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Follow the Line of Koch, Fundamentalists

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“We’ll make darn sure they spend it in a way that goes along with our intent. If they make a wrong turn and start doing things we don’t agree with we will withdraw funding.” &ndash David Koch

There is no denying that I detest the Koch Brothers and their dealings. They don’t even try to hide their motives anymore, but the people don’t even know who they are, much less what they do, or the power they have in being political billionaires. Koch money is easily handed out to bill signing aficionados. I am livid at the manipulations plastered on the Fox News Channel. I am disgusted at the weak-minded who buy into the rhetoric without digging for the truth. I am disgruntled that these two men are, double handedly, overthrowing our politics, politicians, and our freedoms and rights as Americans. What sends me totally over the top is they count on the Christian fundamentalists’ dependence on the false rules drummed up in the bible to help further their cause. While the people bow to their Jesus, David and Charles are laughing at the weakness and the ability to lead the meek, or ignorant, to the brink of the toxic cesspool, and like drinking the Jim Jones Kool-Aid, they happily snort the Koch, poisoning themselves and every American around them.

Let’s start with the devout Tea Party. The Party is mainly made up of Christian fundamentalists. They are a party born from the womb of Americans for Prosperity. The fundamentalists were so happy that a group was going to fund and back their moral beliefs; they didn’t check what Americans for Prosperity really stands for. Were they aware they were selling their ultra moral souls to the reverse side of redemption? They believed they, with the help of Americans for Prosperity, could change the world back to how their God wants it to be, per the words of the two thousand year old book. The Christians, believing they are standing for their God, swallowed the baited hook. The message was sent to vote Republican. Vote with God. Vote with morals. Vote to keep the nation from falling to Hell. As soon as the Tea Party politicians were placed in office, all part of a devised plan, the agenda changed. The Kochs’ had their majority in office to pass the laws that fit their corporate minds. All else was smoke.

The fundamentalists still can’t see the writing on the wall. They have yet to understand the meaning of divide and conquer. They buy into the anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-birth control and anti-social program agendas. They believe the propagandized pronouncement of key terms: entitlement, handout, and something for nothing. As they worship their bleeding savior they have yet to ask themselves: “What would Jesus do?” They certainly don’t fit that bill, no matter how many praying hands show up at the polls. They tune into Fox and buy it as gospel. Even God said to search for the truth. Never once did he say to be narrowminded or to pass judgment.

Their religious leaders stand and speak of killing homosexuals. Maybe it’s just me, but can’t we all hear the whisper of Jesus Christ, as he hangs on the cross: “Come my children, crucify those who are different from you, pass judgment, single out those whom you disagree with, insult them, cast stones at the ugliness of their difference of beliefs, starve the hungry, neglect those who need medical attention, kill off the planet which my father, your almighty God, created for you, create unrest, begin wars of greed, feed the wealthy, ignore the cry of the homeless children, they aren’t entitled to anything. Don’t give handouts, people don’t deserve it. Always, my dear children, give breaks to the wealthy, give them the strength and clear the pathway for them to pollute the land and to torture your soul with their poisons. Eat the genetically modified food presented, that says what my father planted for you wasn’t good enough. Always, my children, I say unto you, do not tax the wealthy and do not let your nation take care of those in need. We are not of the faith of taking care of the sick or needy, we are to bow to the rich and allow them to destroy our nations, our lives, our freedoms, and pollute not only our lands, but our hearts and souls through manipulation, lies, and ignorance.”

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  • Clav

    government is about governing the people, for the people, by the people.

    Well, it’s supposed to be, at least. But it’s been a looonngg time since that’s been true in the USA; here it’s more like “government of the bureaucrats/politicians, by the bureaucrats/politicians and for the bureaucrats/politicians.”

  • Clav

    For instance, do you really think that public sector employees will get paid what they’re worth if they’re not unionized?

    One would hope that in the absence of the unions, their wages would be pulled back to what they’re really worth, yes, but who knows?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Clavos –

    “government of the bureaucrats/politicians, by the bureaucrats/politicians and for the bureaucrats/politicians.”

    You left out “corporations”

    One would hope that in the absence of the unions, their wages would be pulled back to what they’re really worth, yes, but who knows?

    And the 41% of teachers in Texas who have to have second jobs just to make ends meet and put food on the table, every one of these has at least a bachelor’s degree and many (perhaps most) have master’s degrees. So is this your idea of “paying them what they’re really worth”?