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Floyd Mayweather Retains WBC Welterweight Title Against Robert Guerrero

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On May 4, 2013, in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather (44-0) successfully defended his WBC Welterweight Championship Belt against Robert Guerrero (31-2-1) in a fight marked by little doubt about the outcome. Despite a year layoff, Mayweather still outperformed Guerrero with superior punching power, ring generalship and landing numerous hard right hand punches.

Mayweather scored nearly 200 punches to the meager 110 or so landed by Guerrero. The judges rated the fight unanimously for Mayweather by 117-111. Many thought that Mayweather won every round. However, Guerrero could garner no more than three rounds even under the most optimistic assumptions in his favor.

The undefeated Mayweather succeeded in keeping Guerrero off balance during various junctures of the fight. In Round 3, Mayweather landed some quick and effective right jabs to Guerrero’s head and more to the body. This fight proved that Guerrero was unable to trade punches effectively with Mayweather.

The champ may fight again in September or October. Right now, there aren’t too many prospects who could give him a competitive fight. Saul Alvarez stands tall among the potential rivals with an excellent record and a cautious fighting style. Alvarez is also undefeated with that rare ability to track down opponents in the ring and deliver thunderous punches that land often. He’s younger, faster and just as hungry as Mayweather.

Timothy Bradley could give Mayweather a competitive fight but it’s not likely that Bradley could win on points. He’s slower and less in command of the ring. Manny Pacquiao would be more competitive than Bradley; however, it’s not clear that he could get a shot right now. Juan Manuel Marquez could give him a proverbial run for his money but Mayweather would probably beat him on points, although the fight could be very close.

As things stand now, Alvarez could give Mayweather the best fight of virtually anyone else around. After this sleeper fight with Guerrero, the fans deserve to see a highly competitive fight for Mayweather the next time around.

Alvarez could provide such a fight with a bigger gate to boot! In this last outing, Mayweather earned $32 million, which is chump change in comparison to the fight purse to be gained in a Mayweather-Alvarez matchup.

Mayweather has five fights to win before matching the record of Rocky Marciano. To properly match the Marciano record, he must have some fights with “elite” level fighters like Alvarez. Stay tuned.

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