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Florida To Investigate Tens of Thousands Of Missing E-Votes In Four Counties

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Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida Department of State pledged on Friday to investigate tens of thousands of missing e-votes spread across at least four counties. This will be the second such investigation in only four years. A large percentage of the votes cast in Florida's just completed election came up missing. These are known as “undervotes” where the pick is not recorded on the machine, but all other races have selections. The affected e-voting machines were all manufactured by iVotronic.

Four Democratic leaning counties were affected. In Sarasota County alone 13 percent of the completed ballots had no vote at all in the Congressional election. That percentage accounts for over 18,000 missing votes out of a total of 142,284 tallied. In that race Christine Jennings was narrowly beaten by a margin of only 373 votes by Republican Vern Buchanan. The same ballots suspiciously showed no more than 1.5 percent undervotes in the Senate race for the same election.

Incredibly, Sumter, Lee and Charlotte Counties reported that more than one in five ballots cast were complete, but had no vote registered for Attorney General. Ironically Katherine Harris, who during the controversial 2000 election certified George Bush as the winner of the Presidential race, held that office.

Governor Bush agreed with the assessment that the high percentage of missing votes warranted an official investigation. The Governor called for a quick review of the clearly questionable results. Common Cause has called for a complete re-vote in the affected counties, but because of the holiday, elections officials couldn’t be reached.

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