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Follow Up Dose: Street Fighter: Legacy Short Debuts

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The Street Fighter short film, which we brought to your attention a few days earlier, has debuted on the 'net. The short epitomizes the word, clocking in at just over three minutes in length. It also explains why the two teaser trailers, which really lived up to their name, were so, well, teasing. It's not like they could release a minute or so trailer as that would reveal almost half of the short.

While the length of the trailer is disappointing given the amount of hype it generated, its length does play to its advantage. In three minutes there's no time for it to get bogged down in dodgy, cliched dialogue or a lame storyline which we've come to expect from these sorts of films. In essence it's pretty much a three-minute fight scene, with only a loose back story and, considering it's based on a fighting game, it's probably the most truthful adaptation because of it.

The fight is choreographed well, as you'd expect from the team behind the short, and the slowing down of certain kicks and punches gives the fight some real oomph. Sometimes slow motion is overused but I think Legacy gets the mix just right. I was also a fan of the charging of Ryu's Hadoken, the way the charge came down through his arm and, bearing in mind this isn't a Hollywood film, the special effects for the Hadoken and Ken's Shoryu-ken were okay. They did have a real video game look about them, although this IS a video game world, and the scene where Ken dives over the Hadoken wasn't the greatest but the accompanying sound effects were great. They had the little repeated damage noises from the game as well as the character announcing the attack. It just added to the atmosphere of the short. Also, it sounds awesome when they speak in Japanese; I mean it just feels right. Capturing the look and feel of the game is one thing adaptations struggle with, but Legacy seems to do that quite well.

Surprisingly neither Ryu or Ken seemed to take much damage from any attack, especially the special attacks, which seemed rather odd and the ending is a little disappointing. Also Joey Ansah's appearance as Akuma was only fleeting even though he looked quite cool. On the whole it's an enjoyable short that's easily one of the better video game adaptations I've seen and you can even check out some featurettes on the making of the short.

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