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Fly That Bird, Seattle

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So it comes to this, something every football fan craves at the beginning of the season. A win and in game, live on national TV, under the big lights. I’m so excited I can barely sleep in anticipation.

And yet I hear my fellow Seahawks fans talking about wanting to lose, wanting to play for draft positioning instead of the glory of getting to the playoffs. We should lose so we get pick number 12 rather than pick number 21. Really? The player at 12 is going to be that much better than the one at 21? Didn’t someone once say that you play to win the game?

I also hear the media and other team fans talking about how disgraceful it is for a possible 7-9 team to not only make the playoffs but to host a game, and how the Seahawks don’t deserve to have that honor.

Deserve? What the fuck does deserving anything have to do about anything? If Seattle wins, and I’m not saying it’s a certainty by any means, then they win the NFC West, as sorry as it’s been this year. And, they get the honor of representing the NFC West in the playoffs. As a division winner, the Seahawks would host a playoff game.

Not fair, you say? It’s the rules. I don’t see one rule in that book, or in life for that matter, about it being fair. You want fair? Change the rules. While you’re at it, make a rule where I don’t have to watch the fucking Cowboys, Vikings, Packers, Patriots and Steelers every week on Sunday or Monday night. It should be a rule that every team gets at least one night on prime time instead of the same stupid teams they have now every week.

But that’s not a rule either, so I’m stuck watching teams I hate every week. It’s not fair but that’s the way it is.

Seattle has gotten screwed many times over too so don’t expect to see me turning down the playoffs if the Seahawks win. Was it fair that the Sonics got moved to Oklahoma City by Clay Bennett with a huge illegal assist from David Stern and the NBA? Was it fair that the referees screwed up so badly in Super Bowl XL? Was it fair that the Mariners win 116 games (in 2001) and don’t get to play in the World Series?

I don’t see anyone rushing to Seattle’s side to cry about how unfair that all was. Sure, there was talk at the time but now the world has wandered away.

Call that bastard team the Thunder and pretend not to notice how the banners say Seattle.

Paint all Seahawks fans with the whiner brush and make stupid comments about how they weren’t fucked over in the Super Bowl. I actually saw one Steelers fan try to convince others in a forum about how it was the Steelers that were getting screwed over by the refs in that game instead of the Seahawks. Talk about revisionist history.

So if you want me to cry and say, “No thanks. Seattle doesn’t deserve to get in the playoffs so we’ll give our game to the Giants or the Buccaneers,” well, you’ll be waiting until hell freezes over.

I’m tired of Seattle fans taking the pounding year after year. I’m tired of the sports karma giving the city one break and having the rest of the world cry about how Seattle doesn’t deserve it. It’s Seattle’s time and Seahawks fans need to fly the finger to the rest of the world. Fly it high and fly it proud.

If Seattle wins on Sunday, under the bright lights of Qwest Field, then the Seahawks are going to the playoffs. The Seahawks aren’t a great team. Hell, for the last month, they haven’t even been good. What they have done though is be in a position to go to the postseason and that is everything we as fans asked for when training camp started.

I didn’t hear anyone say, “Oh, I’ll take going to the playoffs but as long as our record is 12-4 or 13-3.” You think I give two shits about our record? You think any other team not fighting for a spot wouldn’t trade places with us? Ask a Carolina or a Cleveland fan if they would.

After Sunday, if we win, our record is 0-0. Same as Atlanta, Philadelphia and whoever else cares to join us. One of them will be coming to Seattle.

So have fun watching Seattle and St. Louis play for a playoff spot, because I’m going to be there screaming my head off. And if the sports gods smile on us, I will be celebrating a return to the playoffs, where it’s any given Sunday and my team has the same record as yours, unless your team couldn’t win its division.

In that case, have fun watching my team host a playoff game.


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