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Florida Realtor Magazine Says ‘Weave a Web Log’

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Blogs are wonderful ways to continuously provide your customers and potential customers with information that helps educate them on various market conditions and other things that may interest them. Thanks to Florida Realtor Magazine for sharing how I use my blog to inform my customers and to generate business.

Click here to read the article. If you have problems accessing that article, click here to read it in Adobe Acrobat format.

The article also stars Blogcritics, with special links to Blogger, HomeBlog and my favorite real estate blog, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION – It’s all about real estate.

-John Mudd
“Mr. Real Estate”

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  • I am new to the internet and I am web surfing and I did a search in the search engines on “real estate company blog” and I found your web blog.
    I am a Halifax Real Estate Agent in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and I heard blogs were specialized discussions on topics, thus my interest in searching for a real estate blog on the WWW.
    I just wanted to see how the rest of the world thinks and see what trends and technology are happening in the real estate market. I also am interested in a blog for myself, that is if I can understand the technology of operating a blog and from what I see I am somewhat hesitant right now even though it was interesting reading.

    Respectfully yours
    James B. ,
    A Halifax Real Estate Agent

  • While it is true that Realtors can really increase their exposure using weblogs I have not see a lot of Realtors take advantage of the medium. In the US there around 1.2 million Realtors and there are probably only around 150 or so that are taking advantage of weblogs to improve google rankings as well as personify the Realtor

  • Congratulations John on your blog and the publicity that you have gained because of it. I know that this post is late compared to the commentary above, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your pioneering effort in the field of online lead REALTOR® lead generation.

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