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Fodder Figure: Barack Blogs Around the Block

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On the Net everyone is your neighbor. We are each but a one-click search away from the other, each but a flying finger down the block, and boom, you are in someone else’s space or backyard. And the New York Times’ recent purchase of a website called Blogrunner has brought some of the best bloggers under the same tent.

So, with time on his hands, Barack Obama wrote a blog entry down the block on Huffington Post (with nearly 5,000 comments) trying to explain away Jeremiah Wright, his comments, his religion, his radicalism, his racialism, their relationship, himself, and his preaching the gospel of politics from the pulpit. For that Rev. Wright might be investigated for using his pulpit for political gain. If that is the case, then Rev. Wright was clearly in the wrong. While I believe that politics, race, and religion are inevitably intertwined, the law of the land dictates that they be kept separate.

What Barack couldn't say was that to be a black native of Chicago was almost to be radical by nature, by definition. We are the home of the pan-African movement, Afro-centric beliefs, black vegans/vegetarians, Kwanzaa, nouveau-clique clothes, radical ideas, intellectual light, music, and politics. This is the home of Minister Farrakhan whose Hyde Park mansion is literally down the block from the Obama mansion in Kenwood, to nearby Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.

Hillary Clinton also blogged an article there recently and made children in poverty her subject. But she failed to mention one of the leading causes of childhood poverty: incarceration in the family. Why was that? Was it because she did not wish to draw undue attention to her husband’s track record on drug laws and their impact on the poor and minorities? What was really strange about that omission are new statistics released citing 1 in 100 Americans are incarcerated — a new record. That issue was strictly political. What has been borne out in the past months was that she too needs to repudiate Bill’s remarks and track record on racial equality! Like I said in another article, the Clintons are walking the racial tightrope with the wrong-colored tights.

I grew up going to political meetings and radical churches, enthralled with blaring Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow coalition speeches on the radio. His son was elected to congress, and when Barack ran for a congressional seat he lost to Bobby Rush because he used the “Barack is not black enough” argument, and it worked. I’ve never attended Obama’s particular Unity church nor is it the type of church my family would join. Not because it is radical but because it is not cut from the same Christian cloth as less political, born again assemblies.

That said, within Unity churches there is really little unity. They have splintered just like the rest of the so-called Christian churches. I have also been a member of Unity in both Texas and Chicago under (now long retired) Rev. Johnnie Coleman. Her church is also a splinter of Unity Church. She had a huge congregation with a mix of congregants who believed in everything from esoteric Islam to Hinduism to Kabala — heretics the lot of us. I touch upon this political and religious morass in my book. Good thing I am not running for elected office this lifetime, I wouldn’t have a prayer.

Which Has More Political Cachet: Obama v. Clinton or Obama and Clinton?

The GOP regulars, conservatives, Dem haters, radio talking heads, and party leaders are salivating over this duel in the primary. Well-funded 527 ads will blast Rev. Wright’s speeches and will put the Obamas in Rev. Wright’s white-race-hating audience and kill the party at the polls. We can’t let that swift boat sail, people.

If you read my article “Offers I Can’t Refuse” and the headline about putting these two on the same ticket you will notice I never used the term “dream ticket.” I could have easily called it that. But I didn’t. I call a Clinton ticket a necessary evil. I hate to put it in those terms but that’s how I see it. Hill and Bill will cry foul as long as Barack is on top. That may be a necessary evil to them, but not to Obama supporters. I am not yet convinced we can all just get along. But there is no reason that both cannot be on the ticket as Pelosi unwisely suggests won’t ever happen.

Nancy Pelosi: Gutless Wonder

From the transcript of her weekly press conference, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, who does not speak for me, said last week:

They asked me, "Did I think there was going to be a dream team?" Yes, there is going to be a dream team. They asked me specifically about those two people being on the ticket together. I said I thought it was impossible. Now, do you want me to go through a lifetime of political gut to tell you why that is the case? (emphasis added)

Ms. Pelosi: Take it from me, that won't be the ticket.

Q: Are you concerned about the tone of the campaign between the two of them from this week" And are you worried that one of two or both important constituencies, black voters or women voters, could end up being alienated?

Ms. Pelosi: I think the constituency for these candidates goes well beyond those two groups.

I say that she needs to save the strategy sessions for wiser heads. With the yin-yang divide yawning wider highlighted by the recent Mississippi primary – Obama won 90% of the black vote – the divide is growing greater every day between races and parties. Therefore, the ticket might have to hold both Obama and Clinton. I want to see the Democrats stomp the Republicans in the dust, beat them back to their huts and tear off their nuts. Nancy, with all due respect, needs to whip Congress of both parties into shape and save the economy, if she can. Bernanke and the feds are also to blame for this mortgage and now banking mess. The fault sat squarely with them because they were not watching the pot and it has boiled over. There was enough blame to go around for both parties. It spilled out onto Wall Street and the folk street.

Is This BHO's JFK Catholic Speech a la Blog?

I question the whys and the hows of Obama's blog on his religion and church: Does he have to tell the world that he has repudiated his pastor? Why does he have to broadcast something that will neither satisfy nor pacify the haters? It’s a good thing he has staunch supporters because they are just about levitating with anger over this pastor dust-up. Many black supporters are not having doubts about the year of Barack. But we are having doubts about his strategy or lack of one to attack Hillary Clinton, her ads, her mindset, and her Machiavellian methods.

Instead of rejecting his pastor shouldn’t he be getting publically tougher with Clinton? So why can’t he get tough with her? He will be smeared with the mud of same old political dogfights. Obama’s supporters have begged him to get tough with Hillary. In lieu of that bloggers and surrogates have had to come to his defense. But they have been chastised and even dropped from the campaign team.

Hillary can’t win without Barack, but many political observers believe that he can win without her. I think he believes that he can win without her. But playing devil’s advocate for a second: Should we let Hillary be the top of the ticket and clean up the Bush mess (as she suggested) and what’s left of the economy by the time “the shrub” has left office? Does Barack need protection from Billary, the Right and Bush leftovers? Why can’t he use the ammunition that abounds about Billary? Some of it would be dirty pool but much of it is fair game. Unknown quantity John Edwards was put on the bottom of the ticket by John Kerry. But to his credit Kerry put Barack on the platform to give the Convention’s keynote address in 2004 and he never looked back. Edwards did little for the Democrat party that year. At least we know Hillary is a known vote-getter.

Why the Grand Old Party Should Remain on the Do Not Resuscitate List

The U.S. created Saddam and armed this anti-Iranian demagogue. The U.S. killed him under a Bush. This was blowback at its finest. According to narration in Why We Fight, “we [the U.S.] have the receipts of weapons of mass destruction held by Saddam.” Saddam Hussein is dead, his sons are dead, over 4,000 American soldiers are dead, over a million Iraqis are dead, the U.S. economy is on life-support, Osama bin Laden is alive and well and his sons are alive. Who won 9/11, I ask you? Yes, 9/11 changed everything. But are we safer, freer, and richer since then? It could have been so different. Everyone should spend 99 minutes watching Why We Fight.

Finally, I am fed up with the right’s “Barack as black boogey-man” argument because it plays only to the base of human nature — fear. The right wants to keep this hot mess going because it takes the eyes of the world off the issues. It takes the focus off the war front, off the price of gasoline, off the economy front, off the fact that McCain can’t win, off the fact that Barack can be a president of the people, off the mark, off money matters, off health care, off what really drew us into Iraq in the first place, off the block, and off topic most of all. I do believe that McCain cannot win without the race-baiting radio shock jocks. When is he going to repudiate and reject them? Is he going to repudiate Pastor Hagee and others who endorse him but who don’t speak for him? When will America, long off the gold standard, get off the racial double standard?

John McCain cannot win without fear as his running mate. The only question left to answer is who will be the Republican face of fear this year? Who will be McCain’s “Dick Cheney” in 2008? As for me, I’d rather be a blogger than president.

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  • Anon

    What a piece of propagandist crap.
    We get it – only your messiah, his Holiness, Barack Hussein Obama can save this country. He is the only one great enough to lead us and we are privilaged to have him.

    We are the home of the pan-African movement, Afro-centric beliefs, black vegans/vegetarians, Kwanza, nouveau-clique clothes, radical ideas, intellectual light, music and politics

    Didnt know Chicago was home to the lunatic fringe..you sure you arent mistaking it for San Frisco?
    And apparently the above are something to be proud about?
    Black vegans, nouveau-clique clothes – wow! – how amazing is that!
    Guess what, Kentucky and Mississipi are home to white carnivores and overalls. woo hoo.

    By the way, are you cultists planning a Waco,tx if Obama doesnt get nominated? just curious.

  • “What a piece of propagandist crap”

    …Sounds more like a header to your own comment, Anon, than a response to the article.

  • Oh it’s not that propagandistic. It’s more like a love letter to Obama. I only really take exception to her bizarre claim that commenters on the right are pushing the race issue. I haven’t seen a single instance of anyone except for Clinton and her surrogates making race an issue over Obama.


  • I haven’t seen a single instance of anyone except for Clinton and her surrogates making race an issue over Obama.

    So what would you call the multiple instances right here on this site of commenters calling Jeremiah Wright a racist and trying to taint Obama by association?

    Anon et al don’t read like Clinton stooges to me.

  • Anon

    So true. I mean how dare I question our savior Obama. I just should be like the rest of the sheep that comment here and take everything he tells us as the truth. How dare I challenge or question his credentials or associations. Who am I to impede the progress of the first black President?

    The sheep way of thinking:
    On the Pastor – ‘I reject those comments and I wasnt there when those were made nor anyone told me about it’ –
    Sheep’s response: Aww..We trust you Barack. we can easily picture you being conveniently absent on all those days and also that no one talked to you about it when you were present in church.

    On Rezko – ‘It was a boneheaded mistake and a lack of judgement on my part’ –
    Sheep’s response: Aww..its okay Barack – you showed wonderful ‘judgement’ about Iraq by giving a speech, so we’re willing to give you a pass on everything else.

    Sorry if I don’t subscribe to the above blind faith in your messiah. Makes me a direct descendent of David Duke doesn’t it?

  • So what would you call the multiple instances right here on this site of commenters calling Jeremiah Wright a racist and trying to taint Obama by association?

    I don’t consider the BC comments section as in any way representative of the GOP, the right-wing punditry, the McCain campaign or anything else more significant than some anonymous guys blowing off steam.

    And Wright did say some racist things. Black folks CAN be racists. Obama wrote some fairly racist things in his first book too. These are just facts and they have nothing to do with Obama’s race or Wright’s race. These kinds of statements would be just as bad coming from a white person. Accusing someone of racism is not the same thing as persecuting them because of their own race.


  • Heloise

    Yes, yes, I’ve been called an anti-semitic and racist, and a white man! I’ve heard it all. And I’ve learned that if anyone says even a word against Jews, I mean ONE WORD you are labeled anti-semitic. But did you know that the Jews gave Hitler the ammo (propaganda) he needed for the final solution? Read some damn history books first and you will know that racism, genocide are woven into the fabric of the world. No one escapes it.

    Propaganda makes the world go round. You can’t lie away the reason for the Iraq war and its 3-trillion-dollar price tag now can you?

    Why didn’t we drop the bomb on Germany in WWII, why did we drop it on Japan? That’s propaganda for ya.


  • Dan

    I think my favorite Reverend Wright “display” is the one where he says “Bill Clinton done us just like he did Monica Lewinsky, He was ridin’ dirty,” Wright then holds one clenched hand, palm down, out in front of him and momentarily humps the air.

    Many white Americans never see this sort of “worship” going on in Black mega churches.

    Obama’s greatest success among white voters has been in places where whites don’t have much contact with blacks.

    For them, the media carefully sanitizes the image of blacks. They’re most likely to see only friendly, helpful, rationale, and logical blacks. Often gently, and patiently correcting whites’ bigoted stereotypes of them, and teaching whites how to live more tolerantly.

    The appalling thing about the Wright revelation isn’t Wright. A singular screwball can be easily overlooked. It’s the massive congregation, half in and half out of their seats, in joyous delirium over Wrights racist, anti-American diatribes.

  • Clavos

    “Why didn’t we drop the bomb on Germany in WWII, why did we drop it on Japan?”

    Here’s one good reason:

    Nuclear bombs are extremely “dirty” (especially those first two); they produce radioactive fallout which spreads over a wide area adjacent to ground zero.

    Germany is in the middle of relatively small Europe, surrounded by nations which were either our allies or nations we were trying to liberate from Germany’s yoke. Depending on the wind and other atmospheric factors, at least some of them would have been exposed to toxic levels of nuclear fallout.

    Japan is an island nation, remote from its neighbors.

  • Heloise

    Hmmm, I wasn’t talking topography or geography but ethnicity.


  • Heloise

    Update: I spoke to my sister who actually DID attend Rev. Wright’s church for a year, 20 years ago, which is exactly when Obama and his family began going there. She found it not Biblically based and therefore ended up at Church of Christ.

    When I told her the title of this article she said that’s funny because people were actually lined up around the block in order to get in.

    Wright started with a regular sized church on the south side of Chicago, which I’ve passed by many times, and then moved to a mega church where he is now, or was. People could not get into the church it was so well attended. He is well-respected by many other churches and is a brillant man. I never met the man, but he should have gone into entertainment probably.

    Is this why Obama was attracted to it? Not sure. But I was a Quaker in a past life and prefer very quiet services really. Nixon was also a Quaker.

    Many churches have been found to be cults. Rev. Wright’s church may be no exception. This was the argument against Catholicism, it is considered a cult too.

    So, should the sixth ray rule the world we would all be in deep shit—just kidding. But Barack as Messiah, that is getting more play than it should. He is highly evolved no doubt, but so are the Clintons.

    The doves of today were the hawks of past history.


  • Clavos

    “Hmmm, I wasn’t talking topography or geography but ethnicity.”

    I’m well aware of that, Heloise.

    Your implication was that we chose Japan for racist reasons, which is precisely why I wanted to point out the very real probability that the choice was made on a basis having nothing to do with racism.

  • Clavos

    “This was the argument against Catholicism, it is considered a cult too.”

    Only by the ignorant.

    Roman Catholicism sprang from the first followers of Christ, specifically the apostle Peter. In that sense, it is actually the oldest Christian religion.

  • REMF

    “I think my favorite Reverend Wright “display” is the one where he says “Bill Clinton done us just like he did Monica Lewinsky, He was ridin’ dirty,” Wright then holds one clenched hand, palm down, out in front of him and momentarily humps the air.”

    LOL!! So there IS some factual merit to his sermons, then.

  • REMF

    “Sorry if I don’t subscribe to the above blind faith in your messiah. Makes me a direct descendent of David Duke doesn’t it?”
    – Anon

    No. But a Sean Hannity wannabe, yes.

  • “Why didn’t we drop the bomb on Germany in WWII, why did we drop it on Japan?”

    Here’s one good reason:

    Here’s another, even better reason.

    Trinity – the first atomic bomb test – took place on July 16th, 1945. Germany had surrendered more than two months previously. Japan, meanwhile, fought on.

  • Clavos

    Damn!! Forgot that!

    Props, Doc!

  • Dan

    Chronological history lesson:

    Germany surrendered May 8, 1945.
    First full scale atomic bomb tested July 16, 1945.
    Hiroshima nuked on August 6, 1945.
    Japan surrendered September 2, 1945.

  • Thanks, Clav.

    Sometimes it’s easy to focus too narrowly on one’s debates here.

    Had the Allies developed the Bomb in time, I have a feeling they would have used it in Europe if the necessity had arisen – especially since Hitler would not have hesitated to strap one onto a V2 and launch it at London if he’d gotten there first.

    Also, the blast and fallout effects were (of course) little understood at that time and I doubt they would have given Truman and Churchill much pause.

  • Dan

    “Sometimes it’s easy to focus too narrowly on one’s debates here.”

    Or sometimes it’s easy to just make up shit, or parrott someone else’s fantasy.

  • Heloise

    Rush: the white radio messiah just said that “Obama is fini!” He has predicted that Obama is over, finished.

    We didn’t elect Al Gore, but got the shrub instead. Wall Street has imploded on the weak dollar and the IRAQ or QARI war.

    Yes, let’s put another Bush in office.


  • Heloise

    London Blitz 1940:
    “On the evening of August 24th, A German Bomber formation accidentally bombed some non-military targets in London. Winston Churchill immediately ordered reprisal attacks on non military German targets in Berlin. This prompted a furious response from Hitler, who ordered that a blitz campaign of bombing start immediately on London. This began on September 7th, when a massive 330 tons of bombs were dropped on London.

    The bombing of London continued for 57 consecutive nights. While it caused devastation in that city, it meant that the grinding pressure was taken off the RAF. The British were soon recovered from the Losses received over the previous months and had quickly gained the upper hand over the Luftwaffe, destroying some 380 aircraft for a loss of just 178 of their own. The bravery and tenacity of the RAF pilots prompted Churchill to utter perhaps his most famous words ; ‘Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owned by so many to so few.'”

    Huge bombs were dropped on London by the Germans long before the H bomb or A bomb was created through the Manhattan projects thanks to some brilliant Jewish physicists, there were huge bombs available.

    The US flew over the trains carrying Jews to the death camps and just waived from the plane, like Bush did over NOLA, and kept flying.


  • Heloise,

    Strikes me that you are trying to sell Americans on a product – Obama Toothpaste. It sounds kinda like Ipana (for those who still remember Ipana and Pepsodent).

    If you want to sell the product, you should take a more positive attitude, like the one you struck in your article about the Texas primary and caucus.

    This article is definitely punchy, and definitely combative, but you should remember that your readers are not Hillary Clinton – and that you are not standing in for Obama, as much as you might like to.

    I’ll admit that I’m a lot punchier and nastier than you are in many of my own articles, but I’m not trying to sell a point of view or a product. I’m just callin’ it as I see it – which often ain’t pretty – and is often quite at odds with the bullshit you all get to read in the mainstream media in America.

    AS for the issue at hand, I have to admit I don’t really care. So Wright is a racist and a Jew-hater. Lots of blacks are both – big deal. After 1973, the world has turned against us Jews and frankly those that hate us can go fuck themselves and burn in the hell they recommend so heartily for us.

    As for whether you need Clinton on the ticket, if she is, better that she be on the top – so that she has to worry about Obama killing her, than on the bottom, where the temptation for her to kill Obama would just be too much for her to resist.

  • Heloise

    Thanks Ruvy,
    I was trying to be objective. And Joseph P. Kennedy said that “we will sell Jack like soapflakes” and it worked. Religion has no place in politics. But they do have one thing in common: cult-like followers.

    I saw Obama in person when he was here in FW. I am not enamored of him, I am objective about him. I also know how black people think and trying to defuse it will get some people in trouble.

    Anyway, when I am 100% positive I get in trouble and when I have some misgivings, not really, I am negative!!


  • MAOZ

    #23 reminded me of the old commercial ditty:

    You’ll wonder where the yellow went
    When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.

    And our own irreverent addendum:

    And when your teeth start turning black
    You’ll want to have the yellow back!

  • Dan @ #20:


  • Anon

    am not enamored of him, I am objective about him.

    Haha..talk about delusional. You are so brainwashed that you would jump off a cliff if His Holiness Obama asked you to.
    You’re as ojective about him as the Manson family was about Charles Manson.

  • Dan

    Dr, Dreadful #26

    What’s to whut??!?. I simply charged that Clavo’s made up the reasoning about a non-existant concern over nuclear fallout in 1945, and that Heloise parroted the ignorant claim that white racism was the reason for nuking Hiroshima instead of Germany.

    I don’t directly or indirectly impugn their integrity, just saying their honest views are based in ignorance.

  • Heloise

    “Obama plans major race speech tomorrow.

    Barack Obama will give a major speech on “the larger issue of race in this campaign,” he told reporters in Monaca, PA just now.

    He was pressed there, as he has been at recent appearances, on statements by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

    “I am going to be talking about not just Reverend Wright, but the larger issue of race in this campaign,” he said.

    He added that he would “talk about how some of these issues are perceived from within the black church issue for example,” he said.

    He also briefly defended Wright from the image that has come through in a handful of repeatedly televised clips from recent Wright sermons.

    “The caricature that’s being painted of him is not accurate,” he said.” Ben Smith of Politico.com


  • Dan

    I wonder if the Obama camp can sustain the muzzle on Wright. Unlike Obama, Wright likes to make himself clear.

  • Clavos

    “I wonder if the Obama camp can sustain the muzzle on Wright.”

    Doesn’t matter. The king and queen of sleaze will make sure no one forgets him.

  • Dan

    “Doesn’t matter. The king and queen of sleaze will make sure no one forgets him.”

    I think you’re right, but it will probably be from operatives in their camp. The Clinton’s can’t afford to make a direct issue of it.

  • Heloise

    “When Senator Obama’s preacher thundered about racism and injustice Obama suffered smear-by-association. But when my late father–Religious Right leader Francis Schaeffer–denounced America and even called for the violent overthrow of the US government, he was invited to lunch with presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr.

    Every Sunday thousands of right wing white preachers (following in my father’s footsteps) rail against America’s sins from tens of thousands of pulpits. They tell us that America is complicit in the “murder of the unborn,” has become “Sodom” by coddling gays, and that our public schools are sinful places full of evolutionists and sex educators hell-bent on corrupting children. They say, as my dad often did, that we are, “under the judgment of God.” They call America evil and warn of immanent destruction. By comparison Obama’s minister’s shouted “controversial” comments were mild. All he said was that God should damn America for our racism and violence and that no one had ever used the N-word about Hillary Clinton.” quote From powerline linked to Brietbart

    And if you listen to many ministers who preach about end times they speak of Israel being totally destroyed, 3 billion people destroyed, and possibly America! Can you get more violent than that?

    I think this thing will be placed in proper perspective if the double racial standard in this country gets straightened out first.


  • Anon

    If this was a white church talking about the white way of life and being ‘unashamedly white’ while making racist comments about other races and the damning the country and openly supporting a presidential candidate while denouncing the others – the IRS would have revoked its tax exempt status and the minister would be have been fired with Al Sharpton picketing outside the church.
    Doubt Sharpton will picket outside Obama’s church.

    So the only double standard is that Blacks can get away with anything while others can’t.

  • JustOneMan

    Are we witnessing the end of Obama?

    Obama will be giving a speech about race tomorrow. I guess the war and economy aren’t important anymore. At his announcement today he also “briefly defended Wright from the image that has come through in a handful of repeatedly televised clips from recent Wright sermons.” “The caricature that’s being painted of him is not accurate,” he said.”

    I guess someone manipulated and edited these clips and duped CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, WaPo, etc.? How else could the Reverends image be anything but what was is on the church recorded video tapes?

    Obama and his supporters forgot that “words mean something.” As Juan Williams said this weekend, Obama cannot have it both ways…using racism to garner the black vote that denying it to get the white vote!

    So this is the guy who is the new political change agent? He sounds worse than all of the other idiots in Washington.

    JOM “Obama – nothing more than another DC politician”

  • JustOneMan

    Anon…Amen by brother…Amen!

  • Heloise

    breaking: online blogging wars Obama v Clinton on daily kos. I was banned there so I don’t really care. I blasted Edwards for not being electable and they banned Heloise…

  • Anon

    breaking: online blogging wars Obama v Clinton on daily kos

    Love these ‘breaking news’..they are about as relevant and interesting as a frog croaking somewhere in the amazon.

  • I guess someone manipulated and edited these clips and duped CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, WaPo, etc.? How else could the Reverends image be anything but what was is on the church recorded video tapes?

    Let me explain to you how this sort of thing works, JOM. May I use you as a guinea pig?

    Suppose I were to extract one single phrase from the entirety of your above comment… Let’s see, what would be a good one…? Ah! Let’s go with this phrase:

    “the war and economy aren’t important anymore”

    Now, suppose I were to take just that one phrase and present it as being your entire political outlook? Like this:

    “JOM: ‘the war and economy aren’t important anymore'”

    Do you see where this is going?

  • JustOneMan

    Ohhhhh geeee..now its clear thanks!!

    People who support Obama will let slide and make excuses for the racist and hateful remarks of one of his closest advisors and friends because he is black! So part of the Affirmative Action mentality allows for minorities to embrace and promote racism!

    Thanks for clearing it up for me!

    JOM – And these same guys think David Duke is looney!

  • Dan

    So then we’ll soon see the rest of the tapes where it will be clear that Wright was only kidding around.

  • Heloise

    BREAKING: NO FLORIDA REDO! WTF? Is this bad for Barack?

  • JOM #40: I guess I needn’t have asked if I could use you as a guinea pig.

    You are a guinea pig.

    Or at least you have the brain of one.

    Dan #41: What I’d hope we’d see is the 98% of sermons where Rev. Wright spoke about Christianity with no reference to politics, especially inflammatory politics.

    Heloise #42: I should think not. Rules is rules. Florida needs to like it or lump it.

  • JustOneMan

    Hey where is the Editor….blatant personal attacks!!

  • Clavos

    “Florida needs to like it or lump it.”

    Florida wasn’t asking for a redo; that’s the idea of…ta-da…democrats (guess who?) outside of Florida.

    The top democrats in Florida all rejected the idea of a redo.

  • That’s right, JOM.

    I know full well that Chris is going to have to excise it – but for a blissful few minutes… couldn’t resist!

  • Clav: OK then. I’ll rephrase my comment: “Whoever it was needs to like it or lump it.”

    However – wasn’t it Florida’s idea originally to move the primary up, despite DNC warnings? Or was that a bipartisan thing?

  • Clavos

    It was bipartisan; first thrown out by the Dems, with enthusiastic support from the Reps, who ensured it with their majority in the legislature.

  • Clavos


    The top Dems I mentioned above who oppose a redo are all HRC supporters…

  • Heloise

    It was a GOP gov. Crist who FU the primary in the first place. I think he did it on purpose. Recall the Florida that took away the election from Al GOre? Of course if vote wonder Edwards had been of any help they would have won. Then again why the hell did Gore loose Tennessee?

    Anyway, the Dems did not dun it this time, but the GOP.


  • Heloise

    oops, It was Gore/Liberman, not Gore/Edwards.


    Same damn difference though.

  • Dan

    It doesn’t seem to make sense that HRC supporters are against a redo. She’s behind in the delegate count. What do the polls say the voters favor in Florida?

  • Everyone is playing dirty.

  • Heloise

    Barack on TV Now: reiterates “We’ve got to bring people together…it’s in my DNA.” He tells Gwen Ifil, “Made by some stupid statements made by Rev. Wright.” “TUCC is overwhelmingly white” Ooops he calls his minister “stupid” or his comments “stupid.” Did he mean that? Say it ain’t so Barack!


  • Heloise

    Gwen: “Could you have laid some of these things to rest months ago (meaning he does not have good judgment on the Rezco/Rev )?”

    Gwen: Tony Rezco question: Do you think your association with those two people will raise questions about your judgments?

    “Because I haven’t been in Washington as long as Sen. Clinton I have not distanced myself from these people for as long a time as some people who have been in Washington for a long time.”

    His argument is a bit shaky. Need to read a bit of philosophy before you make that speech Obama. Maybe listen to one of the best of JFK speeches will help. Advice: Get some help on your speech tomorrow, but it should come from the heart too.


    We will be watching.

  • Anon

    Obama is going to be exposed as the liar he is as soon as a tape surfaces showing him in the Church when the pastor was delivering his one of his many hate speeches. Hell it wont even need a tape, just one or two members coming forward claiming obama was there.
    Its only a matter of time before he is exposed as a deceitful, opportunistic, calculating politician that he is.
    Dont think I need to reiterate but here it goes – This is the beginning of his end. I cant wait to see it.

  • Anon, Wright’s admission that he discussed this problem with Obama before the campaign even began is just about as much of a smoking gun as video of Obama at one of the suspect services.


  • Dan

    I mostly agree Anon. I think he hurt his chances of wriggling out by claiming he had no knowledge of his close mentors delusions for 20 years. He only just now cut him loose.

    He’s still ahead in delegates though. But his electability in the general election is damaged. That’ll be enough for the Clintons to make a case against him in the convention among the super delegates.

    I’m so looking forward to the convention. They should get Jerry Springer to manage the ceremonies.

  • Heloise

    The black/white racial double standard divide is the smoking gun here. A white preacher can preach “damn” America and get away with it and get praise for it, but goddamn a black preacher for doing the same.

    How quickly we forget that King was the most hated man in America at one time. And so was Robert F. Kennedy. Hindsight is 20-20.


  • Zedd

    What is so hateful about what Wright said??

    Most Democrats believe that 911 occurred because of how we have behaved toward others.

    Many Americans think that bombing Japan was wrong.

    Off course America is wrong about racism…

    Where is the horrible part????

    McCain’s supporters (ministers)have said 911 was brought on by God’s wrath, New Orleans because of God’s hatred for gays… do you really want to start looking at candidates supporters’ and pastors’ views.

  • Zedd

    What I think is ridiculous is that Whites agree that racism is horrible but they just don’t want Blacks to talk about it when they are alone. They don’t want Blacks to talk about how they are sickened by it or how stupid a society that secretly condones it is. IT IS STUPID. Whites get THEIR feelings hurt when they hear just how upsetting it is to deal with an insane world where ones efforts are only half acknowledged because of their skin shade (eye roll). YES its upsetting and Yes it should be upsetting. It is only rational to be angry about it. Stop throwing a tantrum. Yes we get fed up and yes we think the system is stupid because it is. Now, lets pick a President with half a brain regardless of the shade of his epidermis.

    What we should all be asking is why African Americans aren’t more angry and retaliatory. Instead of why they talk about what is wrong with this society. (the nerve)

  • Zedd


    What hate speech?

  • Anon

    # 62: If you can’t figure it out yet – I won’t waste my time explaining it to you.

    # 57: That is true Dave, but most people are content with ignoring that fact. Only a video or witnesses will jolt them out of their blind faith in Obama (One would hope).

    #58: One can only hope! Springer is a democrat anyway.

    #60 McCain’s supporters (ministers)have said 911 was brought on by God’s wrath, New Orleans because of God’s hatred for gays… do you really want to start looking at candidates supporters’ and pastors’ views.

    McCain’s minister supporters havent been his mentors, they didn’t baptize his children nor did they marry him. McCain didnt attend their Church for 20 years nor does he praise them every chance he gets.

    So I know you are trying to lump McCain and Obama’s situations as one and the same but they are not.
    If Wright was some random pastor supporting Obama then it wouldnt have been such a big deal. Obama could denounce the statements and be done with it.
    But Obama seeked out this man and this church and attended and supported it (incl. monetarily) for 20 years.
    So yeah, McCain’s and Obama’s are not similar situations by any means. Nice try though.

  • Anon

    A great article from the Wall Street Journal:

    Obama Bargain

  • Clavos

    Thanks for the link, Anon!

    You’re right! GREAT article!

  • Arch Conservative

    Let me just start by saying FUCK OSAMA OBAMA.

    Of course republicans and conservatives are enjoying watching Obama squirm over this whole crazy pastor issue.

    However, only someone who’s been in a coma for the past 15 years would fail to recognize that the Clintons and their drones are enjoying it twice as much. The Clintons are the real puppet masters behind the scenes on this issue, making sure this story is the number one news story 24-7 for as long as possible. Not Sean Hannity…not Rush Limbaugh. Is there any doubt that the Clintons would rather see Mccain win than Obama? Is there any doubt that the Clintons would just as soon use nukes to blow up the entire planet and wipe out all of mankind rather than suffer a humiliating defeat for the white house. After all these years how is it possible that any American would actually believe that the Clinton’s are capable of true concern for anything but themselves? They sold their souls a long time ago. If I was Obama Bin Laden I’d be hiring food tasters and wearing head to toe body kevlar. The Clintons will stop at nothing…absolutely nothing to get what they want.

    Not that that anti American piece of shiV O. Hussein Osama is much better. I’m glad to see the Clinton camp at the throats of the other major moonbat camp and vice bersa. Hopefully they will drag each other down to the pits of hell.

  • Zedd


    It’s clear that you don’t know. You ,are on a blog, explain yourself.

    It seems to me you are one of those people who think that by simply stating something loudly or roughly that your views are legitimized. Your screams make not a good argument.

    What do you find offensive about Wright’s statements? Simple.

    What you have revealed is that YOU DON’T KNOW. You are one of those reactionaries that politicians love to play ping pong with.

    If you want a better America, change the way you process ideas. THINK.

    On the McCain endorsements vs Obama’s preacher, which is most deplorable? McCain expressed an abhorrence for the leaders of the religious right then courted and laid down with them when he decided he wanted power (now that’s greatness). Regarding Obama, without you stating what was offensive about Wright’s messages, we cant talk about it now can we. I don’t know what you are referring to.

    Man up and have a real dialogue or sign out fellow. You can’t have a dialogue based on innuendo in the land of the big boys.

  • Zedd


    I think we forget what church is. That is the placce where wrong doing is spoken about and being politically correct is WRONG. Good pastors are supposed to leave no stones unturned. They are to chastise personal sin and the sin of a nation. They speak of people stealing, cheating, fornicating and lusting. They speak of countries stealing and cheating too.

    Go to church. You forgot what it is.

  • troll

    I’m pleased that The Preacher’s sermon got a national airing and am hardly surprised by the majority reaction where it is assumed that he overstepped some racist hateful line

    he’s pissed at continuing racism -big surprise

  • JustOneMan


    “he’s pissed at continuing racism -big surprise”

    Didnt you mean to write

    “he’s resposible for the continuing racism -big surprise”

    Racial hucksters like wright are only relevant if there is a racial divide. If racisim ends they no longer can steal pennies from poor people to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

    JOM “3/18/08 10:15AM – A speach that Obama will regret making”

  • JustOneMan

    Anyone watching the Obama speach at this moment is seeing first hand what a weak and conflicted person he is. He is actually painting his minister and by default himself as a “victim” of the media and his enemies…

    His rhetoric proves is a pathetic shallow person at best…

    It is now clear that while the US is capable of electing a Black or monority presdident it wants more that the old school minority politician who bases their campaign on racism and playing the role of the victim.

    JOM “So much for change!”

  • REMF

    “Anyone watching the Obama speach at this moment is seeing first hand what a weak and conflicted person he is…His rhetoric proves is a pathetic shallow person at best…”
    – JOM

    Actually I didn’t view Barack’s speech that way at all; but that IS how I perceive your words.

  • troll

    Racial hucksters like wright are only relevant if there is a racial divide. If racisim ends they no longer can steal pennies from poor people to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

    JOM – your criticism might well be correct…I admit not knowing enough about him to vouch for his sincerity

  • Heloise

    32 minutes of Obama’s Rev. Wright speech today audio


    I also wrote an article on it.

  • Zedd

    Troll and the rest,

    None of you know what a racist is and certainly not what a racist comment is. Strangely enough you are all White males…. interesting. I’d hate it if you actually experienced it (chuckle) you’d be trying to bomb someone.. oh wait a minute that’s happened before hasn’t it.

    It’s also quite clear that NONE of you know what a church is and what a sermon is.

    Preachers are supposed to speak about and highlight abominations. We know that this country has done wrong. If those wrongs cant be spoken about on the pulpit then where can they be mentioned? We are so used to being lied to and spun and sugar coated that we expect that every institution should do so. This is a church and a pulpit. If America is wrong about a specific thing, it should be declared. If an individual sin is committed, it should be declared. If modern society is wrong, slipping or immoral, it should be declared on the pulpit. If the planet is headed in the wrong direction, you guessed it, it should be stated, ESPECIALLY on the pulpit.

  • I see that Arch’s comment about the Obamas and my response to it were deleted. I guess that means what I said set him off on one.

    His famous hair-trigger temper must be extra finely balanced today…

  • JustOneMan

    Zedd and the rest,

    All of you are great examples of what a racist is. And obviously you are all either minorities or pandering White males…. interesting. You all claim to experience and understand racism ironically as you support racist policies such as affirmative action and quotas.

    It’s also quite clear that ALL of you have a sick sense of what a church is and what a sermon is.

    Preachers are not supposed to curse, lie and teach hate. We know that this country is the best country in the world even with its warts. Those who make a living from the pulpit spewing hate and racism must be rebuked. We are so used to being lied to about racism by people who have a vested political and financial interest in racial tension. This is so called church is no different than an old time Klan meeting. If a weak presidential candidate is wrong about a specific thing, it should be declared.

    JOM and I have declared…

  • REMF

    “I see that Arch’s comment about the Obamas and my response to it were deleted.”
    – Doc Dread

    Might be the MCH Exception, Doc.

  • JustOneMan

    The following is credited to poster retired05

    Why is no one asking how well Obama’s message of “hope” and “change” fared in his own home district when he was a state Senator?

    Why does no one ask if his friend, Tony Rezko, while contributing to Obama’s campaign coffers also contributed to the pervasive blight in the Chicago inner city that was Obama’s district? Did Obama do anything to improve the lives of those living in Rezko buildings that had substandard plumbing and often no heat in the dead of winter?

    Did the schools in the 13th District improve? Did children no longer have to walk past the drug dealers on their way to a substandard school? Did the gang population decrease?

    How about jobs? Did Obama set up a day care system so that undereducated citizens could take GED classes knowing that an education was one step on the road out of proverty? Did he help bring in businesses that needed workers and set up job fairs to help those businesses find workers? Or was his message as empty as it seems not having any real effect on those Illinoisans who voted for him? But no one has asked. And my guess is, no one ever will.

    The bar has been set. Obama himself has made this campaign about race. It is a “them against us” policy and as he talks of “moving on” past the divide, he himself just gave a speech that let’s us know the divide is alive and well [in his view] in black churches.

    JOM..giving credit where credit is due!

  • Zedd,

    I see you’ve actually gotten your dander up. And I see that when you do, the spelling mistakes go away and the clear tones of an angry black woman come through with little difficulty at all.

    I’ll not condescend to tell a Christian what a sermon should be; but I do know that the prophets of my people were not afraid to speak truth to power, and as a Jew, I feel better when rabbis in this country speak truth to power – for the power here is terribly corrupt.

    So if a preacher sees fit to condemn and excoriate American institutions, this is fine.

    But if any given preacher wants to expostulate Jew-hatred, he, and all that follow him, can burn in the hell they so heartily would send my people to. It’s not an issue of what he has a “right” to do. It is an issue of Jews having enough pride and guts to condemn and stop by any means necessary, the spread of Jew-hatred – whether it be in your country, ro anywhere else on the planet.

    To do anything else would be to invite the death camps once again.

  • troll

    Zedd – I am a white man (err…troll) living in a predominantly Hispanic cultural area: both I and my children know what racism is

  • Zedd


    I missed the Jew hatred speech. Which would you be referring to?

    It is in the tradition of the prophets that Christian ministers see it as their duty to speak the truth and to condemn all that is ill in society else we all perish. If America or anyone is wrong, it should be stated by men of God.

    Also, don’t misread my straight forward approach to be anger. Its just that things need to be stated as simply as possible. Postulating and pontificating would be useless in this case. Lets cut to the chase. After George Bush we really can’t get caught up in the political games that put idiots in power. We must stamp out rhetoric, clear the air so that we see things as they are. No racism or hatred has occured.

    I hope I misspelled something for you so that the delusion of your superiority remains intact.

  • JustOneMan

    Ruvy..dont hold your breath! Looney Liberal American Jews are no better communists…they will vote for Obama while ignoring his spiritual leaders prayers for the end of Israel…of course Obama wasnt in his pew at the time he was either taking a dump or smoking a cigarette!


  • JustOneMan

    Troll..please correct your posts all Looney Libs believe that it is impossible for a white person to be descriminated against by a minority!


  • Zedd


    Must be nice. You are really naive. You have no idea what racism is. You throw a fit over this. Wow, a grown man who knows so little about the world he lives in.

    I’m happy for you. Must be nice.

  • Zedd


    That is not racism. That is prejudice.

    Be happy to be clueless.

  • troll

    Zedd – the predominant power structures and majority here has been Hispanic for several centuries…I thought that we agreed a while ago that those were the requisites for racism

  • REMF


    Yes, I’m a white boy and won’t pretend to know what racism is about. But I did get a taste of being a minority and discriminated against while in Hawaii (in the navy) in the early ’70s.

    Would you believe me if I told you I was color-blind?

    – MCH

  • Zedd,

    You’re finally letting us see who you are, Zedd. And you are angry. That’s cool. You’ve finally joined the rest of us here.

    Welcome to the crowd….

    Now, remember your won words No racism or hatred has occured… and check this shit
    I hope I misspelled something for you so that the delusion of your superiority remains intact… at the door.

    Have a nice rest of the day.

  • JOM..giving credit where credit is due!

    Indeed: credit where it’s due. You are learning to cite your sources. However – where was this person commenting? Do you need to know how to code a link?

    B+ for effort.

  • JustOneMan

    yes I am an ingnorent linker due to many years oh da white mans oppression!

    How do you link!

  • JOM: How do you link

    This quick ‘n’ easy tutorial will tell you all you need to know.

  • Heloise

    My son just sent me an audio of his first sermon this Sunday in LA, where they just moved. He quotes some fire and brimstone stuff from the Bible. But he never uses racial verbage. And I don’t dare 1) curse in his presence or dare 2) talk about other races in any sort of way that is not charitable.

    He is studying to be a minister in LA. He embodies what a Christian minister should be. He also grew up in radical Chicago and went astray, but we are as different as night and day. I am an equal opportunity abuser when it comes to race…LOL.


  • Zedd


    Really not angry. BTW that is one of the jokes that we laugh about… Thinking that we are angry when we are no where near it. This dialogue is not THAT crucial Ruvy. There is a lot more stress in life….

  • When you don’t know what to do, blog around the clog…


  • JustOneMan

    Oh yes Obama the new fresh face…how can he defend his owm words now,,,

    “I understand MSNBC has suspended Mr. Imus,” Obama told ABC News, “but I would also say that there’s nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group. And I would hope that NBC ends up having that same attitude.”

    Here is the linbMy Web Page

    How do you spell…hypocrit?


  • Yay JOM! Your first working link!

    (Although you can actually change the ‘My Web Page’ bit to whatever you want.)

    (Except ‘Dumbocrats’ or any variation thereon.)

    Just one thing about your Imus story: which of Wright’s utterances would you consider to be the equivalent of the term ‘nappy-headed ho’?

  • Anon

    Obama even sold out his own grandmother for votes in the speech today. I doubt his grandmother ever said the blacks gave a fatal disease to whites to kill them. It was pathetic pandering to white liberals and blacks. People on msnbc were wetting themselves after the speech.
    Now he is the black candidate. Almost makes me feel sorry for him..almost.

  • Bennett

    “How do you spell…hypocrit?”

    The same way you spell most other words, Anon, incorrectly.

    Or is it “Anthony”?

  • Bennett

    Sorry, JOM gets the spelling credit for that one… My bad.

  • Heloise

    Obama wrote the speech himself. Whomever said he did not was wrong. Why shouldn’t he? He’s a writer after all.


  • Heloise

    Someone asked this good question: how come white politicians such as Hillary and McCain do a race speech?


  • Heloise

    I mean why don’t they also do a speech on race relations. Why is there never a news cycle about lawsuits and blacks who can’t get home loans? The list goes on.


  • Zedd


    I think you truly miss some basic things that are a part of your world.

    To you Liberation Theology is this astonishing phenomenon that you just heard about a couple of days ago. Black or Liberation Theology is what kept and keeps millions sane in this pear shaped world that we live in. It supports biblical teachings that what we witness in our everyday lives is ungodly and against Gods word. It clearly, boldly and unequivocally states that the wrong in our culture is WRONG. Its not about YOU or about politics. It simply states what is true about our world, unvarnished by the greed which sustains racism and class-ism. It says that God hates the racist, greedy and opportunistic climate that our world has come to accept as normal. It teaches us to love and to live up to God’s principles REGARDLESS because we are subject to His laws. Know that these teachings have been around for quite sometime and your lack of knowledge about them says more about your lack of engagement in your world than anything. Your seemingly shocked reaction at Wright’s sermon says that you don’t know your world. Probably because you think that what your culture has to offer is right and perfect (for everyone).

    If you ever wonder why it is that African Americans have maintained relative composure in the midst of everything that has taken place in this country, it is because they have had outlets where their pain and frustration has been legitimized, where their twilight zone experience is deemed what it is, a madness and an abomination.

    Your naive experience forbids you to see the relevance of Wright’s message or feel compassion for those who need to hear it. Be grateful. You will go on blathering in your ignorance, mocking and whining because you have come to assume that what you don’t know is not worth knowing. That you as a White male came to this world knowing more than what any Black man could possibly know or need to know. Your warped mindset keeps you in darkness and ignorance, only you don’t see it as such because you deem what none Whites know to be irrelevant.

    Never mind commenting. I’m right.

  • Bennett

    “If you ever wonder why it is that African Americans have maintained relative composure in the midst of everything that has taken place in this country, it is because they have had outlets where their pain and frustration has been legitimized, where their twilight zone experience is deemed what it is, a madness and an abomination.”

    Quoted for Truth

  • Anon

    Or, at this moment, in this election, we can come together and say, “Not this time.”
    By voting for me of course. Way to guilt trip white voters into voting for him.
    And I still can’t get over how he sold out his grandmother. What an opportunisitic back stabber.

    Only people this speech works on is the people who are already his followers – blacks and white liberals. No one else is going to take away anything from this. And this does not put his racist pastor controversy to rest.
    Expect to see his poll numbers drop.

  • JustOneMan

    Zedd 104

    Proof that there are those in this country who are geneticallay and metally predesposed to remain in squaler and poverty. Anyone who raisies their children to believe that they are victims of “da big bad white master” who wants to “keep the brother down” deserves to remain the emproverished underclass.

    Obama played the race and victim cards today..pretty pathetic. Especially for a guy born into a rich family, attended private schools, partner in a law firm and became a US Senator. Oh I did forget his (Black) father did abandon him…Gee I can really feel his pain…

    “African Americans have maintained relative composure in the midst of everything that has taken place in this country” Oh yes they have so I guess you define composure as having the highest incarceration rates, highest crime rates, highest unemployment rates, highest percentage of children born out of wedlock, lowest high school graduation rate,etc, etc..

    Zedd stop blaming Whitey and exercise some personal resposibility…”God helps those who help themselves” I guess they use that line in Black Churches eh….

    Obama – living proof that affirmative action doesnt work..

    JOM “Preaching from my pulpit”

  • Zedd


    Your comments have nothing to do with my posts. I think you are still wedged in the 70’s or perhaps early 80’s, anyway, somewhere in the “distant” past. You are couched in the political rhetoric of, I believe, the Regan era. It worked for him and he got elected. Why you are still hanging on to it is odd. The man is dead, he go the power he needed by spreading that myth and to some degree, the self fulfilling prophesy. Let it go and find out what your world is like.

    It doesn’t look like you are paying attention to your surroundings or care too much to evaluate the reality in your country. It doesn’t seem as if you are knowledgeable at all about a large portion of modern day society. Its odd that you don’t even see the necessity to do so. Perhaps its too painful to be educated about the real world. It looks like you simply want to retain a certain status (delusional as it may be). Understandably, one would want to maintain a position which they attained simply because they are. I would be tempted to whine, finger point and reverse charges of victim-hood, in order to retain the status that I was accustomed to, as well.

    It is interesting how a lack of awareness about European society and all that is important to the descendants of Europe is considered to be a sign of intelligence and astuteness but an abysmal ignorance about the vast expanse of which is everything else is seen as understandable. A finger wag is administered to those who don’t know about everything about you. Yet you know so little about others and what you know is so embarrassingly wrong. But what is really strange is that you don’t care that it is so off because you deem that knowledge to be less important. You deem the people that the knowledge is about to be less worthwhile, so your stupidity doesn’t really count as stupidity. That in itself makes my world an oddball place to be because your attitude is multiplied by millions, including those who make important decisions about my livelihood and the future of my children and MY planet.

    Hope that helps.

  • JustOneMan

    Zedd…as usual you are not makling any sense. I hope you are proud of your efforts to maintain an underclass of government program dependent minorities.