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As I, @TheJazzdisciple, was trying to expand my own digital presence in the various financial circles in the Twitterverse, I came across @FederalReserve, the official Twitter account of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Now, I had figured that the U.S. Government had been expanding its digital presence, considering that President @BarackObama is on Twitter, the Republican frontrunner @MittRomney has an account, and so does his running mate @RepPaulRyan, who actually has another, @PaulRyanVP.

So I started scanning through Twitter looking for government agencies related to the finance and banking industries and I found every Federal Reserve Bank, the Securities & Exchange Commission, and the Treasury Department. Even Mr. Gold Standard himself, @RepRonPaul, has an account! So i compiled a short list of federal agencies related to the financial industry which have accounts on Twitter. Note that all these accounts have the “verified” blue check Twitter uses to let users know that the account is real. 

  • @FederalReserve – Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • @USTreasury – Treasury Department
  • @NYFed_data – Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • @SEC_Investor_Ed – Investor Education and Advocacy Office, SEC
  • @RecoveryDotGov – account for Federal recovery projects
  • @CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • @NYFed_News – news updates from the Reserve Bank of New York
  • @ENERGY – Energy Department 
  • @PhilFedEconEd – updates on educational resources from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • @DeptOfDefense – Defense Department
  • @SanFedReserve – Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • @philadelphiafed – Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • @stlouisfed – Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • @ChicagoFed – Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • @AtlantaFed – Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • @BostonFed – Reserve Bank of Boston
  • @MinneapolisFed – Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • @ClevelandFed – Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • @DallasFed – Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • @KansasCityFed – Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • @NYFedResearch – tweets on publications and blog posts from the NY Fed’s Research and Statistics Group

If you are looking for even more financial news and updates on happenings in the banking sector, most major print media have accounts on Twitter, as do their business sections, so you can easily follow @NYTimesBusiness or @Reuters. Also, major networks like @CNBC have accounts, as do many of their programs that air throughout the day, like @MadMoneyonCNBC with @JimCramer or @CNBCfastmoney. If you’re on Twitter and want to get news from the official sources, these accounts tweet often, so follow and get connected!

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