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Fodder Figure: Barack Blogs Around the Block

On the Net everyone is your neighbor. We are each but a one-click search away from the other, each but a flying finger down the block, and boom, you are in someone else’s space or backyard. And the New York Times’ recent purchase of a website called Blogrunner has brought some of the best bloggers under the same tent.

So, with time on his hands, Barack Obama wrote a blog entry down the block on Huffington Post (with nearly 5,000 comments) trying to explain away Jeremiah Wright, his comments, his religion, his radicalism, his racialism, their relationship, himself, and his preaching the gospel of politics from the pulpit. For that Rev. Wright might be investigated for using his pulpit for political gain. If that is the case, then Rev. Wright was clearly in the wrong. While I believe that politics, race, and religion are inevitably intertwined, the law of the land dictates that they be kept separate.

What Barack couldn't say was that to be a black native of Chicago was almost to be radical by nature, by definition. We are the home of the pan-African movement, Afro-centric beliefs, black vegans/vegetarians, Kwanzaa, nouveau-clique clothes, radical ideas, intellectual light, music, and politics. This is the home of Minister Farrakhan whose Hyde Park mansion is literally down the block from the Obama mansion in Kenwood, to nearby Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.

Hillary Clinton also blogged an article there recently and made children in poverty her subject. But she failed to mention one of the leading causes of childhood poverty: incarceration in the family. Why was that? Was it because she did not wish to draw undue attention to her husband’s track record on drug laws and their impact on the poor and minorities? What was really strange about that omission are new statistics released citing 1 in 100 Americans are incarcerated — a new record. That issue was strictly political. What has been borne out in the past months was that she too needs to repudiate Bill’s remarks and track record on racial equality! Like I said in another article, the Clintons are walking the racial tightrope with the wrong-colored tights.

I grew up going to political meetings and radical churches, enthralled with blaring Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow coalition speeches on the radio. His son was elected to congress, and when Barack ran for a congressional seat he lost to Bobby Rush because he used the “Barack is not black enough” argument, and it worked. I’ve never attended Obama’s particular Unity church nor is it the type of church my family would join. Not because it is radical but because it is not cut from the same Christian cloth as less political, born again assemblies.

That said, within Unity churches there is really little unity. They have splintered just like the rest of the so-called Christian churches. I have also been a member of Unity in both Texas and Chicago under (now long retired) Rev. Johnnie Coleman. Her church is also a splinter of Unity Church. She had a huge congregation with a mix of congregants who believed in everything from esoteric Islam to Hinduism to Kabala — heretics the lot of us. I touch upon this political and religious morass in my book. Good thing I am not running for elected office this lifetime, I wouldn’t have a prayer.

Which Has More Political Cachet: Obama v. Clinton or Obama and Clinton?

The GOP regulars, conservatives, Dem haters, radio talking heads, and party leaders are salivating over this duel in the primary. Well-funded 527 ads will blast Rev. Wright’s speeches and will put the Obamas in Rev. Wright’s white-race-hating audience and kill the party at the polls. We can’t let that swift boat sail, people.

If you read my article “Offers I Can’t Refuse” and the headline about putting these two on the same ticket you will notice I never used the term “dream ticket.” I could have easily called it that. But I didn’t. I call a Clinton ticket a necessary evil. I hate to put it in those terms but that’s how I see it. Hill and Bill will cry foul as long as Barack is on top. That may be a necessary evil to them, but not to Obama supporters. I am not yet convinced we can all just get along. But there is no reason that both cannot be on the ticket as Pelosi unwisely suggests won’t ever happen.

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  • Heloise

    Obama wrote the speech himself. Whomever said he did not was wrong. Why shouldn’t he? He’s a writer after all.


  • Heloise

    Someone asked this good question: how come white politicians such as Hillary and McCain do a race speech?


  • Heloise

    I mean why don’t they also do a speech on race relations. Why is there never a news cycle about lawsuits and blacks who can’t get home loans? The list goes on.


  • Zedd


    I think you truly miss some basic things that are a part of your world.

    To you Liberation Theology is this astonishing phenomenon that you just heard about a couple of days ago. Black or Liberation Theology is what kept and keeps millions sane in this pear shaped world that we live in. It supports biblical teachings that what we witness in our everyday lives is ungodly and against Gods word. It clearly, boldly and unequivocally states that the wrong in our culture is WRONG. Its not about YOU or about politics. It simply states what is true about our world, unvarnished by the greed which sustains racism and class-ism. It says that God hates the racist, greedy and opportunistic climate that our world has come to accept as normal. It teaches us to love and to live up to God’s principles REGARDLESS because we are subject to His laws. Know that these teachings have been around for quite sometime and your lack of knowledge about them says more about your lack of engagement in your world than anything. Your seemingly shocked reaction at Wright’s sermon says that you don’t know your world. Probably because you think that what your culture has to offer is right and perfect (for everyone).

    If you ever wonder why it is that African Americans have maintained relative composure in the midst of everything that has taken place in this country, it is because they have had outlets where their pain and frustration has been legitimized, where their twilight zone experience is deemed what it is, a madness and an abomination.

    Your naive experience forbids you to see the relevance of Wright’s message or feel compassion for those who need to hear it. Be grateful. You will go on blathering in your ignorance, mocking and whining because you have come to assume that what you don’t know is not worth knowing. That you as a White male came to this world knowing more than what any Black man could possibly know or need to know. Your warped mindset keeps you in darkness and ignorance, only you don’t see it as such because you deem what none Whites know to be irrelevant.

    Never mind commenting. I’m right.

  • Bennett

    “If you ever wonder why it is that African Americans have maintained relative composure in the midst of everything that has taken place in this country, it is because they have had outlets where their pain and frustration has been legitimized, where their twilight zone experience is deemed what it is, a madness and an abomination.”

    Quoted for Truth

  • Anon

    Or, at this moment, in this election, we can come together and say, “Not this time.”
    By voting for me of course. Way to guilt trip white voters into voting for him.
    And I still can’t get over how he sold out his grandmother. What an opportunisitic back stabber.

    Only people this speech works on is the people who are already his followers – blacks and white liberals. No one else is going to take away anything from this. And this does not put his racist pastor controversy to rest.
    Expect to see his poll numbers drop.

  • JustOneMan

    Zedd 104

    Proof that there are those in this country who are geneticallay and metally predesposed to remain in squaler and poverty. Anyone who raisies their children to believe that they are victims of “da big bad white master” who wants to “keep the brother down” deserves to remain the emproverished underclass.

    Obama played the race and victim cards today..pretty pathetic. Especially for a guy born into a rich family, attended private schools, partner in a law firm and became a US Senator. Oh I did forget his (Black) father did abandon him…Gee I can really feel his pain…

    “African Americans have maintained relative composure in the midst of everything that has taken place in this country” Oh yes they have so I guess you define composure as having the highest incarceration rates, highest crime rates, highest unemployment rates, highest percentage of children born out of wedlock, lowest high school graduation rate,etc, etc..

    Zedd stop blaming Whitey and exercise some personal resposibility…”God helps those who help themselves” I guess they use that line in Black Churches eh….

    Obama – living proof that affirmative action doesnt work..

    JOM “Preaching from my pulpit”

  • Zedd


    Your comments have nothing to do with my posts. I think you are still wedged in the 70′s or perhaps early 80′s, anyway, somewhere in the “distant” past. You are couched in the political rhetoric of, I believe, the Regan era. It worked for him and he got elected. Why you are still hanging on to it is odd. The man is dead, he go the power he needed by spreading that myth and to some degree, the self fulfilling prophesy. Let it go and find out what your world is like.

    It doesn’t look like you are paying attention to your surroundings or care too much to evaluate the reality in your country. It doesn’t seem as if you are knowledgeable at all about a large portion of modern day society. Its odd that you don’t even see the necessity to do so. Perhaps its too painful to be educated about the real world. It looks like you simply want to retain a certain status (delusional as it may be). Understandably, one would want to maintain a position which they attained simply because they are. I would be tempted to whine, finger point and reverse charges of victim-hood, in order to retain the status that I was accustomed to, as well.

    It is interesting how a lack of awareness about European society and all that is important to the descendants of Europe is considered to be a sign of intelligence and astuteness but an abysmal ignorance about the vast expanse of which is everything else is seen as understandable. A finger wag is administered to those who don’t know about everything about you. Yet you know so little about others and what you know is so embarrassingly wrong. But what is really strange is that you don’t care that it is so off because you deem that knowledge to be less important. You deem the people that the knowledge is about to be less worthwhile, so your stupidity doesn’t really count as stupidity. That in itself makes my world an oddball place to be because your attitude is multiplied by millions, including those who make important decisions about my livelihood and the future of my children and MY planet.

    Hope that helps.

  • JustOneMan

    Zedd…as usual you are not makling any sense. I hope you are proud of your efforts to maintain an underclass of government program dependent minorities.