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Florida real estate market slightly spun by hurricanes, but not wiped out

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Northerners tell me our hurricane season is like their snow season. After November, it’s gone. Well, they’re right about that, thank goodness. Realtors are getting plenty of calls on beach and waterfront condos, in spite of the hurricanes, and some even got some under contract in between Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. Getting homeowner’s and flood insurance is no easy task, though.

Some longtime residents are deciding to sell and move far, far away, and mobile home residents are often relocating to condos or single family homes, mainly because they’re sturdier structures. Speaking of sturdier structures, HUD recently announced a hurricane-proof home.

New construction continues, prices are still increasing and sales remain high in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, but other areas have slowed, likely due to destroyed inventory. Hurricanes have been an interesting factor that, because of their frequency this year, they’ve been able to drive market conditions slightly away from normal. I’m looking forward to November and getting back to normal conditions, myself.

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-John Mudd
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