not get them upset and  have them give up.

  • Desiree

    I have lost 17 pounds on NutriSystem in two months. Yes some of the food is crapola, but I plan I losing 30 more pounds. The portion control is what I needed to be successful.

  • Dandy Dan

    Total waste. I have been active all my 55 years. I have tried other controlled diets with mixed results. This was a total sham. First, these are not ‘meals’ — they are entrees or part entrees. Second, the food was awful — ‘muffins’ were like sawdust, pizza was a shmear of ketshup-like sauce on flat bread; hamburgers were like boards. Drink meal substitutes were full of sodium. I was always hungry. The “big names” that ‘endorsed’ this stuff should re-look at their lives and try to do something respectful. Don’t waste your time and money.

  • Had to pop in here to express my surprise and delight that this article is still generating comments. Especially since my next move is to go check the comments on a politically themed article I posted this morning that I’m expecting to get hammered on. This feels like a safe haven 🙂

    What I’ve gotten out of all this is that different diet plans work for different people. I maintain that my biggest gripe about NS was the actual quality of the food versus their claims that the food is so incredibly delicious. But if you can eat this stuff, stick with it and lose weight, then good for you. Whatever works.

    There is just no magic pill yet and I think that’s the problem with the weight loss industry – they promise that in so many words, even though we all know there’s really no such thing. What I remember most about the NS infomercials is being hyped that “all you have to do is eat!” It’s just not that simple. Weight loss is a tough road.

    In defense of NS, there were a couple decent entrees and I’m still tempted to go over to their website and order some of their cookies. It’s been a while so I don’t really remember which ones I had, but I do remember one of them was peanut butter and it was yummy. If all their food was that good, I’d be their biggest fan.

  • DJS

    Just wanted to share that I am just starting my second month of Nutrisystem, along with my wife, and we think the food is perfectly fine. I have lost 16 pounds and she has lost 8. We have come across 2 people who have told us that they tried NS but could not stand the food. We just scratch our heads, because the food is fine and the program works. We plan on doing 2 or 3 months to get down to target weight and then see if we can use the Flex schedule after that. Yes, I think about food all the time. Yes, I wonder if I can/will ever go back to eating everything within reach, but one step at a time.

    Prior to NS, I had tried every ‘easy’ way to lose weight I could think of; cutting back on foods, eating more salads, jumping-rope, weight-lifting. In every case, the scale didn’t budge.

    Nutrisystem blew me away because every day I would step on the scale, the needle was going lower (although I think it took a week to get moving).

    In summary, unless you are a finicky eater (George Carlin says ‘finicky eater’ is a nice way of saying ‘pain-in-the-ass’), the food is fine and the program works.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Best of luck to all with whichever program you choose!

  • Maria

    I just ordered the five-day-a-week plan. I am trying it for one month because I know I am not good at portions and have put on about 10 lbs. as a result. I work out regularly and am toning up, but those 10 lbs. have to go. I don’t expect dehydrated food to be particularly tasty, but I need that portion control to get me going. I did not pick any beef dishes, because from experience with microwaveable entrees, they always taste bad. So hopefully the veggie, chicken and pasta dishes will be ok. Interesting reading all the comments here. I guess in the end, dieting is a pain and cutting back on what we eat is not easy.

  • Maria

    Just to update – my package arrived yesterday. I had the pasta fagioli for dinner and it was really tasty! Had a bit of spice to it,too. If you eat all the salad, veggies and dairy as well you wind up feeling really full. I think with the Nutrisystem Advanced, the extra fiber they add really helps. I was feeling stuffed until I went to bed. I wasn’t hungry, but was curious to try a dessert, so I picked the little chocolate drops. They were sweet and delicious. Breakfast this morning was good, too. So far….I am very impressed with the quality. I also did not receive one substitute in the entire box, I got everything I ordered.

  • Peter Breyer

    Couldn’t disagree with the negative comments on Nutrisystem more. I found the food very tasty and lost 25 pounds in two months. In fact I had to stop so as not to lose too much weight. Am 6′ 2″ and now weight 178 pounds.

  • Norma

    There is nothing “tasty” about the foods. One time was more than enough for me. I tried it and couldn’t hack it. Their ad says “Marie Osmond lost 40 lbs.” It does not say she lost it all eating NutriSystem food. While Marie was competing in Dancing With The Stars, she alluded to losing weight practicing the dances.

  • Well, I absolutely agree with you. The green pepper steak is what did it to me. On top of that, the “sugar alcohols” in many breakfast, desserts and snacks cause sever explosive diarrhea….

    I was very disappointed. About 7 years ago I did the Jenny Craig, and I did love the food, just not the cost 🙂

    Thanks for this article, you took the words out of my mouth!!!

  • marycarole

    Well I was going to order this system, however after reading all about it I believe I shall pass. I have tried and lost 35 pounds on L.A.Weightloss and have put it back on. Iw ish I had read some feed back bbefore I started it. It could have saved me thousands of dollars.

  • andrea

    this is true because i tried it for a month. nutrisystem food is repulsive. i liked maybe aout 3 or 4 things. while i lost about 4 lbs for the month. i was very dissapointed. the n.s. councelors kept telling me that was a normal healthy weight loss. B.S. i wonder how much they pay those skinny women to advertise for them. some of those women are so big and then the after photo shows off a 35 lb weight loss and magically they have a perfect 10 figure. gimmee a break!!!

  • Brunelleschi

    When supermarkets are full and people have to resort to buying pre-packaged diets to try and get over all the crap in the supermarkets and where it led them, what’s wrong with this picture?

    I don’t like blaming weight problems on consumers. People buy what is available. Unfortunately, most of what is available is very unhealthy.

    No one is ever going to find good health pre-packaged as a product in a box.

  • SanDiegoSteve

    I am 52, male, diabetic, and way overweight. I started the program on November 12 of this year. In less than two months, my blood sugar levels have completely normalized, no more insulin or pills (which will end up killing you diabetics out there), and I have lost 39 lbs. I can now walk around, climb stairs and exercise a little now without huffing and puffing! Nutrisystem has been a Godsend to me, and is saving my life.

    Are all the meals delicious? Uh, no…why would anybody expect them to be. What do you want NS to do in their commercials, say “hey, this stuff tastes like crap?” They have to package it attractively, so people will by it. Taco Bell does it all the time. The burritos and tacos are never stuffed like they show on the commercials. That’s life.

    There are certainly some really bad tasting meals, but there are many that aren’t bad at all, and are truly tasty. But I’m not doing this to eat gourmet food, I’m doing it to lose weight. And if you commit to following the NS program to the letter, drink lots of water, do a little bit of exercise, and don’t cheat by pigging out at a fast food restaurant, then I guarantee that you will lose weight on it.

    And yes, Dan Marino, Marie Osmond, Larry the Cable Guy, Bob Golic and all the other celebrities really did lose the weight eating the EXACT same meals that everyone else gets. Suggesting that they were given “different” versions of the food is just asinine.

  • Bill

    A lot of good comments have been posted. I agree that the food sure looks a lot better in the advertisements. Nutrisystem has recipies that you can use to make the food look and actually taste better. But that requires work and what I liked second best about this program is it si EASY. What I like best is that it works.

    First let me remind everyone that this is a DIET. I am only 53 but I have never heard of a diet tasting good, at least not one that actually works.
    Second, if you dont change the behavior that got you looking for a diet plan you will put the weight back on.
    Get real, losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. Nutrisystem will get teh weight off. 1/9/2008 I weighed 235 and wore size 42 pants. I started the Nutrisystem program and got down to 185 pounds and size 36 pants by 3/1/2008. I stopped the program but started a regular workout program at a local gym.

    The problem I had was all of the lose skin form the weight loss. Going to the gym helped me build and tone muscle and reduce all of the excess skin.

    Now I am getting ready to start the program again and get down to a size 34 and a target weight of 170. This should take me about 2 months.

    Bottom line, Nutrisystem works, it is not the best food but it is easy to use and it gets results fast if you follow the plan

  • K

    Nutrisystem lies when they say how much food costs, since they neglect the fact that you have to buy milk, bread, vegetables, cheese, etc. Also, the food looks nothing like they show and you can tolerate the taste for about a month, unless they’re paying you to make commercials.

  • Dennis

    Well, I don’t Recommend them for Most Women..
    They really are best for the Men.. It’s half way for Men to go with this vs keeping eating at McD’s, etc..

    One can do about the same or Better just Buying
    A. Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners
    B. Boston Market Meals

    They Deleiver.. that’s a Big Key.. You have to get a Seperate Freezer for them and stock them up. You eat them EOD and your Eating the about 50% Less Calories than normally would.. They are good for Fill in Meals..Don’t want to Cook or Go out..

    I wanted just a 6 mo or EOM program, but they wouldn’t do that so…

    And Like I said”Not For Most Women”, thos that are Cooks or very Health Concious, etc… You probably don’t like any Forzen Dinners and you won’t like these either..

    But, Far to Much emphisis is being Put on Food, with all these Cooking Shows ,e tc.. If one were to spend the time they do on making Meals? You’d need a min. of 2 hrs after comming home from Work to do them and have all the tools and equiptment and facilities..and spend about 50% more on Your Gorcery bills and shopping time..

    And I also think Most Women Don’t Like All these Fast Food Meals taking over one of their Jobs if you will in the Family..I mean, they would loose that Dependency by their Family to Cook for them and they would have even That Much Less role to play in the family..

    And Next? Get a Flash Frozen Freezer… Won’t need any Preservatives to keep them fresh… No More added Salt, etc.. thus your Sodium is cut by 75% vs traditional Frozen Dinners..

    So, Everything in Perspecitve Ladies, Everything in Perspective..

  • CareBearry

    Nurtisystem is gross. When they have chicken patties that you don’t need to refrigerate you know you should run.

    I eat Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice and Lean Cusine all resonably good food…

    Run far away from these space bars with no taste…Nasty!

  • i tried nutrisystem. the meals werent that bad, but I felt like it was kind of expensive. it probably works for some people, but I found success with another product.


  • Vanessa

    I happen to love Nutrisystem. It is teaching me portion control. I think their meals are very good. It is worth the money to me to be healthier and “know” what a portion size is. I admit that you could not stay on this diet for life, but surely you could learn from it.


  • Teaching you portion control? Get a smaller plate!

  • Jody

    You’re article just stopped me from even thinking about it anymore!!! Thank goodness I didn’t spend the money. For some silly reason I thought it was different. Silly me

  • Chester in the Desert

    I started Nutrisystem on Sept. 16, 2008 and as of today, (January 5, 2009) I have lost 72 lbs. I really think that those who do not like the Nutrisystem Program have missed out on the good things in life. If you don’t like the product, then you should use flavors and spices to suit your taste. I am 70 years old. I had thought that my weight lost days were over, but thanks to Nutrisystem I now am a healthier person than I was 14 weeks ago. My vital signs have all come within acceptable ranges. I no longer fear that I am going to have a stroke, and most of all, I am mobile again. Nutrisystem has saved my life.

    I only wish that everyone could see Nutrisystem as I see it.

    From my world Nutrisystem is a life saver.

    Cheers on each of you as you make decisions to live a healthier life.

    Chester in the Desert

  • Andrea in Colorado

    I like to use Nutrisystem from time to time. I’ll usually split a month with my mother and we’ll lose the nasty 5-10 lbs gained over the holidays. I like not having to measure my portions and it helps to “remind” me and my stomach what is a portion.
    I think some people forgot that Nutrisystem, along with every diet plan, reminds people to exercise regularly.
    Nutrisystem is a great way to lose weight if you’re a busy person that has little time to measure and/or cook healthy foods.
    This is why a lot of people become overweight. We eat fast, unhealthy, high-calorie triple-portion foods and we rarely make time to exercise.
    It’s simple and most people get it…Nutrisystem just makes the eating part easier.

  • D

    Nutrisystem and other diets tend to polarize people. Individuals that really want to lose weight have success. Those that don’t find reason to fault the diet (seldom themselves).

    Everyone’s personal tastes are different and I recognize that it is hard to be enthusiastic about weight loss when the food doesn’t meet expectations. Nutrisystem isn’t about the food alone, its about eating nutritionally balanced meals CONVENIENTLY. Its about breaking habits. Its also about taking control in small steps. Like chosing to eat something for reasons other than taste alone.

    Almost anyone willing to spend 6 weeks on the plan will lose enough weight and notice enough of a change to make better choices.

    Can you prepare a comparable diet yourself, absolutely. You have to find motivation and determination to stick to it though. Many failures on nutrisystem and other programs demonstrate the loss of those two ingredients which the plans can’t provide. They are up to the individual.

    If you really READ the success stories with nutrisystem or any other diet program what you will see is that each individual stuck to the program, supplemented the plan provided food with the recommeded add-ins (fruit, vegetable, dairy, protein, etc.)and achieved their goals eating SATISFYING meals. You’ll also see that they drank water instead of high calorie beverages and got off the couch for 30 minutes a day or more.

    The common element of the detractors is that the entrees looked or tasted terrible, ate one or two meals and were off the plan in less than a week. Not one mention of selecting one full week of entrees that they could tolerate, supplements of fruit and vegetables and actually critiquing the results of working within the plan.

    Anyone trying nutrisystem or any plan needs to be prepared to look at the available food items, along with the preparation instructions,the supplements that are not provided, and chose items that they will stick with for one or two weeks before making a decision or writing a negative critque.

  • Mike in Reno

    Look at the sodium count in the food (you can view nutrition labels on their site) and then tell me that food is healthy. Unless you’re a high-end athlete, you have no business eating meals with 500+ mg sodium in them. Of course poeple will lose weight eating this food. With all of that sodium, your cells can’t absorb any nutrients (good or bad ones), and you’ll end up just, quite literally, flushing your food down the toilet.

  • Debbie

    I just finished reading this thread and wanted to add my comments. I started the NS plan in September 07 and lost 30 pounds by December 07. I was rigid in staying on plan and only cheated once on my birthday. When I stopped the plan I did fine for a couple of months and then the weight started to creep back on, a pound here and a pound there and by September 08 I was actually heavier than I started. I still have a box of food that arrived in March of 08 with about 30 days of food, some of it has expired so I have tossed it but the majority is still good. Monday of this week I decided to get back on NS but do it a bit different. I am substituting real food for the food that has gone bad and I guess I will see what happens. I have made tuna salad and chicken salad for lunch and turkey burgers and chicken breast done on the George Foreman grill for dinner. The funny thing is that after being off of NS for over a year it has been easy to get right back to the good habits I had formed. I remembered the menu plan and since I still have access to the website I can use that as well. I created a food chart and have it hung on the fridge so every time I eat something I just check it off. If anyone has any other suggestions for substitutions for the NS meals I would appreicate your suggestions. Also, I absolutely love the NS Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal and wonder if I can substitue something from the store for that.

  • jaz

    Ok so im going to began the NS diet yesturday and I hope to loose weight…but what I have seen so far is that it shows me what a portion is and how much is healthy…and plus most of the food has low calories..what I’ve tasted so far is good

  • DSN

    I have to say that I’m a bit shocked at, what I believe is a considerably harsh review, by Melinda Loomis, re:’My Not-So-Great NutriSystem Experiment.’ Respectfully, and hopefully, using a bit of anticipated ‘common-sense,’ one doesn’t go to an all American fast-food restaurant, and expect ‘chef-prepared cuisine.’ Likewise, when one is ordering pre-packaged, portion-controlled food, consistent with diet guidelines, it will hardly taste like ‘home-style cooking.’ This past week, I received my initial month’s worth of food items from Nutrisystem, and am satisfied. I’ve actually not tried a systemized, dieting plan before, but am grateful/hopeful to be commiting to Nutrisystem. As for the monthly cost, $300.00 per month, is actually a moderate amount to pay for food. I believe any diet plan is going to involve some level of sacrifice, and while I’m new to the Nutrisystem plan, I’ve not yet felt as if I am sacrificing.

  • Gloria

    Well my situation is somewhat different. Back in the early ’90’s I started Nutri-system because I had gained alot of weight from being on steroids for an injury. You had to go to a center and pick out your food. I was delightful. I lose the 50lbs with no problem and minimal exercise. Now I’m 60 and menopause just dumped 20lbs on me and had to have surgery,thyroid imbalance(another 18lbs) so I decided I would do the plan again, since I really enjoyed my success before. I started the plan on Jan.5,09 and by that Friday was feeling very strange. My leg muscles started tighening up, my stomach started cramping, I was awakened in the night with a pounding heart,sweating and my blood pressure was higher than normal. I went to my doctor and I took some of the food wrappers with me. He did a couple of test and it came back that I am alleregic to soy. He said it looks like there is more additives and food.He didn’t not like that there was so much soy and high fructose corn syrup in most of their items. He also told me there is a hunger suppressent in NS.(which I already knew)Told me to stop. I really hate this cause I really need to loose weight. And to Dennis…I Hate to cook..I HATE TO COOK!! My husband does all the cooking thank god. I don’t feel any less the little woman just cause I don’t cook. I handle all the finances and I fix the toilet!!ha Everyone know what to eat and what not to eat. It’s the fact that the stuff we should eat does not taste like Dorito’s. The good stuff just isn’t fun. I lost 20lbs once with the 6wk make over of Michael Thurmond. I kept that off until my lovely menopausal event. It is a good plan except you have to cook ick. You only work out 20min. a day with a band and my body really changed. I weighted 158 and wore a size 8. Really gained some muscle back. As bad as I hate to cook this is probably what I’m heading back to. Good luck to all. But just like Oprah…once you get heavy seems like you’re fighting it the rest of your life.

  • jessica

    So I am about to order and I have read all these comments and my question is: Are there any side effects? Like long term diareea, headaches or other complications?

  • c.c.

    I didn’t have side effects. It’s really just low calorie food with some added protein.

    I went from a size 16 to a size 4 and have kept it off for two years and counting.

    If you really want to lose (and that’s what you have to ask yourself) it’s fairly easy.

  • Kimberly

    I got some NS meals for free, so figured what the heck let’s do this! At first I was thrilled, the food was good, easy, and convieneint. Now comes the “however” … It caused me abdominal cramps, severe painful eye burning gas, and I felt so hungry and light headed all the time I had to stop. Too bad, because I was actually losing weight.

  • E. Kelly

    Come on, people. The key to weight loss is EXERCISE. No “diet” works in the long run. Change your lifestyle! I lost 60 lbs in 7 months by exercising one hour a day, six days a week. That was over 3 years ago. I’m almost 50. I typically eat six small meals a day, such as fruit or soup or a vegetable plate. I also have no intention of giving up the foods I like, including cake and chocolate. I don’t eat ‘light’ anything. Deprivation does not work! And yes, my cholesterol and sugar levels are normal. My doctor loves me, since sadly he doesn’t see many women my age who exercise routinely.

    I exercise every day (which is NOT the same as ‘being active’) and love it. And I don’t mean going for a walk at lunch with your co-workers. I mean aerobics, weight training, step, kickboxing, swimming and tennis. I can’t live on just 1200 calories a day…my metabolism won’t have it. I’m up to about 2500 calories a day and can lose weight if I drop below that (which I don’t need to do). Thanks to dedicating myself to working out instead of sitting in front of the TV, I’ve got the body of a college girl and can wear my daughter’s clothes!

    The fact is, the only thing standing between most people and weight loss is EXCUSES. Spend your money on the gym, not that nasty food. If you have to deprive yourself of chocolate or ice cream or whatever you really like for the rest of your life, you will FAIL! Just eat less of it, less often, and MOVE YOUR BODY! BREAK A SWEAT!

    Yes you can!

    By the way, LOVED the NS review. Reconstituted burgers? Powdered eggs? GRAY rice? GROSS!!!! Are you freakin’ kidding me? That’s no way to live!

  • Vicki

    WOW! Your article just saved me a lot of frustration and expense. It sounds like most of the NS experiences are very similar. I was so drawn by the infomercials and thought I could just try it for a month but not anymore. I am very desperate to lose the weight, and kudos to those of you who are exercising your way to better health and weight loss, but I think I am alergic to exercise:) I will however, take the advice of many of you and try to cut and count calories (hate doing this but would rather do so than eat cardboard) GREAT help- thanks for writing this article.

  • Tabby

    Wow! I was about to order…but no way! I would rather drink a slim fast in the morning, 6 glasses of water, and LC for the rest of the day!

  • Daisy

    My husband and I were talking about signing him up this morning. He is exercising every day but can not seem to lose weight. After reading these posts we are not signing up.

  • Dinky

    I do Nutrisystem whenever I want to lose weight (like after the holidays, hint, hint) and it always works. The secret is not to be a whiner. They add this propietary blend of fibers and oils that tricks your stomach into thinking it’s full. If you were to restrict yourself to the Nutrisystem portions on any other diet, then you would still be hungry.

    If you whine and complain about having to sacrifice any little thing, then you will get nowhere in life, sorry.

  • Roguewarrior

    I started Nutrisystem 28 days ago and have lost17 pounds…
    I was in the military for 25 years and the food reminds me very much of MRE’s. I know that a Hollywood girl wouldn’t really deign to eat the food that the military likes, but it really isn’t that bad.
    The trick, as I learned in the Air Force, is to use Frank’s Red Hot on many of the entrees. That makes it even better. BUt even without the Red Hot, the flavors are actually more natural than the sauced up creations of a 4-star restaurant.
    They add extra protein to give you a sense of fullness after each meal.

    Again, you can snivel and Live to Eat, or you can Eat to Live and lose weight.

  • Joannescacci

    When I signed up for Nutrisystem, I told the counselor I had food allergies and she assured me that would not be a problem as I could choose my food. When my food arrived half of my order was a “substitute due to shortages”. I called and asked if I could return the food I was allergic to and was told there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t receive more “substitutes due to shortages”. I ate three meals and threw out the rest. What a waste of food and money! If only they had been truthful when I mentioned my food allergies. You really can’t choose which food you want.

    My story does have a happy ending. I lost the weight on my own by bicycling every day and portion control. I use South Beach and Lean Cuisine meals and am able to choose foods I am not allergic to (and like the taste).

  • Cruz

    I’ll have to agree with Roguewarrior. Being prior-Army myself, I am kind of reminded of good ol’ MRE’s when eating some of the NS dinners although NS is still better.

    Additionally, I have had success with NS before. I did it for only 3 weeks one time and had already lost 12 lbs (I had to stop early that month when I came down with a stomach virus…not related to the NS food BTW).

    I have very recently started NS again (I am on day two) and just tonight had the green pepper steak with rice for dinner so I laughed out loud when I found this article ripping apart that very meal. BTW, while the rice in that dish is a bit pathetic-looking, it still tastes fine, sheesh! I understand and can sympathize with some of the complaints people have had but I am surprised at some of the comments saying that people were “on their way” to order but changed their mind after reading these reviews. Why not try it for yourself and decide instead of being so easily swayed by other people’s opinions?

  • Monica

    I have been on NS since 01 Feb 2009. My daughter and I both got it through Costco’s offer. I decided to only weigh myself on Mondays. The first monday I weighed (after being on it for 9 days) I had lost 6 pounds. I am going to the gym 3-4 times a week and have worked up to 35 minutes on the elyptical and treadmill.
    I packed on 55 lbs in 5 months, then found out I had 2 types of cancer. Chemo and Radiation gave me diabetes and arthritis. That was 4 years ago.
    I had never had to worry about my weight in my entire life. Though I am just happy to still be here, I got tired of feeling depressed about my weight, and feeling sick (from the diabetes) if I didn’t eat every 3-4 hours. I haven’t had that feeling with NS because it follows the Glycemic Index. My sugar levels are very good too.
    The food isn’t THAT bad. Add veggies and spices and it’s better.
    I’m going to try it for 3 months and see how I do. I am feeling very encouraged so far.

  • Ken

    I am doing well with NS and the meals aren’t bad at all. Some Quite good

  • Eva

    NS does work, but it takes patience – and masking the taste sometimes.
    Don’t order the eggs or sloppy joe – its powder.
    Don’t order the shakes, even with milk they are gross.
    The blueberry pancakes are good.
    The chocolates are good.
    The beef patty was weird in pouring boiling water on it. But I thought it was good.
    I first tried NS in 2006.
    I ordered 15 lasagna’s for the dinner. LOL. I lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks.
    If the meal was not tasty, I’d add some cheese or pepper to it. I will admit, I got tired of all the gluten type sauces in alot of the foods. Which is why I ordered multiple lasagna’s.
    I recently joined again and lost 3 lbs my first week. I even drink a soda with my breakfast’s still. And thats without exercising.
    But I plan to slowly start adding that in.
    My fav breakfast item is the cranberry muffin.
    The ham is nasty.

    Its not for everyone…but can work. Prolly safer than those Hydroxycut pills.

  • linda

    My husband and I both wanted to lose a few pounds and decided that maybe NS was the way to go! I can’t stand Marie Osmond so that wasn’t the selling factor – but when she holds those plates of “delicious” food in our TV face (false advertising) it is hard to resist. Of course she gets paid to be on this diet and what all NS ads don’t say is that the delicious food vegetables, fruit etc. we buy and add to the “meal!!” Our first order – of course we got sucked into buying the “Advanced” and if we did we had to buy for two months and get two weeks of “free” food. We were not told that we could buy any other way or even try a weeks supply! Boy what a scam they have! We found the food was hardly edible. Then all the corn syrup and sugar in the items and beans, beans beans! I called NS and was told we could send back the items that we don’t eat. We followed instructions and sent them back.We were never given a deadline at anytime. Our next order arrived with the same itmes in the order that we had returned. “Call your counselors they are available 24 hours a day!” The counselors are salespeople that is all! Finally on the second order I called and told them that we were through with NS and their promise was very mileading! We couldn’t eat that junk! I have to wonder what people were eating before NS to say that food is delicious! I called several times to return the items and was told both times that someone would get back to me. They stretched that over a three week period with still no return call. When I finally got through I was told that it was to late that I could not return items because we had passed the deadline for returns and furthermore I would not get credit for the returned items on the first order (we paid for the shipping and they sent us back exactly what we had returned!) because I had also returned them late – which was untrue! What a sham! How can these people remain in business using such a sham and who can afford this junk in this economy? We are going to stop payment on our credit card and fight them from there. My next call is to the clinic that suggested Nutri-System they need to be aware.

  • jerry

    Any doctor will tell you “if it taste good, spit it out” that being said I dont think any of it is to bad and some of it I enjoy. I have lost 17lbs in 6 weeks and have not been hungry.(not to confuse with cravings)7 weeks and 13 lbs to go,NO PROBLEM!

  • sharon and brent

    BUYER BEWARE. Don’t do it…trust us. We are just normal people wanting to lose some weight..busy with work and thought Nutrasytem was the answer….we were overtly lied to….we ordered the “locked in fee” for a year….only to find that our SECOND order raised 60 dollars. We called, were put on hold 30 min and finally spoke with a rep. Needless to say, the conversation was not pleasant. They lied. And, to top it off, they are charging us to quit. It’s a shame because we would have been very loyal customers. We are very close to suing them for not really knowing what was in the foods and having reactions. I work in the PR field and believe me, this is America and I WILL speak my mind……it’s all about the buck for them….don’t do it. We regret it. Sharon

  • PAT

    I just got off the phone with NutriSystem.
    Dumb me – I was thinking about going back to them because I have so bought into their “promise” of weight loss AND delicious food – they have not changed in the year I quit because of the unappetizing food and the high sodium content. The condesending young man on the phone this morning tried to tell me their diet is 2/3 recommended amount of sodium. That is so so too high for high blood pressure victims – and NutriSystem does not have a low sodium diet YET – AND SAY THEY DO !!!! I AM SCREAMING !!!!!!
    Thank you for this post – I will refer back to it when I get weak again.

  • sharon and brent

    Good for you, Pat!!!….I am convinced that NS does not care about the health or financial “promises” of their customers. LINDA>>number #81…if you and your husband ever want to consider taking this farther, ie, a class action thing,(for overt lies and hidden ingredients in the meals) we are so angry, we would be a part of it…sharon number 83 comment.

  • sharon and brent

    ps and, not to be gross but I agree with the above indivuduals that experienced “explosive diahreaa”….all from the food. Not plesant.

  • Crystal

    I found your review very typical. I am personally not an infomercial watcher. I don’t have the time. I am seriously considering going on Nutrisystem. I tallied up my grocery bill and the amount spend eating out (including fast-food) and it was over $400 in the last 30 days. I had no idea I spent that much on food. The biggest reason I am looking into this program is for the convenience. Currently I eat a yogurt and granola bar for breakfast, some sort of fast food for lunch and lately my dinners consist of a frozen pizza, mac & cheese, Chinese or some other fast food. This diet sounds perfect for people like me. Eating has become a chore in my life. Frozen meals aren’t that good, so I am expecting about the same from Nutrisystem, but at least I will be eating healthier and more than the 10 things I eat a week now.

  • Fernando

    It’s very simple, if you expect to loose weight, you have to in some way sacrifice taste, it’s that simple, irregardless of the way the food looks in the commercials. Go to McDonald’s, see if the Big Mac looks like it does in their commercials. There are people that make a living making food look good. This food costs about 10 bucks a day, what do you expect?

  • I posted the URL of another review site that has some helpful info on it.

    I have not tried the program yet but plan to and will come back and post my opinion. Wish me luck!!!

  • Hadley C.

    Everyone has different tastes, so it’s unfair to shove the entire Nutrisystem program under the rug just because one person can’t tolerate the food. Give it a chance. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. There are other methods of losing weight (like good, old-fashioned exercise, for example). If you do like it, that’s great! Stick with it! Nutrisystem doesn’t work for everybody- but then again, nothing really does. It all depends on the individual.

  • Fernando

    Be patient, follow the program, use supplements like fruits and veggies to fill in the small portions, exorcise, write a log of the items you like and dislike so that you can re-order the items you like and stay away from those that you don’t (Soy chips for me). You have gone through the time and expense for a reason, stick with it. I started 1 week ago and am down 8 pounds. Good luck.

  • Dana

    I found this while searching for people’s opinions about NutriSystem. I must admit that having my meals planned and prepped for me would sure make my life easier, but I can’t eat like this with a four-year-old around (she will want the food, and the site says not to skip any meals), and I probably can’t afford it in the long run.

    The comments make me LOL. I’m about a hundred pounds overweight, but I didn’t get fat til I was in my early to mid twenties. Two pregnancies and eating a grain-based diet did me in. (So much for the food pyramid.) I’m one to prefer whole grains over refined so this was surprising. I even got fat eating vegan.

    Low-carbing works best for me, low-carb with high fat in particular. I’m looking now into the role that fat-soluble vitamins play in human health and I’m appalled at the horrific advice people are given for “healthy eating.” Fat-free salad dressing, really? Never mind that people often have trouble converting beta carotene and that they typically eat no other possible sources of vitamin A (there is no A in plant food!), or that we’re not getting enough sun to make D, or that we’re completely unaware that vitamin K is important for something besides blood clotting.

    Basically I want to eat real food, and my body likes me to eat real food. I get sidetracked because I’m used to processed food and old habits die hard. I also don’t have enough support from people I know–I would love it if they’d stop bringing over junk “for my daughter,” like she needs that crap either. (She’s not fat, by the way, and she eats veggies and fruits for snacks, willingly.) But I’m not going to follow the official dogma on this. If you have to eat crappy food, starve yourself, malnourish yourself and work yourself to death, you are doing something wrong. The sad part is we’ve got folks out there with alphabet soups after their names and a sheepskin hanging up in the office, telling us to do all the wrong stuff.

    Quit eating soy, quit eating so much grain (you can cut it completely out and if you get the other food groups, you will be fine), quit eating sugar. Quit thinking of weight loss as going on a temporary eating plan and then going back to eating crap. That doesn’t work. I should know.

  • Christine

    My sister used Nutrisystems and the program was successful for her. I thought I would give it a try. The first order I let the company pick and found that I could not eat more than half the food. After having to call back several times due to the lengthy wait time, I discussed my problems with the consultant. The consultant suggested I order the things I like ala carte and stopped the auto order. As the website is not user friendly, he directed me as to where to go and how to place the order. I received a notice that my auto shipment was being shipped 1 week after I received the ala carte order. After waiting for over 10 minutes then being transferred 6 times in an attempt to try and straighten my account (total phone time over 1 hour), I am canceling everying. This company is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with via web or the phone.

  • Debra

    My husband and I did the NutriSystem thing for almost 3 months. My husband lost almost 30 lbs, but I only lost 8 lbs. After 3 months of food that wasn’t that desirable, we decided to opt out of the program, especially since most of the food is VERY high in sodium – which isn’t good for someone with high blood pressure. At that point, we had learned enough about portion control that we figure we can do this on our own now. The representative that I dealt with was great. She listened to my comments and concerns, offered several different order options, and then cancelled our membership without making me feel bad. That was 2 months ago and we are doing great on our own plan. Good Luck to all who need to lose weight.

  • I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 2 months now and I LOVE it. I personally think the food is good…much better than the frozen meals I was eating from weight watchers and healthy choice. There are items I like more than others but that’s just human nature.

    I like the fact that nothing has to be frozen or refrigerated so it travels easily with my busy schedule.

    Also, I used to get headaches every day and now with the balance diet, I never get a headache (unless I miss eating during the day). I think the protien they put in every entree including the desserts is the reason for this.


  • Jeff

    I just bought this Nutrisystem and now I don’t know what to do with it, it was a bunch of micro ware food that you can found in 99 cent store, the food is nasty, the lunch is a small can of food cost one dollar if you buy it form any super market, the dinner is just some low end tv dinner you can find in super market too, if you buy the same stuff in the super market, breakfast, lunch, dinner, it will only cost you around 5 dollars and you will get better food. You can lose weight by eating less. Cause the food they give you is just normal food.

  • Kay

    I have struggled with my weight since forever. I went on NutriSystem when I was 12. I’m 30 now. I lost 80 pounds as a 12 year old on this program. The food was amazing years ago when they had their clinics. Unfortunately, getting older and being diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve gained all the weight back. I just placed my order and received my months worth this morning. I don’t know why they don’t go back to the stuff they used to have. I haven’t eaten any of it yet, but I can tell everything is different. And from the sound of it, so is the taste. I was excited to get to do this program again, but the excitement might give way to hurling. This is a very expensive plan. My family spent thousands, and I’m not talking about a couple. I’m talking about a mortgage loan. I’m willing to do the program and pay them money, because I KNOW it works. But if all they can sell is crap, then it’s a no go. I’d rather check myself in to a fat camp lol

  • donna

    I am a nutrisystem fan…I lost almost 50 pounds in one year and I have kept it off …yes some of the food is awful but you learn through trial and error…plus my counseler taught me how to transition to table food

  • Julie

    I tried nutrisystem after my friend raved about it and honetsly the food- lunch and dinnners were gross. Some of the breakfast and snacks were ok- I’m still eating those (working them in with the WW plan).

    The lunch and dinner’s were very bad. I either got sick eating them or happened to have a virus either way about 2 weeks into the plan I was having major stomach problems. Missed the deadline to return the food cause I was sick and have two boxes of food in the car. But I have no idea what to do with it.

  • Riann

    I used nutrisystem for a couple of weeks and I did lose weight but the food got pretty grose so I quite.

  • Nicole

    Hi I am getting my shippment soon…..I got on this because my Cholesterol is super high and my good HDL are really low…..so I hope this well help in becoming more healthy and eating better.
    So, alot of people say the food is bad but to be honest i dont care ill get it if i am hungry enough….i am 27 with 3 kids with some big time health concerns so i have to do it. Wish me luck!

  • Carol

    I did NutriSystem back in the early 90’s (went to their Center), and it was great…. I lost a lot of weight, fairly easily, and the food tasted good. I never got hungry, and I have always had a huge appetite. So, thinking it would be the same, I ordered the food feeling certain it would be a great experience. Was I surprised or what! The food is nothing like it used to be…. it tastes horrible… and I mean EVERYTHING tastes horrible. The portions are so small, it is unbelievable. I stayed hungry all the time. The food arrived with a lot of it in bad shape… bags opened and contents spilled all over the bottom of the box…. chocolate drops smashed to smithereens, etc. Regretfully, I had to call and cancel my next box. Why in the world can’t NS have the same food they once had?!? I just don’t understand it. To those who say we should not expect to eat food that tastes good if we want to lose weight… that isn’t true…. we will stay on a diet if we at least find the food minimally pleasant tasting, but how long can we stand to eat food that is disgustingly horrible?

  • Jess

    I lost 40 pounds in 3 months on Nutrisystem. I found a lot of the foods that weren’t so bad. I enjoy the mac n cheese and chocolate. If you stick to their diet, you will lose weight and feel awesome. I’m sorry you didn’t like it.

  • Steve Ireland

    I tried NS, tasted very bad. Shelf stable food are full of presevatives they should be illegal.
    I lost 42 pound on the smart for life plan. they use natural and organics ingredients, less choice during the day than NS, but better taste. Your evening meal is wide open.

  • I agree with most of this. It IS processed food, but on the other hand – you only eat it 2-3 months .. and yes some of the items suck. Just don’t choose those. Yup. chocolate things taste like crap – BUT the chocolate BARS are excellent and the desert bars taste like SNICKERS. Their is more good stuff than bad AND it really teaches you portion control.

    By the way .. I love the pancakes! The writer of this article hates them. The trick is to use EXACTLY 4 oz of skim milk.. a little more or less and they come out bad.

    For some peope (me) the choices are to stay 20 over weight or each SOME processed food for 3 months.

    As far as processed food – it’s less than 25% of what you eat… the rest is all good fresh food that you buy yourself ina local store. I bet most people eat LESS processsed food on NS than eating normal.

  • sburnett

    a friend of mine got some from a food bank and passed them on to me. I googled it to see if it was mistakenly not frozen, and now that I see the consensus here is they suck, it will probably end up in my suv as emergency road fare!

  • alejandro

    I just started it this week. So far, the chocolate chip cookie is pretty good. The apple streudal/scone was kinda doughy and dry. The choco peanut butter bar was really good! Spaghetti with meat sauce was tasty and a touch spicy even, but I do see where the previous commenters got the “chef boyardee” taste from. It’s actually better than “CB.” The soy chips–nacho–were very crisp and nicely spiced. The chocolate brownie was ok, but the yellow pound cake was great. The thick crust pizza was interesting–a flat pita-like bread on which you pour the sauce and top with cheese. The sauce is spicy and a bit like canned pizza sauce. The cheese was fine. The toaster did the best job and it tasted like any of those processed stouffer’s-like pizzas at the grocery. All in all, the entrees and snacks/desserts are filling. Surpisingly so.

    Now for the bad. Beyond some of the avg to sub-avg foods, I was shocked to learn that I needed to add veggies, carbs, proteins and fruits to each meal. And for people w/over 100lbs of desired weight loss, you need to add even more! So, this was a bummer for someone like me who has no patience for shopping, prepping or real cooking …and as thought I was good to go with these packaged meals–quick and easy. Not so fast! I’m not sure how I’m gonna get around this obvious prep/grocery/cooking thing for the carbs/proteins/fruits/dairys…becuz I think you really need to add these to consume enough calories and to round-out the nutrition component.

    Oh well. I’ll keep u posted.

  • Sandy

    I actually had a good experience with NS and would order it again if needed. I lost 20 pounds when I was only trying to lose 15 and found most of the meals pretty good. Truthfully the only foods that most people who need to lose weight think are really good are the ones that are terrible for you. It’s all in whether you want to sacrifice the taste to lose the weight. It worked great for me.

    I also don’t know why but I had to take Prilosec for heartburn for months prior to NS – the heartburn quit during the two months I was on it and came back as soon as I started eating regular food. Don’t know why but definitely felt better on the food. If I could afford to stay on longer I would.

  • Shawn

    1. I started Nutrisystem on August 11th. A friend of mine lost over 40lbs in a year of following the program. Back in 2005-2006 I lost 80lbs following the South Beach program overtime I drifted from those habits and gain back 70 of that in the last few years. I decided I should get back on a program since what I was doing wasn’t working.
    I need things to be simple and easy to prepare and Nutrisystem is great for people who like convience. Everything is prepackaged and properly portioned. You supplement the program with Fruits and Veggies since that wouldn’t be very good prepackaged. You can either order the “Favorites” package or pick your own. I tried the “Favorites” package and found things that I definately like and also found stuff I will never order again. Everyone has their own preferences but if you are used to frozen meals from Lean Cuisine, Health Choice, etc you should have no trouble finding something you enjoy in NS.
    In the 18 days that I have been on the program I have dropped 18.7 lbs doing some extra exercise on the side which is recommended but not required for success.
    For those of you wanting to get an extra discount I can provide you a referral code at it will entitle you to $30 off your first order. If you are new to Nutrisystem it should work just fine. If you are coming back to the program and have been inactive for more than 4 months it should also work for you too. Here’s all that you need to do:
    [personal contact info deleted]
    I was amazed at the number of people complaining about this program I just don’t understand why it is pretty easy to follow and I don’t feel hungry at all!

  • Ashley

    I have been dying to try nutrisystem for a while now I actually just googled it to finally place an order when I saw the link for this review I have to say I feel like a child who has just found out that santa claus doesn’t exist.I was so convinced by the testemonials on tv which is surprising because usually when it comes to paid programming i’m the worlds largest sceptic but there was something about nutrisystem that lured me in and gave me hope that I had never experienced, for the first time I felt confident that I would say goodbye to the 60 lbs that goes on vacation but always returns.My weight has been like a yo yo for as long as I can recall but ever since my beautiful daugther was born in 2004 the weight is more stubborn than ever my 5yr old has never seen me under 200lbs I don’t want to be the “fat mom”.I’m so torn by the comments the only thing I’m sure of is the food stinks which I figured it would but to tell you the truth that’s the least important factor to me because I’m desperate but now after hearing the less than impressive results the majority has had being a single parent I don’t know if hoping that I’m one of the lucky ones who actully gets results is worth the financial risk. does anybody have any advice to help me come to a decision? please

  • Christopher

    For anyone wanting to try it out I suggest checking your local Big Lots. I found some for very cheap, warming up the black beans and rice now.

    I did try the Balsamic Vinaigrette and Turkey dressing last night, it tasted like cat food. Good thing it only cost me $2.50.

  • Lakshmi-Toron

    I just tried nutrisystem for the first time and sent it back after 7 days. It is awful, gross, nothing like the photos on the food boxes and nothing like their advertisements.

    I think dog food is better than this and I can’t imagine that Jenny Craig is any better.

    There is far too much sodium and sugar in their meals and snacks and for breakfast mostly you get granola type bars that you can get in the store for cheaper and bran flake cereal and cake loaf that is just gross compared to store bought.

    I highly suggest you save your money and just start cooking good quality food in the correct amounts!

  • Frances

    Thanks for saving me from major disappointment!! I was just about to sign-up, eventhough I knew it was too good to be true. Your letter revealed what I already knew.

  • Katherine

    I agree totally with this article. I just got the NS food and I cannot believe who is able to eat the food. The breakfast and snack items like the scone, cakes, cookies are good. Lunch is ok. Dinner is absolutely horrible. The food DOES NOT look anything like the actual food. The food is more of a paste. I can hardly see any meat like on the box. The Rice Bean and Sausage had 1 piece of sausage it in unlike the picture.

    I cannot see Maria Osmond eating this food!

  • Alexandra

    Ok. So…this is just one opinion along with a few other opinions. I personally LOVE the NS food so far! One of my friends lost 30 lbs. in the first month!! Of course, he exercised, but I think that’s healthy and great to do in everyday life! Yes, NS’s foods are not the most HIGH-QUALITY foods…but don’t expect to get on a system and suddenly just jump into a diet filled with only fruits and vegetables and grains because…YOU WONT SURVIVE! Obviously getting on the NS program was a step you took because YOU need to re-learn (or plain, learn) how to portion your regular DAY-TO-DAY foods and to lose some weight along with it! MOST people don’t eat only fruits and vegetables and grains as part of their day-to-day diet, so I believe that NS is trying to teach others how to portion their day-to-day meals and how to incorporate healthy veg & fruit into your meals as well! Pretty much anything you eat today has preservatives in it, unless you choose to go Organic..which few do.

    Anyways, the point I’m trying to make here is that NS truly tries to show you how to portion your meals and how to incorporate healthy foods in your meals as well! And if paying for those meals and learning how to portion your food does not help you keep the weight off AFTER you’ve finished your NS meals…than that is YOUR problem.

  • Anna D.

    I just wanted to let people know the truth about NutriSystem, I wish I did before ordering. It is a good system, I can see how people CAN loose weight on it. It’s an easy way to get into a habit of eating healthy, small portioned meals few times a day. However, the food is not tasty at all (that’s a nice way of putting it)! Some foods are OK, like the breakfast and desert items on the menu taste OK, but lunch and dinners are just horrible (and I am NOT a picky eater)!!! On top of that, some meals don’t even come complete, you still have to buy and add ingredients to it, like the Cesar salad comes with only chicken and dressing, no lettuce; and chicken breast, that is pictured as a sandwich, has only chicken breast, no bun. I just called and canceled my future orders, and was charged an extra $52! if you read carefully, if you get auto delivery, you get 10% discount and free shipping, but if that will be your ONLY order, they will charge that back, like $300 for that crappy food was not enough! So beware when ordering for the first time, try it first before you commit!

  • Tracy Detrick

    I just wanted to say that, I did not like a single piece of food that NutriSystem had. Not one. I let it keep coming to the house, thinking I could keep going back to it, but God, it is so awful. I was on jenny Craig for six months and lost 35 lbs. The only thing I didnt like of their food was the potstickers. I may not just like Potstickers though, not exactly sure what they are. But I didnt like NS pudding, eggs, meals, all that dried stuff like the burger you have to sdd water to and the sliced ham that smelled so bad and tasted like a salt lick. didnt lose a pound cause food was unbearable, I mean really unbearable.

  • gg

    I like the food and the diet has worked for me. You people probably don’t like the diet because its not a mcdonalds double cheeseburger.

  • katy jo

    i like nutrisysten so far i have just been on it about a week but i think the food is pretty good considering its a diet. the portions are small and not what im used to but this is exactly what i need to lose weight. i cant do it on my own i will always eat more than i should. this diet is teaching me about portions and how to add in fruits veggies and dairy. after i have lost my desired weight, i will then attempt to try it on my own. but for now i need help abd nutrisystem is working well for me. if your really wanting to lose weight, you should try this diet and give a chance for a least a week before you decide its not for you.

  • Liz

    Seriously people, you can’t believe how stupid and naive you sound.I have lived long,tried every diet, and am very leery of everything and I go into everything I do with much thought and research. If you had bothered to read anything about NS before ordering it, you would have known all the rules,ie. that if you don’t keep 2 months worth you have to pay back the free meals, etc. And as far as the amount of food, it’s a diet people, do you want to lose weight or not? And as far as making your own versions of it cheaper, OF COURSE YOU CAN!!The purpose of this type of plan is the convenience!!!! If you are going to go into a plan like this, at least know everything about it and go in with your eyes open. Then if you don’t like it, it’s your right to cancel with no one to blame but yourself!

  • Tess

    OK. This is slightly relevant, but I just want to comment about the annoying Nutrisystem ads on TV with Marie Osmond and her huge hair, squealing “Hot Mama” to supposed Nutrisystem customer “Amy.” Amy doesn’t look like she was ever unconfortable in her own “sken” (that’s skin). And she says she was finally able to go to the pool with her “keds” (kids) and not be self-conscious. Het bathing suit body almost looks anorexic, and she looks like she has done more than just use Nutrisystem. Like major training. She also looks like she has baked in the sun (or a tanning bed) for waaaaaay too long. This commercial doesn’t come across well at all. It is annoying, at best. I wouldn’t use this product, just BECAUSE of this ad.

  • Debbie

    I have 2 words to describe myself while on Nutrisystem…. HUNGRY and GASSY.

  • Sally W

    I tried Nutrisystem, but found the meals to be very pasty and not flavorful. There were a few foods I liked, the oat cereal mostly. It would probably work best for single men or women, not someone trying to diet and also have to cook for her family. Im going back to Weight Watchers which worked well.

  • Sand Wright

    I love Amy from Nutrisystem! Yes- the spray tan may be over the top- BUT look at those amazing abs! My husband & I ordered just because of Amy & her abs! My husband has lost 38 lbs in 2 months & I have lost 28lbs! We couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Amy is my inspiration!

  • Stacey E

    These people are being paid very dearly to pretend that this is a great system. The celebrities that endorse this probably don’t even follow the program. They can afford personal chefs, and don’t need to eat little containers of chemical laden astronaut food.
    It’s hard to believe for some people, but celebrities are often looking for a fat paycheck, and don’t really care what they endorse.
    Just look at all the junk Montel Williams puts his name and face behind. If you’ve ever seen that cheap crap blender he’s always foisting off on people, you’d realize integrity isn’t the bottom line. Marie Osmond isn’t any more moral than he is.

  • Shay

    Hey Melinda! Thank you so much for this post. I have been combing through the web for the past week or so, looking for true, unbiased feedback as far as the Nutrisystem is concerned.

    I have a question. Do they provide you with eating advice/meal plans to use after the Nutrisystem program is over (after you have finished losing the weight you need)? Just wondering.


  • Kimberley

    Shay and others: Done a bit of research on this myself and they do provide you a workbook kit with dvd’s and cd’s to help you adjust your body and mindset and do exercise and they provide meal plans for each day and tell you what fruits, veggies and etc you need to buy to supplement with their food. I’m not on the program yet but I’ve read far more positive comments than negative and I’m willing to try it for a while. I’ve tried to weigh and measure and stick to portions for years but I don’t think the diet was balanced like theirs seem to be. It costs a lot for low glycemic types of pasta and such, not the produce but low carb/low glycemic pastas and breads and such aren’t easy to find without going to a specialty health food store, even here in the big city of Vancouver Canada that I live in and they’re not cheap either. If I was to try and buy all the groceries for the type of program that Nutrisystem offers it would cost me more in a month than what their program is.Not to mention the prepping,weighing and measuring too, I don’t have enough containers for that nor can I just store it on my shelves already cooked for me where I have to re-heat or add boiling water, secondly don’t have the room in my fridge or freezer to do that either and working 8 hours per day plus 1 hour travel there to and fro plus all the other things in my life going on, it would be easier to do this. Mind you I realize it isn’t going to be as good as homemade but if you add some herbs and spices and such it can be made better. There’s all kinds of solutions to improve frozen or pre packaged food whether it be Nutrisystem or not. That’s the key make it taste better by adding hot sauce, garlic, herbs and spices all of which are pretty much calorie free or low in sodium (check labels) and such.

  • Kimberley

    Also with some plans you can customize your order and pick what you like. At least here in Canada you can.

  • Kimberley

    I also forgot to mention that yes I do have room to store the Nutrisystem food once I clear my cupboards and fridge out but to do it from scratch with groceries and having to buy my own contaniers etc for 28 days worth of breakfast lunch and dinners plus fruit, veggies and dairy, wouldn’t be possible and Nutrisystem works out to about $2 to $3 per meal so that’s really a bargain if you tried to get the variety they offer for a month would be hard to buy all you would need and more expensive as you’d have to buy more than your amount of servings and store those too plus your portioned out food servings.

  • Wondering???

    The sodium content is between 1800 to 2000 mg per day which is lower than the “recommended” 2400mg per day, if you make the right choices. I’ve looked at each menu item in every category and many are very low in sodium, hence why you might need spices or herbs or a little pepper or hot sauce to liven them up.

    If it’s not for you it’s not for you, then I am happy you found something that works for you. I’ve tried some of the meals when friends gave them to me when they didn’t like them and I found they were good of course I needed to add some garlic and ginger and such to some of them but it was good.

  • D. LeClair

    anyone…some good, some bad…I canceled after the second delivery which I ordered a-la-carte..They sent my third box anyway…what I don’t get is ..my debit card was charged 249.95and I was credited only 197.67…All I did was refuse the box and it was returned to NS. they made the mistake…They can refund my 52.20 to the same account…Thanks…I think!

  • MaggieMay

    My husband wanted to try this so I went along with him to support him. The box arrived and my heart sunk. The portions were tiny and things just didnt look appetizing.
    Well, 10 days and 6 pounds lighter, I foudn the food to be good (a few were great, a few not so good). I was pleasantly surprised. It wil not be easy but it does seem to be working.

  • ShaMackie

    My review is a WARNING for anyone that wants to try nutrisystem… I was only on it for a week and the only reason why I lost 7lbs in that one week was because I was violently throwing up. The food was horrible!, worst food i have ever eaten, I would of rather been eating dog food… AND GET THIS… NOTHING had to be refridgerated, tell me how gross it is to pull your meatloaf out of your cabinet and pop it in the microwave???!?! I got cold sweats and threw up all the time. I even had to call out of work because of the food. And to put the Cherry on the sunday.. i sent it back via UPS.. and it was scanned in and everything, but yet they took 2 MONTHS to get me my refund.. 260.00 is a lot of money. They couldnt seem to find my shipment! I had to go all over the world to get the paperwork I needed to prove to them it was shipped… i even went as far as to get the persons name who actually signed it into the warehouse! And when I told them that I not only wanted a full return, but I wanted the money it costed me to ship it back.. they told me sorry we cant do that!!! The company is HORRIBLE!!! And the food tastes like dog shit!

  • NC

    I didn’t mind the food so much … maybe because I was losing weight. Since I was saving money each month, and losing weight, I couldn’t complain.

  • JK

    I highly recommend NS to anyone who wants to lose weight and learn how to eat. It is in your mind (aside from real medical reactions) when you make excuses for why you can’t complete the plan… “the food is gross”, “I can’t eat all of those vegetables”, “It must have so many preservatives”, etc. etc. etc.

    The food is not gourmet, but it is absolutely edible, and even the desserts have extra protein and fiber in them to keep you full. I’ve lost over 20 lbs. in two months and I know I’m going to hit my goal in three months.

    If you really want to lose weight you have to stop thinking that you deserve to eat all of the food that you do now. Not many people need that much. Don’t give yourself the option of quitting on Nutrisystem or you will.

    Good luck!

  • TiffanyF

    I actually think this plan is amazing. i love the food (the new version) and am losing so much weight I think I would do a commercial for free. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!!!! My advice is, order things you would usually like and think seriously about where it is coming from. Do you really think steak out a box that doesn’t need to be refridgerated is going to taste awesome? NO. but the pastas and raviolis are amazing. my only gripe is how little they give you but huge portions are what got me here in the first place.

  • karen knapp

    I wish I had read these reviews before I shelled out over $200. for this garbage! The food is totally gross, & mainly consists of cereal & soup, with a tiny, inedible entree for dinner. The little pouches of cereal I recieved were nothing but crumbs. Everything leaves a chemical aftertaste in my mouth, to say nothing of the bonus diarreha! When I called to make sure they didn’t automatically send me any more food, I was told that I had signed up for 2 months & that it would cost me $44.00 to cancel! What kind of a racket have they got going, anyway? Then I was told to try it for a week, & if I was still dissatisfied, I could get a refund. However, it would cost so much to mail it back, I’ll probably just keep it…maybe invite some people I don’t like to dinner, & serve it to them!

    All in all, I guess there really IS one born every minute, & apparently I’m one of them! I hope no one else falls for this hype…go buy a couple boxes of cereal & a few cans of soup, & you’ll basicly have the nutrisystem diet, but at least it will be edible. Let the buyer beware!

  • 84

    I LOVE NUTRISYSTEM… only 11 days in and lost 7 pounds!!!!!!!!

  • Trust me; the first thirty days of any diet’s loss is comprised of water. Don’t worry you’ll gain it back.

  • Roxy

    I think it’s ridiculous that everyone thinks these things are chock full of preservatives because they are shelf-stable. Due to the way these are packaged, they have the same amount of preservatives (or less!) than foods you buy at the grocery store. Look at the ingredient list for the NutriSystem hot dog: “MECHANICALLY SEPARATED TURKEY, WATER, SALT, CORN SYRUP, FLAVORINGS, SODIUM ERYTHORBATE, SODIUM NITRITE, EXTRACTIVES OF PAPRIKA.” Those are just about the same ingredients you’ll see if you look at a package of refrigerated hot dogs. The difference is the way they package it.

    It’s called “retort preparation” and is no different than buying a can of chili con carne or a shelf-stable pouch of tuna or smoked salmon.

    I have not tried NS, although a friend is on it – I am thinking about it and reading reviews, but I think the assumption (and lack of skills reading an ingredient list) of the preservatives these meals must contain is way off base!

  • Sheri

    I know this is a very old post and dont know if anyone still reads it, but I am currently on this diet. I have been on it for 5 months and have lost 39.5 lbs. However the food for the most part doesn’t taste that great. The breakfast lunch and snack have a handful of things i enjoy, but like the author said, they get tiresome. Dinner is absolutely disgusting, and if I hadnt been committed to losing this weight head on at the time, I would of failed, but Its a mindset. Also….last month I was fed up paying for the dinners that I was collecting in my pantry and decided to cancel my order. When I went to cancel, I was informed they have a dinners on your own plan. So thats what I will be doing. They send you a Low GI cookbook to help you. Basically what I have learned from nutrisystem, is self control, portion size and whats healthy for you and whats not. Along with how to fill you up on healthy and not the wrong stuff. Once you learn that you can veer off NS.

  • Stacey

    I am officially starting the NS plan tomorrow, but “previewed” some of the food to see how it tastes. So far, so bad! The cheese puffs taste like styrofoam with imitation cheese powder, the popcorn tastes like cardboard and the “steak” in the entree tastes like no other steak I’ve ever had! Look, I get it; you’ve got to make sacrifices to lose weight. I understand that, it’s not a foreign concept. However as many others have already mentioned, you can eat a LC or WW meal and still throw in the side items for the same amount of calories and for less money. Just bought some Smart Ones a couple of weeks ago and they were $1.50. For the amount of calories in the NS popcorn, you could have 1/2 bag of Smartpop. It may take just a little more time to do your own shopping, but then again you have to shop for all of the “extras” for the NS plan anyway! My MIL ordered 2 months of the food and offered it to me so that we can both do the diet. As she has had moderate success with it before, I am gonna give it a shot. For now though, it doesn’t make much sense taste wise or money wise.

  • Hugo Braham

    The point of these diets is not to have tasty, tasty food. It’s a weight loss program to help people who cannot stop eating bad foods on their own.

  • skinny hot gal

    Why are all fat people so stupid! LOL, do you really thing that my eating pancakes, ice cream and burgers shipped by nutrysistem you will become skinny. LOL. you people are pathetic. I also noticed that fat people usually are dog owners, who adopt a ugly dog in hope to take it out for walks so they can lose 200 pounds off their fat asses. Yet, usually the dog shits in a house)))))))) AHA

  • ROSE

    Maybe when they first came out it was descent food but like with all things in business quality and quantity will diminish and the price will increase!

  • max

    The food is absolutely disgusting. I have been on the diet 6 weeks and I cannot stomach this horrible food one more day. I will be trashing the next two weeks worth of food. The terrible taste is outdone only by the awful appearance. How can you totally screw up popcorn?? People, before you waste your money, try to sample some of the food first. I can’t understand how Terry Bradshaw could eat this for 8 months. That alone should put him in the Hall of Fame.

  • Gail

    For the picky eaters out there…that’s how you gained the weight you need to lose in the first place. I have done Jenny C and I am now trying Nutrisystem. No the food is not the best, but the portions have opened my eyes. We eat waaayyy too much in our society along with a lot of junk. That’s how come I have to lose. I switched from Jenny because it was almost double the price. I work 2 jobs so the food is very convenient for me…like having my own chef. I lost 15 lbs with Jenny and hope to lose 30 more with Nutrisystem. If you could prepare the foods like they do go ahead, but I simply don’t have the time. We are not allowed “personal attacks” for this forum, but that is exactly what you have done to Nutrisystem. I have tried WW and others, not as good as you portray them. Good luck with your weight loss, but you don’t seem to be motivated enough yet.

  • carrie

    So glad i read this, and other stories before doing this. They lie, and scam people! I hear the customer service is atrocious and so many people, with say food allergies, get substituted food they did not order. Looks like weight watchers found another client. From your article, i’ve found maybe five foods that people actually like. I’d like to know what they send these celebrities to slim down bc it cant be what the send normal people.

  • carrie

    @gail, its obvious you work for them.

  • Ethany

    I think Nutrisystem is AWESOME!!
    Now I’m learning the correct way to eat, and
    I can call them everyday for free to go over my daily diet and food, and they are
    understanding and helpful. They never rush
    you off the phone, and you can call 10 times
    a day if you need to. They also have online
    support. This is a great diet. Anyone who
    says any different isn’t willing to give
    up anything to make change happen in weight
    loss. You cant eat awesome tasting meals with 800-1500 per meal if you want to loose
    weight. These meals are good, snacks are awesome, and it is worth every cent. You
    don’t even need to order it every month. You can delay a month or two if $$ is short,
    and they will still help you online or over
    the phone. All this professional help
    at your fingertips. Its awesome!!

  • Ethany

    I like the Cheesepuffs and popcorn. Fat people are used to high fat and calorie
    content. I eat their double chocolate muffin for breakfast and it is good with a huge cup of water. Then I have a yogart and
    a bowl of my soup all for breakfast. I’m so
    full I’m bursting. I thought I’d never loose weight. I eat a cut up tomatoe a touch of olive oil, garlic powder, and italian spices, a small salad with a few crutons, and jello with almost every dinner and lucnh. I also get to choose either a carb (dinner) like a potatoe or corn with my dinner. After eating all that, I still loose weight.
    If your not loosing weight and feeling full on NS, your not logging in your food and calling them real quick to go over your diet. PERIOD.

  • Ethany

    DON’T LET THESE VENGEFUL IDIOTS TURN YOU OFF FROM NUTRISYSTEM. The food is good (except for the meatloaf!) and you are taught what foods you can add to each meal to make it as big as you want w/o adding any more calories!
    You have to change a bit and give up a few things if you are going to loose weight. The people who complain are the ones who want high fat and calorie foods, and who are not REALLY ready to loose weight. You MUST REALLY WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT MORE THAN ANYTHING, AND WITH THIS PLAN AND THE TOOLS TO LEARN H O W TO EAT, IT’s really amazing how well it works.

    I had to loose 80 lbs, and lost 19. I feel so much better! I’m never hungry which is great, I can eat 6 times a day, and the people I call daily for help are great to me. And did you know after EVERY CALL TO NS, you get a quick 6 question evaluation on the person you just spoke with??????
    This keeps all the NS employees very kind and professional to each of us.

    Trust me, I’m a food addict and the scale was just going up, no matter what I did. The mood swings, the failure, the $$$ I spent on food but didn’t know how to eat it.
    This plan works. Jenny Craig works as well, but is twice the $$$ and the reps push you out the door after their 15 min. consiltation.
    REALLY, THIS PLAN WORKS WHEN YOU ARE ready to work it!!!

  • Robert

    Why spend the money? Just use something like the “my fitness pal” app and lose for free. I have lost 38 lbs. just watching my calories, and exercising. I stick to 2100 calories a day, and it keeps me right at my perfect weight. Once you start the program, it’s very easy to keep track of your calories. It even has a barcode scanner to scan packages. I just use my phone. It all comes down to portion control. You just have to keep from eating to much everyday.

  • John

    I saw it at walmart the other day ,I just buy my water there,but I noticed that they were selling nutra system and I checked the box to see what the meals looked like and I almost bought it until I noticed that it said on the bottom “made in china” ..

  • PJ

    Nutrisystem is preserved using a soft canning process, its basically no different than going to the store and buying your meal with a cambells label. The sodium content is high and a third of their products are actually filled with preservatives. They boast that you can store their products in the cupboard or on a counter top at room temperature but while that may be safe, its storage before you receive it probably isn’t. My fiancé works for OHL, a warehouse that stores nutrasystem. There is no climate control for this product whatsoever and temperatures in a warehouse can soar up to 130 degrees, hardly room temperature. So what may start out as a wholesome tasty meal is probably horribly degraded by the extreme temperatures they are subjected to. But even still only one third of the available meals have preservatives, one has to wonder if the other two thirds is even safe to eat after such temperature abuse.

    • Sparkiegal

      No wonder it looks awful and I got sick eating two of the entrees. Glad I bought only the 5 day starter pack.

    • Alex Yamach

      The sugar, sodium and fat content is half what store bought food would be.

  • Chris

    This sounds worse than school lunches or jail food. You know that the best way to have a diet is to restrain yourself from eating junk food and exercise. Grab those Billy’s Boot Camp Videos or any other exercise video and Don’t eat junk food. That’s my advice. So all in all, nutrisystem would not be something I would be willing to try.

  • Paul K

    This system is definitely not for everyone. The food, while not fresh, is ok. I’ve lost 100 lbs being on the diet, so it can work, but again, not for everyone

    • Sparkiegal

      You have to be kidding , you do not know what good food is. You can do your own Nutrisystem by just using entrees from frozen foods and small portions and buying your own bkft bars and just follow the portions. Why pay $300 for something you can do on your own that tastes 100% better

      • Alex Yamach

        You still pay for your food at the grocery store even if you don’t buy it from Nutisystems.

      • Alex Yamach

        You are correct, but Nutrisystems eliminates all the shopping, food preparation and managing portions sizes out of the process. For some people who don’t like to cook or shop, or hassle with figuring out portion sizes it helps.

  • Alex Yamach

    If the food was so great you would think they would make samples
    packs to entice people to go on their diet, but nooooooo! No samples in
    an attempt to suck you into spending $300 for the first months worth of
    food and then paying shipping costs to send it back.

    I worked for the Post Office and Nutrisystems opened an office in one of the business parks.
    The result was every day we received a large truck full of food
    returned by customers to be delivered to their building each day.

    • Sarah

      They have sample packs at Walmart … Nice try though.

  • Jeff

    I am currently on Nutrisystem and have lost at least 35lbs. I honestly love their food, and love there chocolate bars! After reading some of the negative comments, including the above article, I can only say that obviously the plan doesn’t work for everyone. But it’s definitely on my list of recommendations!

  • joan

    have always had nothing but raves for nutri system until NEW 5 day jump start box @ WAL MART #632674841506, does not work, if old boxes not still on shelf will not use this program again

    • Sparkiegal

      You got the same box UPC as I did and it was horrible. I got so sick on two items and the rest tasted like cardboard. NEver again.

  • Sparkiegal

    Nutrisystem diet sucks….I gained 3 lbs and it triggered cravings for sugar which I never eat because of their desserts ( you have to eat or you won’t loose the weight) so they say. The food was awful and I am glad I only bought the 5 day trial box….I got so sick on the pizza and the chicken fettucini I was running to the bathroom for 1 full day….It is nothing but a scan and their biggest mistake was to put a trial like this on the markets…now people will know the truth and anyone who thinks their food is good…does not know what good food is.
    I can do my own planning with bkft. glucerna hunger smart shakes later in the day to curb my appetite and the mini glucerna snacks ( no I am not diabetic but they have less sugar and I do not eat sugar) but have now lost 7 lbs using my method and using Smart ones or Lien Cuisine items from the frozen food aisle…..that works for me as the food is great. And one meal a day is my own cooking…

  • Alex Yamach

    The people who complain about the food are just looking excuse not to diet. They are like little babies that had their fast & snack food pacifier taken away from them. Nobody said dieting was easy and fun. The food is less flavorful because of the sugar and fat is removed from. It is DIET FOOD! No diet food tastes as good as regular food. What were these stupid people expecting? The people expect to make no trade offs or sacrifices to loose weight. They are lazy crybabies with no self control and looking to blame somebody or something else for it. These people are wimps and quitters. They throw in the towel as soon as they have to accept less than what they are used to, and required to sacrifice and show some self control and self discipline.

    I just started it 2 weeks ago. The food is not bad, just less flavorful. And some is dried and you have to add water and microwave it. I accept that to lose weight you have make tradeoffs on flavor, accept limits on what I can eat it, and it’s something I have work at and stick with for a long period of time for it to work.

    • MelC

      I completely disagree! There is NO reason for “diet food” to be nasty. Heard of Atkins? It’s based on real whole foods, tons of veggies, protein, fiber. Just no crap wheat, grains and gluten we think we have to have in our diet. Fresh whole fruits and veggies delicious cuts of meats it fantastic and it’s REAL food, nothing from a pouch. How can you say someone who doesn’t like fake processes foodies being a baby? No they don’t like it because it’s not natural! $300 for food in a pouch is ridiculous, to me YOU are the baby wanting to losing weight from a fake food ouch not buying yourself fresh REAL food!

      • Alex Yamach

        Well then tell us where you can get diet food that doesn’t taste funny, bland or nasty. Doesn’t seem to be any place to get it.

      • Barbie Dudley


    • Brek

      You said it perfectly. If you want to lose weight then taste better not be your priority. $300 a month may sound like alot of money in the end but NOT if you break it down per day. I’m sure these fault finders spend way more than that a month on the junk thats making them fat. I myself could care less about the taste. I eat only to live. I just need someone to plan a proper calorie intake for me so I’m not grabbing and going out of being overworked and hungry.

      • Alex Yamach

        After the first 3 months the price drops to $240 a month. About $8.50 a day. I was spending $800 a month, including tips, eating out twice a day. I am saving money AND losing weight on the diet.

      • Guest

        After the first 3 months the cost of the food for the Men’s Core program drops to $240 a month. That is about $8.50 a day. You can lose weight and save money at the same time.

      • Alex Yamach

        People forget that you don’t have to eat the Nutrisystems food for the rest of your life. It is a TOOL to get to your target weight and teach you self discipline and portion control. Once your reach your target weight, you can got back to eating regular food and apply what you learned from the Nutrisystems program.

    • Laura

      I am on day 6 and lost 4lbs so far. Ya I agree the food is not the greatest… but whatever.. it’s 2 or 3 months of my life.. and if I can feel better and look better after the bland food, then its worth it!

    • angiehoops

      I got very sick on NS on day 7. Ended up missing 2 weeks of work. On day 7 my abdomen went into full attack mode. I awoke with severe diarreah, cramping so bad I could not roll over, blood in toilet, bloating so bad i could not button pants and endless nausea. Dr. diagnosed me with diverticulitis (later found out via CT scan that was wrong) After 3 weeks of forcing myself to eat NS (not because of bad taste, just no appetite with nausea and pain) things were getting worse. Ended up in hospital with CT scan. Showed irritated appendix but NO diverticulitis.
      THis left my doctors wondering what was happening, I was clearly sick, on 2 strong antibiotics and nausea meds. Called NS to find that this occurs to many many people. They stated that the sugar alcohols they use cause this. (WHY WHY would this not be CLEARLY listed? It would have saved me many days of doctor visits, scans, tests, etc.)
      I did not make the connection between the food and my abdominal pain until 3 weeks later when all tests were run.
      Final conclusion of doctors: NS caused all of my symptoms. I have been off of it now for 2 days and am starting to feel better. Still residual diarreah and plenty on nausea but better.
      This is a pretty serious known issue to not be posted. I exposed myself to high radiation via a CT scan simply because we could not figure out the source of all of my abdominal complications.
      I liked the packaging, the plan etc. but this plan should come with a warning since it is a well documented issue. NS asked me to send in my doctor reports and said they would place the food i ate on a 72 hour recall whatever that means. They did provide a full refund for my upcoming shipment i cancelled and are allowing me to send back and no cost food i did not use and will reimburse me for it.
      It works well for many, but be aware if you are starting to notice signs I mentioned above. If you do not stop then your symptoms will get much worse and land you in ER.

      • Alex Yamach

        Yours is an extreme and rare example of a bad reaction to a particular product.

        People have bad reactions to all kinds of things, medicines and foods.
        That doesn’t mean they are all bad, it just means your body system can’t
        handle them.

        • angiehoops

          Yes, none the less this was my experience and worth sharing IMO. Knowing this potential outcome could have saved me much worry surrounding my health. It does not mean everyone will react this way nor did I imply everyone would have this extreme of a reaction. I would have been able to connect my issues to the cause. That is why I shared my story. It was pretty scary.

  • Sara

    i lost 50 pounds on nutrisystem. I love their food. And they do have lots of samples of foods at walmart now. not just the 5 day starter pack. The person who wrote this sounds like a whiner.

  • Wilma

    I completely agree with this author!! I literally just got off the phone with Nutrisystem to cancel my account after two disgustingly disappointing months. Advocates must have a palette that can’t discern the good flavors of this world from the repulsive.

    • Chaz Lipp

      I never had a problem with the way any of it tasted, I just found it to be really overpriced.

  • Hoyt Armstrong

    had a friend on the system…She said the stuff was terrible…her word Stuff…haha.Take Ms. Osmond and put her out to paster..If you see the small print on TV, you will see you have to add Fruit and Salads…Why not just eat the fruit and salad. same thing…

  • HappierNow

    Felt traumatized by the ‘support’ system on nutrisystem

    The nutrisystem moderators do not prevent members from being verbally attacked and abused on the blogs which are used more like discussion boards than blogs because the discussion boards aren’t designed well. .If you report bullying and abuse to the moderators they will do absolutely nothing. Politics and extreme religious opinions being spewed at people and Nutrisystem must like it because they let it go on and on.

    Another member told me I was going to the abode for evildoers after death on my blog and posted Bible verses at me. She really used the four letter word, but to be safe I used this descpription instead.When I told the moderators they did nothing. People use those blogs to push religious and political agendas and cause arguments and the moderators do nothing. If you call they do nothing.

    They will delete silly threads that have jokes about viagra or something but they will let anyone verbally attack anyone else. They don’t care. Someone began their blog with my username in the title and the entire content was slamming me and abusing me ( this was even after I closed my account and left the site) when I called they did nothing. It’s still up being read by everyone.

    I was very traumatized there.They should not advertise a ‘support’ community.

    I joined for the support system and was very let down.

    • Alex Yamach

      If you need a shoulder to cry on to lose weight you are hopeless.

  • Braveheart

    I went on Nutrisysystem 2 years ago and got physically sick. I had nausea and diarrhea. I called my doctor and she prescribed a pill for the diarrhea. It didn’t work. I ended up having to see the doctor who then put me on a 4 day liquid only diet. During this time I went on the internet and found many, many people who were sickened by Nutrisystem food. Like the OP said – the food is not refrigerated and many people found bugs and worms in their food. I’m sure it’s stored in some huge warehouse. The food is just horrible tasting too. And I am neither a picky eater nor a whiner. I am an educated consumer who knows a bad product when I see it and Nutrisystem is a bad product.

  • Sheila

    I had gotten my first food supply a couple days ago and today I called them to get set up and so on and I told them I was severely allergic to peanuts the guy put me on hold. I had to talk to a dietician and she told me that they were dropping me from the plan because all of their food is made in a peanut factory and there is peanut powder floating everywhere and lands on the food before they package it. Jenny Craig is set up the same way. So, here I am with a month’s worth of food, I had some of the desserts which were really good but, I opened up one of the entries and right away my throat started tightening up I washed my hands quickly and left it in the microwave. I told my mom and she came over and tasted it and her eyes started swelling up and she isn’t allergic to peanuts. She didn’t like the taste of the stuffed chicken she said their wasn’t any flavor and couldn’t see me following this plan even if I weren’t allergic to peanuts. They use a lot of peanuts and soy fillers in their foods.

  • Veronica

    I have watched those commercials and was mesmerized too. I am SO glad that I never signed up for nutrisystem. My friend did and gave me some to try because he knew how interested I was and he wasn’t eating it. I didn’t like anything but the chocolate covered pretzels and the cookies. I threw away every meal I opened because it was so disgusting. Even the pound cake and the chocolate cake went in the trash. I told my husband, no wonder you lose weight because you don’t eat!

    • Alex Yamach

      There are many types of diets. Keep searching until you find one that works for you. You don’t have to accept being overweight.

  • Daniela

    I am on day 1 and caved in at 5 pm scarfing down conversation hearts…I’m hopeless…

  • One monther

    I did the nutrisystem for one month. My wife and I actually bought it at the same time. She did it for a week but really couldn’t take the taste. She matched the calories per day, about 1200 for females, and lost 16 pounds over a month with food of her own. I stuck it out and lost 25 pounds. I ate the food I didn’t like first and saved “the best” for last. You are allowed three 100 calorie proteins and 2 100 calorie carbs per day extra. The trick is to make these things you like. I like eggs in the morning so I would have an egg with my breakfast. I used salsa or ketchup with this to add interest. The trick is to understand the importance of calories. Green veges have very few calories but can make you feel full. The biggest part of my dinners now that I am off nutrisystem are salads. I still use full calorie dressing but only one tablespoon. Anyway the food is nothing to write home about but if you need to regain perspective on the amount of calories you have been eating this is a great tool. Green beans and collard greens will become your best friend!

    • Alex Yamach

      I found it amazing that with some salad dressings, ONE tablespoon has 300 calories. WHEW!

  • bellanca

    I thought about trying Nutrisystem because I work a lot and it would be nice to just grab something pre-prepared and I would be less tempted to get takeout at lunch and at night after work. One of my co-workers is trying it and the meals look terrible. I can believe how processed it is. And, for the money, I eat a lot better with salads, grilled chicken and turkey burgers I make, and lean cuisines and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s – it just requires some extra prep time and will-power not to buy junk at the grocery store. Plus, with Nutrisystem, you’re still supposed to buy fruits and veggies on your own (the expensive stuff).

  • Brian

    Maybe you should just try hitting a gym and get off your ass.

    • Spot

      Hey there you judgmental lentil! Not all of us CAN HIT A GYM! Our asses have very little to do with this decision as well! Lol! Couldn’t you have suggested perhaps in taking a leisurely walk with our dog or mowing the lawn? Your reality is not everyone else’s! Lighten up lentil! Lol!

      • Laura

        Brian is obviously the “expert” here… Yes starting a diet and sticking to it is a huge start and pat on the back.

      • Alex Yamach

        He could have suggested you stop feeding your face all the time sluggo.

        • Sarah

          Why don’t you get the fuck off the page if you’re going to be an Internet bully. Maybe try making friends in real life and not spending your time posting bullshit on the Internet. Or are you just too busy hitting the gym with Brian’s dick in your mouth to find something better to do with your time. Don’t get that shit in your eyes, I heard it burns, but I heard swallowing gives you an extra little jolt for that last rep and the protein can’t hurt either. I found this page googling a question I had about the program what’s your excuse…

    • sweetd

      What if someone is disabled? Don’t be a jerk.

  • Alex Yamach

    Here’s what I ate today. Nutrisystems recommends no more than 1500 calories a day for a man, to lose weight.

    6 AM – Nutrisystems Cheerios Cereal in water 110 calories
    8 AM – Half Bagel with Lite cream cheese 150 calories
    10 AM – Banana 100 calories
    12 PM – Nutrisystems Bacon Baked Potato 190 calories
    2 PM – Nutrisystems Ham And Bean Soup 160 calories
    4 PM – Nutrisystems – Pasta & Meatballs in tomato sauce 220 calories
    6 PM – Nutrisystems Granola Bar 170 calories
    8 PM – Nutrisystems Honey Mustard Pretzels 140 calories
    10 PM – Nutrisystems Chocolate Mint Crisp Bar 150 calories

    Total 1390 calories for the day. All were small portions. And I drank only Zero Calorie beverages. I eat something every 2 hours to maintain my blood sugar level and avoid getting hungry.

    This is all it takes to lose weight! You can substitute real food
    for some of the items at times as long as they don’t push you over 1500 calories for the day.

    I’ve lost almost 50 pounds in 7 months by sticking to the 1500 calorie a day limit.

    Notice I ate little meat, and no pizza, cheesesteaks, hoagies, cheeseburgers, fries, sandwiches, sugary drinks, etc., big lunches, dinners or big meals of any kind.

    You can do it too. All it takes is determination, patience and self discipline.

    • I am eating 800-1200 calories a day and just eating normal food, which is tastier and cheaper than Nutrisystem…

      • Alex Yamach

        It doesn’t matter what food, diet or system you use as long as it works for you. Everybody is different and one has to find an arrangement they are comfortable with. and most importantly, can stick too.

    • Paul

      Yeah, eating “Chocolate Mint Crisp Bars” at 10PM makes for a really good diet plan. Is it really that difficult just to eat more sensibly?

      • Alex Yamach

        There you go. A lazy slug looking to find fault as an excuse to not try to lose weight. You are a quitter and always will be.

        • Laura

          I do the same thing, I eat my desserts last, who cares what they say, you are losing weight and it is working!

          • Alex Yamach

            Thank you. The goal is to lose weight. It’s the lazy negative slug nitpickers that always have to find fault with what you do, to feel comfortable with their own lack of success in life.

  • Alex Yamach

    Yes it works I’ve lost almost 50 pounds in 7 months. The food is not as flavorful as regular food since it is low in fat, salt and sugar. There is little meat and bread in the diet. And after the first three months, the price dropped to $240 for 28 days worth of food, about $8.50 a day.

    You can substitute regular food items of equal colorie amounts for the Nutrisystems food at times if you get tired of the Nutrisystems food. I buy Lean Cusine and Weight Watchers frozen dinners at the supermarket once in a while. I dine out once in a while but limit the size and calories of what I eat to stay within the calorie limit for the day.

    I should reach my target weight after 15 months.

    It won’t work if you look for excuses to give up and blame the taste of the food, the calorie limits, the cost etc.

    It only works if you are determined and stay on it for the long haul. You didn’t put the weight on overnight, it won’t come off overnight. There is no quick fix. You have to make a full commitment to staying on the diet and limiting your calorie intake.

    You have learn to change what you eat and how much you eat. No more cheeseburgers, fries, cheesestakes, hoagies, wraps, fries, ice cream, sugar drinks, etc, until you’ve reached your target weight. And no more large portions. Only small portions multiple times a day. It takes self discipline. If you have none you will fail.

    The average weight loss is 6 pounds per month on the Nutrisystems diet.

    The only thing stopping you from losing weight is YOURSELF!

    • Spot

      Hello there fellow NS eater! I take issue with what you are saying and I’ll tell you why. Some of their foods are just too tasty and can make the most disciplined cheat! Are all your taste buds working? Mine sure are! I could easily replace their desserts with sugar free jello and some fruit! Yes…I agree that we are usually in our way when it comes to losing weight but why sabotage us when we’re really trying to lose weight and give use ice cream?

  • Paul

    All these stupid diet plans do is force you to maintain a normal caloric intake, which can easily be done on your own with a little effort. Just do a little reading and learn which foods are nutritious and how many calories they contain. If you simply cut down on wheat and sugars, and get off your lazy ass occasionally, you will see the pounds melt off.

  • Spot

    I’ve tried most of the frozen and other meals and I have to say…( even eating the power fuels, smart carbs and free foods) it left me eating more than one entree! Maybe I lost my will power but it was very hard to stick to the program! It must have a thermal burning agent because I was burning up as if it were a hot flash! There is a price to pay when you eat more of their food then recommended! What you ask? An embarrassing long time in the toilet! It has too much fiber! Good thing I drank a lot of water or I would of suffered compaction! The desserts were too addicting too! Especially the frozen pops and various ice cream choices!!! Their counselors were very professional though… However, they would have to live with me for it to truly work! Lol! There’s no short cut in losing weight! I know! I’ve tried just about everything from lipo to pills galore! I must not give up or I’ll wind up dead due to my high blood pressure!!! There’s no other option but to use your brain to follow the simple equation of less food and more EXERCISE! Back to the drawing board for me!

  • Nutrisystem user

    I have been doing nutrisystem for 3 months (as of yesterday). While there are definitely some meals I can’t stand. I happen to like a lot of the options. Almost all of the breakfast foods are really good. The lunch meals weren’t quite as yummy, but I have found a solid 5 that I like a lot. I signed up to add their frozen meals so I have 10 frozen meals and 18 of the non-frozen so 18 from 5 lunch favorites isn’t so bad. The dinners are good for the most part, especially of their pizzas frozen and non-frozen and I like almost all of their desserts. They may not look as awesome in the pics but most are pretty good. They do a good job with keeping calories low and helping train you with portion control. I find knowing i have a selection of meals when I get home helps me pass by the fast food alternatives on my drive home and lot less likely to cheat when the only aisle you go to in the grocery store is fresh product. In the 3 months of doing it, I have lost 36.2 lbs and that is without exercise. I am now implementing exercise in addition to nutrisystem and hoping to drop another 51.4 lbs to my goal. I’d recommend nutrisystem to anyone.

    • sweetd

      Hmm are these microwave only? I don’t own one, my bf thinks they cause cancer lol

      • Felicia Callari Cacioppo

        No not microwave only. You can prepare on your stove.

        • sweetd

          Thanks! 🙂

  • braveheart

    I went on Nutrisystem several years ago and got very sick very quickly with nausea and diarrhea. I called my doctor who prescribed an anti-diarrheal pill. I stopped eating nutrisystem by then and took these pills but the diarrhea persisted. I had to make an appointment and see the doctor. She said I would have to go on a liquid only diet for several days. By this time my nausea was gone and I was starving but had to go on the liquid diet. That along with the pills finally resolved my issue.
    I went online and found out that I wasn’t the only one sickened by this food. Someone had said they used to work in the warehouse where this food is kept – no refrigeration, no heat/humidity control – and there were worms, etc.. in the food. Just think of it – all that crappy tasting food sitting in hot, humid warehouses. Yuck. No wonder so many get sick.
    And the bottom line is the food tastes terrible. Like many said – there are only a few things that are palatable.
    Don’t waste your money or jeopardize your health.

  • mywillyiscool

    I have been on nutrisystem for one week, and currently am in the fetal position with horrible stomach pains and explosive diarrhea. I do have chrons disease / ulcerative colitis, so perhaps it has aggravated that. I find most of the food is awful. The desserts are something to look forward to after 3 horrible meals though. I thought the pancakes tasted like a shoe. I did lose 10pounds so far though.

  • Felicia Callari Cacioppo

    Nobody ever said weight loss was easy. I appreciate they’ve done all the work and you’re supposed to supplement with veggies, fruit and lots of water so it’s not an unhealthy diet plan. If you stick with it you will lose weight but long term you’re going to have to change the habits that made you gain in the first place.

  • Amanda

    I guess I am one of the lucky one for whom this program works. Though, I do agree that some of the food is definitely lacking in the delicious department I find that most of it isn’t too bad and some of it is flat out delicious, granted I am not as picky an eater as the article writer it seems. I think it is a good program if you have hectic work schedules and don’t always have time to cook. That’ the initial reason why I joined, I was eating out almost every meal and had gained quite a bit of weight in doing so. This makes it so I don’t have to eat out anymore and my weight is dropping. So, all in all,I consider this a pretty effective system if you are willing to sacrifice large portions and a little flavor sometimes.

  • elizabeth

    I did nutristem a few years ago (the plan has changed slightly since then, as we did not use terms like “smart carbs” and “power fuels”, but i believe it is basically the same) and I lost 30 pounds in about 15 weeks. Some of the food was good, some was not, but it was easy and fun and I kept it off for two years, because I kept the veggies, fruit, low fat dairy and water intake up and didn’t go to my old dum ways of overeating and eating too many sweets and drinking too much wine. In other words, I learned how to eat more healthy. Eventually I did fall off the wagon and gain back the weight, but I have just recently lost it again just as quickly, this time by getting grocery store foods that matched the nutrisystem stats. I do credit it for helping me lose weight fast (which is just a jump start) and teaching me how to eat healthy and keep it off long term. Hopefully I can keep my willpower up this time and I can keep it off for life. Once you are in the habit of healthy eating in general, you can let yourself have whatever you want … in moderation. That is the key. 😉

    • Leigh

      I have tried NS 3 times, and this last time was the worst. I had horrible stomach problems which let to an embarrassing accident while on vacation. You absolutely cannot drink one drop of wine with this food, either, even as an extra carb. It will multiply the stomach effects. I also thought I had an ulcer or kidney problem because of the pain the food caused in my lower left back and abdomen. Please don’t order this – not worth your life and health!

  • Cindy

    My husband did program for 2 months. Although some meals were not as appetizing as others, none were bad. He lost 24 lbs. He is looking great. I bought the 5 day program at walmart to try it pout. I am struggling to fit all recommended items in on a daily basis. But now several days later I feel good. Energy level has gone up. I ordered my month package and looking forward to doing this 4 more weeks!!

  • Aleksa Krepoqa

    Not only this is a scam but the company seems to be using other company’s mobile app. Any thoughts? http://tinyurl.com/k9u5n6h

    • Josh Gilman

      Yes…You’re not that informed. It is not a scam.

  • Sarah

    I wanted to leave a comment here after reading your complaint about the syrup because it means you have not done your research properly before reviewing the product. The website lists all of the food you are allowed to eat in addition to the meals provided, alphabetically and by frequency. Syrup is listed under extras which you can have up to 3x daily or not at all, Maple Syrup, sugar free 1 Tbsp. I’ve been on the program for about 2 weeks so I’m definitely no expert but I find the food to be great. I’m on the vegetarian plan so I’m sure that makes a big difference because let’s be honest, why would you think non refrigerated meat would be appetizing? I was super hesitant to order because it is a lot of money up front (but most people spend more than $300 on groceries a month anyway, I know I do) and your review would have turned me away unnecessarily based on not a single good point mentioned and I’ve enjoyed the program so far and seen results. I did originally receive a preselected program with meat in it at first but since it was their mistake they arranged for ups to pick the food up from my house at no cost to me. So for anyone on the fence with a busy schedule and not a lot of time to prepare a meal give it a shot!

  • champagne

    I got two free boxes of nutrisystem and it is complete garbage. I am 110lbs and 5’4 I am a veg and I got meat eater boxes. I will not eat anything at all except for the Apple strudel breakfast bar.I swear this food will make you sick!! Eat fruits and veggies and cook your own balanced portion smart meals !!